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Where did all the flowers go!

By gardencanberra - 26 September 2008 23

It would seem that there are less and less flowers at Floriade each year, I can remember back in late eighties when the Netherlands Government gave the Flowers to the people of Australia as a bicentenary gift there where a considerably more flowers. Also the Floriade literature fails to mention the fact that the Netherlands Government generously gave the Flowers in the first place.

I have volunteered for the past 3 years and visited Floriade every year for the past 21 years. This year I had a person from Queensland comment to me that it was no longer worth coming to because of the lack of flowers and commercial nature of the Festival.

The nighttime activities are a farce they are not worth the $15. The floodlights that are meant to be on the flowers are set so high that they shine in your eyes making the whole experience quite uncomfortable

The one thing that has become larger in spite of the flowers are the Stalls Flogging everything from smelly candles to kites! It would be good if the stalls had something to do with nature and Gardening.
Floriade is fast becoming a joke to most Canberrians and the rest of Australia. what do the rest of you think?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Where did all the flowers go!
ant 12:09 am 27 Sep 08

I haven’t bothered going in past years, to be honest. All the hoopla and nonsense and sculpture things are annoying. Why can’t we have a decent town council flower display? The first ones were great. And they could have the Great Canberra Bulb Grab again, and set up seating and sell tickets to watch THAT.

Massed gardens of flowers. I cannot fathom why they had to stuff around with that.

Granny 4:51 pm 26 Sep 08

Wide Boy Jake said :

Granny said :

Oh, I love that song!! Especially when Peter, Paul and Mary sing it.

: )

Also sung by The Kingston Trio who had a number one hit with Tom Dooley.

Uh huh!

: )

Also grew up with The Kingston Trio and The Brothers Four … that Tom Dooley was a bad man, but!

sepi 4:39 pm 26 Sep 08

I’d say it has to do with how much of the park they have to lock up behind their fence these days.

You still get the odd rogue daffodil popping up way away from Floriade, a leftover form more abundant times.

I think they should still plant stuff further away, and perhaps not lock up those fringe parts, and see how it goes for vandalism etc. Or just leave those bulbs in the ground and have a kind of messy fringe to Floriade, as they multiply in future years.

Wide Boy Jake 4:34 pm 26 Sep 08

Granny said :

Oh, I love that song!! Especially when Peter, Paul and Mary sing it.

: )

Also sung by The Kingston Trio who had a number one hit with Tom Dooley.

crabb 4:32 pm 26 Sep 08

FEWER flowers people, not less. (I’m sorry, I can’t help myself, it hurts my eyes).

peterh 4:25 pm 26 Sep 08

no singing from me.

Granny 4:13 pm 26 Sep 08

Oh, I love that song!! Especially when Peter, Paul & Mary sing it.

: )

neanderthalsis 3:58 pm 26 Sep 08

Sing up folks:

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them, every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they e-e-e-e-ver learn?

Granny 3:57 pm 26 Sep 08

They should have helicopter rides!

aronde 3:22 pm 26 Sep 08

I think they need a number of elevated viewing platforms so you can actually get some idea of the themes/pictures depicted in the flowers. I saw a story on Floriade on some lifestyle show and they had ‘overhead’ shots which were great but us humble visitors at ground level seem to miss out!

Granny 3:17 pm 26 Sep 08

They actually had a really nice little native garden there one year.

Thumper 3:09 pm 26 Sep 08

Why can’t they plant natives instead?

Because they look like sh*t.

emd 3:08 pm 26 Sep 08

I don’t know about number of flowers, since I’ve only been to the last three Floriades. But it was better when there was a little viewing platform, so I could work out what the flowers were trying to represent.
It’s still worth going to for my purposes. I skip the stalls and head straight for the music and kids activities, and wander among the flowers. Gnome Knoll was a little bit too out of the way this year, and the coffee is as overpriced as it has always been. But we’ve still had a good time and will visit a few more times before it’s all over for another year.

Spoono 2:46 pm 26 Sep 08

Why can’t they plant natives instead?

OzChick 12:19 pm 26 Sep 08

Totally agree, I found there to be less flowers than in previous years too…

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