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Where are all the men?

By Samara Gentle 11 July 2014 42


A question asked by a lot of my single friends and if you’ve lived in Canberra long enough you’d know that certain night spots have reputations as to the type of men they attract.

In case you didn’t know or it’s been so long since you’ve been on the dating scene, let me help you.


Mooseheads is entirely dependent on which floor you happen to be on. Ground Floor or lower you’re likely to find men from defence and NRL fans, whereas if you head upstairs to the ‘nightclub’ levels you’ll run into barely legal 18 year olds celebrating their first night out drinking!


If you’re a fan of electronica then Academy is the place to meet your potential spirit animal, full of guys leaping around to techno music you might not have a deep and meaningful conversation but you’ll have a laugh and a dance.


Fairly new on the scene Treehouse has become a standard public service hangout with good lunchtime specials and a very chilled bar vibe. I’ve found Treehouse a good place to meet young and social public servants.


Another new kid on the block is Molly and although I haven’t been myself, my single gal pals say it’s a great place to meet ANU students with the occasional public servant thrown in. No surprises given how close it is to ANU and its student housing.

Uni Pub

Similar to Mooseheads, the kind of guys you’ll meet at Uni Pub depends on the floor you go to. Mostly it’s full of uni students, footy fans and hospitality workers. They also run a yearly Valentine’s Day singles event for those who like the idea of the traffic light wristbands.


The few times I’ve been to Honkytonks (usually a Friday after work) I get the distinct creative vibe. The people there are usually public servants, but the ones that also have something creative going on outside those government walls. Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and the like tend to hang out here.

Samara is the Editor of Big Ink Magazine and spends her time writing and perusing the latest fashion. She doesn’t believe in true love or Prince Charming, but finding someone to enhance your life rather than hinder it.

Now time for the other locals to weigh in – what are your thoughts on the above venues and the types you’ll meet there?

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Where are all the men?
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Apsara 8:25 pm 20 Jul 14

Thanks Nightshade and JessicaGlitter – some very supportive words there.

Love the mooseheads comment – I laughed thinking about it …”ok sweeties – I’m off to mooseheads now- come give mummy a big kiss goodbye and mummy promises she’ll pick up some maccas breakfast on her way home tomorrow morning” It’s so not me but funny all the same.

At this stage, I’d be very happy just to meet people – all types… and start doing lots of interesting things – with and without the kids. I know we are not going to like or get along with everyone…. but it would be nice to meet people with common interests and actually get a great friendship out of it….rather than be sneered and made to feel inferior or bad because I had the courage to ‘put myself’ out there.

JessicaGlitter 2:30 pm 19 Jul 14

Wow, Aspara. Looks like you avoided something horrible with Mister “Wonderful” there!

Yes getting out and meeting people would be a very different experience for you, not least of all because you need to plan around those gorgeous kids. You can’t just say “Well, mummy’s off to Mooseheads! I’ll be home by 5!”

Good luck!

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