When will people learn?

RiotPost 10 November 2009 109

That if you are going to do something stupid and illegal, then don’t take footage of it.
As seen by this young bloke who loves his car so much that he just has to show everyone how fast he can drive on Canberras roads.

His BMW on Commonwealth Ave

      More footage below

      On Northbourne Ave

          On Belconnen Way

              Lastly, showing us the car.

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                  109 Responses to When will people learn?
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                  eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 1:43 pm 04 Mar 10

                  I’m pleased to report that I spotted this car in Dickson last week. I knocked on the window and asked if he was the bloke in the youtube vid”.

                  His passenger got all excited at the driver’s cebebrity status.

                  I gave the driver a mouthful and then politley requested that he refrain from being a tool on the road. I further requested be polite enough to be the only fatality when the eventual accident happens and avoid killing innocent drivers or road users.

                  And I called his mate a f*%wit too for thinking the driver was cool.


                  Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:06 pm 24 Nov 09

                  Stories like that really suck. Very sad.

                  Any updates on our YouTube friend and Mr Plod?

                  yellowredme yellowredme 12:35 pm 21 Nov 09

                  This fellow and any other person who drives like an idiot needs to meet my friend, at the age of 18 she suffered massive head injuries, countless bones in her body were broken, she was in a coma for three months and has extensive scarring from the accident and subsequent operations to put her body back together. She survived and lives through the sheer determination that no one was going to take her life from her, everyday is either a physical or emotional struggle, her determination makes her walk on terribly injured legs rather than use a wheelchair all the time.

                  She was very beautiful and intelligent, full of life, fit, was into adventure sports, she now cant work, her brain injuries sometimes make her impulsive, people cant see past her slurred speech to become her friend, it is hard for her socially, she has wonderful moments of incredible brilliance and clarity which make it all the more painful and depressing for her. She is still beautiful and now needs to be protected from the dangers of the world and looked after for the rest of her life, it is a burden that her family lovingly bear.

                  All of this was a result of a young guy who was driving just like this fellow, he lost control of his car, he was OK, he walked away from his car, served a very short jail sentence, but my friend lost everything.

                  stace8383 stace8383 8:08 pm 20 Nov 09

                  sloppery said :

                  And who exactly did this hurt? Noone. Get off your high horses and stop fussing about nothing.

                  I think the fuss is about the potential for harm rather than actual harm. I’m as much a rebel as the next person, but even I know that speed limits exist for safety – not just for the driver, but for everybody on or near the road. This guy is endangering everybody around him, and the fact (well, presumed fact) that he hasn’t killed anyone yet is more luck than anything else. Unfortunately, chances are, when he finally does have an accident, it’ll be somebody else who dies and he’ll walk away without a scratch. 🙁

                  MartyMcFly MartyMcFly 11:06 am 19 Nov 09

                  and personally I think you’re being to hard on him…… he’s done nussing wrong.

                  MartyMcFly MartyMcFly 11:01 am 19 Nov 09

                  Had some awesome races the other night!!! man his BMW is fast!!! Had to give it everything in my Barina.

                  OverreACT OverreACT 8:09 am 17 Nov 09

                  What a complete idiot, that’s all there is to it.

                  At least don’t show your plates or your face!

                  Chop71 Chop71 11:23 pm 15 Nov 09

                  Darwin theory

                  OYM OYM 5:41 pm 13 Nov 09

                  The Chong BMW is not Joseph Dinh’s. I apologise to Joseph Dinh for the mistaken inference that this was his car.

                  maria.tran85 maria.tran85 2:40 pm 13 Nov 09

                  RE” schmeah (Troublemaker) 10:10, 13 Nov 09 Quote

                  maria.tran85 – another uninformed, negative opinion on Canberra ..

                  don’t come down on the weekend. I get pretty fed up with big smoke types coming down and slamming everything about Canberra just because it’s not Sydney — which happens to be what many people like about it.

                  “Stereotypes upon stereotypes….sorry to disappoint ya Schmeah, but I so happen to like Canberra, just probably not a few narrow minded people who get so defensive over a blog post. Canberra or Sydney or Brisbane or Adelaide, they are all the same, they are all places. Its just the types of attitudes that make or break a place.

                  “Uninformed” and “negative”? I’m just simply regurgitating what has been told. I don’t necessarily believe it. Saying and believing can be two different things.

                  farq farq 2:11 pm 13 Nov 09

                  vg said :

                  I take joy in telling these people what abject crankers they are when I pull up next to them at the lights

                  If that is how you get your jollies, I’d suggest you have some self esteem issues that need sorting out 🙂

                  p1 p1 12:40 pm 13 Nov 09

                  While I was an Ambulance Officer, the fastest I ever traveled was 160km/h on an empty rural highway whilst under Police escort. Without a police escort 30-40km/h over the limit was the max I’d ever travel under lights and siren.

                  With the NSW RFS that fastest I have been is about the speed limit. Our trucks are slow. 🙁

                  audacity of hope audacity of hope 11:52 am 13 Nov 09

                  So having falsely accused someone else, is Chong his real name?

                  schmeah schmeah 10:10 am 13 Nov 09

                  maria.tran85 – another uninformed, negative opinion on Canberra ..

                  don’t come down on the weekend. I get pretty fed up with big smoke types coming down and slamming everything about Canberra just because it’s not Sydney — which happens to be what many people like about it.

                  Pandy Pandy 9:20 am 13 Nov 09

                  Yes Skid and heard it on the ABC news radio at midnight, which goes national.

                  Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:14 am 13 Nov 09

                  Good old Chong…

                  (ABC Article Pandy refers to)

                  zig zig 8:18 am 13 Nov 09

                  maria.tran85 said :

                  For the Full Article: http://mariatran85.blogspot.com/2009/11/what-coincidence-we-finally-see-bmw.html

                  Maria, I think the title of your article suggests there is some racial motive behind his treatment on RiotACT. Specifically the work “Gook” suggests this. I think you’d find if he would have gotten the same treatment whether he was white, black, purple, green, beige, red or any other colour. So there is no reason to pull out the racist card.

                  This “Chong” fella was just so stupid and brazen enough to upload a video featuring his number plate.

                  “Chong” should take some advice from Tex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9wTT-2v0nE

                  Pandy Pandy 12:12 am 13 Nov 09

                  Chong has hit the national ABC news at midnight.

                  Deano Deano 8:53 pm 12 Nov 09

                  Superintendent Mark Colbran said “The adjectives fail me as to why people would want to do this. Why they do it in the first place, why they would film it and why they would upload it just to try and big note themselves.”

                  I suggest just saying a polite ‘thank you’, after all he did make the job of catching himself much easier. Maybe this could be a new police initiative – hand out free video cameras to Canberra’s youth and then sit back and wait for them to incriminate themselves.

                  bd84 bd84 8:00 pm 12 Nov 09

                  The picture alone would lead someone to jump to the conclusion that the person was the owner, read the caption on the blog site, it makes it obvious that he isn’t the owner of the vehicle. Jumping to conclusions can come back to bite you. I would suggest some of the above posts may need to be removed.

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