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Where better than a prison to build a trap? What better things to build?

By johnboy - 16 June 2009 19

John Hargreaves has proudly announced that he’s setting the residents of the Hume Hilton to work building Indian Myna bird traps for the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group (CIMAG).

In the way of Government this move apparently comes after the battle is over:

    “When CIMAG originally formed in 2006, the Indian Myna was the third most abundant bird species in Canberra. Since that time, I have been pleased to learn that their numbers have been plummeting,’ he said.

    “The recent Garden Bird Survey conducted by the Canberra Ornithologists Group has seen this invasive exotic species drop to the twelfth most abundant bird species in our gardens,” stated the Minister. “This is no small achievement by CIMAG and they are to be applauded for their efforts. However I am pleased to be able to support this ongoing project of CIMAG by having the prisoners construct these specialised traps.”

So, to tackle the problems of the future, what should they be put to work on in the Alexander Maconochie Centre?

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Where better than a prison to build a trap? What better things to build?
cranky 7:37 pm 12 Mar 13

An old subject, but are we able to purchase these traps?

SpellingAndGrammar 10:45 pm 17 Jun 09

Will they get paid for their work too? A bird in the hand worth two in the bush…ha ha ha

cranky 8:50 pm 16 Jun 09

And that should be ‘complied’.

cranky 8:49 pm 16 Jun 09

Having built one of these things, can the authorities PLEASE make sure that all OH&S guidelines are comlied with.

The number of wire stabs you get whilst cutting and fabricating are ridiculous!

threepaws 8:25 pm 16 Jun 09

This is a fantastic idea and a great community service! Well done to the powers that be for giving guests of the Hume Hilton something that will occupy their time, perhaps even earn them some skills, while (indirectly) assisting Canberra’s native wildlife.

The CIMAG group have been of great assistance to me in the past when all creatures in my yard were being terrorised by mynas. I read recently in a Sydney paper that the NSW gov has enlisted their help in addressing their myna problems, after spending 5K to catch one bird (or something like that).

Mr Evil 2:36 pm 16 Jun 09

Call Centre staff for Canberra Connect?

SheepGroper 12:53 pm 16 Jun 09

Make those tyre spike devices police throw out onto the road to deflate tyres in police chases.

Mr Evil 12:06 pm 16 Jun 09

Act as drivers for Hargreaves after he’s had 19 too many?

Photocopy documents for Freedom of Information request?

amarooresident2 12:02 pm 16 Jun 09

“However I am pleased to be able to support this ongoing project of CIMAG by having the prisoners construct these specialised traps.”

It must be good to have your own captive labour force to direct as you will.

I believe number plates are made by NT inmates.

deezagood 11:23 am 16 Jun 09

Cynics! I actually think this is a very good idea … and it frightens me to admit that I am respecting Mr Hargreaves more and more these days 🙁

S4anta 11:20 am 16 Jun 09

Let them brief Coe on all things related to his shadow minister responsibilites.

S4anta 11:13 am 16 Jun 09

make them do mock Leglislative Assembly debates. Then use them as a benchamrk against the other legitimate frightening alternative.

nathan 9:40 am 16 Jun 09

Fireworks, obviously!

Sammy 9:26 am 16 Jun 09

Given that the construction of these traps involves the cutting and shaping of wire, is this really the best skill to be teaching prisoners? What’s next? Explosives manufacture?

weeziepops 9:18 am 16 Jun 09

Anything sharp or flammable, I think.

Who makes number plates these days?

With all these exciting announcements, seems like before long Hargreaves will be moving in there himself or renting out rooms for the Underbelly Experience.

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