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When will people learn?

By RiotPost - 10 November 2009 109

That if you are going to do something stupid and illegal, then don’t take footage of it.
As seen by this young bloke who loves his car so much that he just has to show everyone how fast he can drive on Canberras roads.

His BMW on Commonwealth Ave

      More footage below

      On Northbourne Ave

          On Belconnen Way

              Lastly, showing us the car.

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                  109 Responses to
                  When will people learn?
                  Mothy 9:51 am 11 Nov 09

                  That’s Baudinette Cct in Bruce. Had thought most of those were Defence Housing.

                  Holden Caulfield 9:45 am 11 Nov 09

                  Haha, what a bozo!

                  p1 9:38 am 11 Nov 09

                  Is he friends with Cheech?

                  If I bought such a nice, expensive BMW, I would fully expect it to be able to do those speeds. No need to prove it to the police with video.

                  Sammy 9:15 am 11 Nov 09

                  And just to indicate what a complete douchebag this guy is, he still uses his indicator while travelling more than twice the speed limit down Northbourne Avenue. Sheesh. Anyone wanna take bets on how long before he’s charged?

                  PBO 8:54 am 11 Nov 09

                  Everlasting respect to whomever carves RA in the side of his car.

                  Postalgeek 8:38 am 11 Nov 09

                  If I see his car, I might go carve ‘YOUTUBE’ into the paintwork with my key.

                  Pandy 7:45 am 11 Nov 09
                  captainwhorebags 7:21 am 11 Nov 09

                  Even if he claims that the first videos can’t be linked to his car, he should at least be picked up for the burnout and dangerous driving around suburbia.


                  dizzylizzy 3:18 am 11 Nov 09

                  and they wonder why so many people are getting killed on the roads..

                  Hope the police are soon knocking on his door.

                  TP 3000 2:23 am 11 Nov 09

                  I’ve seen this wanker around, he likes to fly up & down roads on the northside alot.

                  I love how on his Youtube page he doesn’t allow comments as he knows what he will get.

                  From memory I’ve seen this car pull into a house in Franklin

                  Chop71 1:39 am 11 Nov 09

                  worst burnout ever

                  KidKenosha 1:35 am 11 Nov 09

                  Hahaha, it’s his real plate; I’ve seen this kid driving around the ANU.

                  He’s definitely acting like a stupid little bastard, but if that actually is Northbourne (my skim through the video never shows anything but the speedo), then he really IS a stupid little bastard. The other two aren’t in the middle of housing areas and prone to police presence.

                  Swan 1:34 am 11 Nov 09

                  You can tell he is all about Image.

                  bd84 11:53 pm 10 Nov 09

                  Even the courtesy of displaying his registration.. The owner of a car with the rego “CHONG” displayed on a brand new beemer isn’t going to be hard to track down. Even the footage if it didn’t have the rego you could deduct well enough that he lives in one of the newest suburbs in Canberra, take a pick of roughly 3 that are developed to the stage seen in the video. I’m sure he’ll be getting a visit in the next few days once somebody directs the police to it.

                  Times like these that you would enjoy a car crushing law being introduced.. The look on the driver’s face would be good to see.

                  che 11:48 pm 10 Nov 09

                  I wonder if Chong is his real licence plate?

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