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Where is my Neko?

NH 1 April 2008 17

My cat has been missing from Kambah since last Sunday. She has a name tag “Neko” in the shape of a cats head with a phone number, is a domestic medium-long hair and has a white: back leg, chest and front legs and is tabby coloured mostly with big beautiful green eyes and a big fluffy tail. See a picture: neko
If you see her please let me know! eye_see_ewe @

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17 Responses to Where is my Neko?
NH NH 3:56 pm 05 Jun 08

Thankyou, that is very much appreciated. It would be wonderful if she came back to me. I am sorry to hear about your cat, sounds absolutely awful. I hope whereever she is, she is OK 🙁

Roadrage77 Roadrage77 2:21 pm 05 Jun 08

I’ve seen a tabby cat a couple of doors up from me on Boddington. I know its a long shot but I’ll check out its markings next time I see it. I know how you feel -my cat was mauled & killed by a wandering samoyed dog in Broad place Kambah a couple of days before you made this post.

NH NH 2:34 pm 08 Apr 08

Today I got woken up by the sound of the doorbell. I ignored it hoping it would go away. Luckily the door was answered by someone else and there was a woman with her two kids standing there. The lady began by telling me that they had found a friendly tabby cat and the child remembered seeing my flier so they had fed him and brought him over in the morning. They brought out a big friendly tabby boy cat but alas, it was not Neko. Even though I was disappointed that it was not her, it made me think about how good people can be and how a kind gesture can mean a lot to someone else. Another man in the street asked whether she had been found and that he was keeping his eye out for her.

NH NH 12:27 pm 02 Apr 08

Jono: Yeah, it’s like Draco in Dragonheart…naming her after the name of the creature in another tounge 🙂 It’s such a cute word too. My friend came up with it.

Sina: Thank you for your kind words, she had a curfew going on but obviously didnt adhere to it on this occasion 😉

Ant: I like your roof cat story! I hope he comes down for cuddles and to poop etc though!

Crikey: No, cat kebabs haven’t been on the menu lately.

I’m prolly a bit of a hippy but I think being free and living is better than being forever trapped but I understand people have differing views on that. Wildlife is definately a legitimate concern.

I’ve dropped fliers everywhere around my house and put it up at the shops and rang the RSPCA and posted it on here, I don’t think theres anything more I can do but hope that someone sees her or that she just shows up again.

Crikey Crikey 9:28 am 02 Apr 08

Did you check your local Chinese Restaurant?

Jono Jono 11:12 pm 01 Apr 08

So you named your cat.. “Cat”? I like it actually. It’s certainly better than a lot of the names you see going through vet hospitals these days – “Cuddles”, “Delta” (as in Goodrem), “Pikachu”, “Super Snuffle Cuddle Sparkle Pie” (or something to that effect) etc

I hope Neko comes back. And then I hope you keep her inside for good – it may seem cruel to keep her inside but trust me, it’s far better than her getting hit by a car, attacked by another cat (or a dog), or inflicting damage on native wildlife. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats as much as the next guy, but sometimes being a little cruel is in the best interests of the animal.

ant ant 9:02 pm 01 Apr 08

Our cat lives on the roof. He even gets fed on the roof (and he usually fails to repel teh magpies who are after his nosh).

Sina Sina 6:17 pm 01 Apr 08

Ignore bonfire, he obviously has no life and enjoys trying to rile people up on internet forums. Loser.

When you adopt cats as adults from a shelter, it can be difficult to keep them inside all the time if they have previously been outdoor/stray cats. That’s the case with my cat, but she is only allowed outside when I’m at home and I keep an eye on her. And 10pm is her curfew!

I don’t live anywhere near the Kambah region, but I really hope you find your kitty safe and sound!!

NH NH 4:36 pm 01 Apr 08

bonfire: some might say they wish that all inconsiderate jerks were eradicated.

NH NH 4:30 pm 01 Apr 08

Thank you for your kind words Jonathon, if nothing horrible has happened to her I expect she would come home, she has it too good to just nick off 😉

When I brought her home from the RSPCA and had to keep her inside for a couple of weeks to get used to the place, she would sit in the window ALL day. Staring out and watching everything that went on not moving her eyes away from the glass. For a while I thought she might just be one of those “windowsill cats” but it became obvious she deperately wanted to be free. She seized her opportunity and bolted out of the door and disappeared for a day but returned later for food and affection (cats are smart). I know I wouldnt like being inside all the time, I believe the need to be outside is ingrained into them and makes for a happier cat 🙂 I hope she is just out there having a good time and that her bells are scaring the wildlife away.

bonfire bonfire 4:27 pm 01 Apr 08

I hope it is located and eradicated. No doubt it is feasting on native wildlife while wandering the suburbs. You are highly irresponsible.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 2:48 pm 01 Apr 08


I have two burmese, brothers from same litter, desexed, both indoor cats, about 3½ years old. They have no concept of “outdoors” and that doesn’t seem to worry them, though they do enjoy watching birds outside the window. There are some longer term behavioral issues that I have to deal with, but that is more to do with siblings squabbling as to who is “top” cat more than anything else.

I have previously had indoor/outdoor cats and I’ll think you’ll find she will eventually find her way home at her own speed.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 2:37 pm 01 Apr 08


I’ve met both you and your cat… I’m still trying to work out which of the two of you is the more neurotic…


NH NH 2:33 pm 01 Apr 08

Containing a cat inside all the time seems cruel to me…She was usually inside at night but went missing during the day. I’ve heard stories about cats missing for weeks on end and turning up eventually so I dearly hope she comes home. Thanks Thumper 🙂

ant ant 11:27 am 01 Apr 08

Gung.Al’s idea of having a classifieds column is a good one, I reckon. Lost stuff (neko-des, enu-des, cars etc) could go in there, with a “life” of a few days.

Thumper Thumper 10:02 am 01 Apr 08

Well, as a cat owner (and dog and ducks and fish), I hope she finds the cattie…

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:58 am 01 Apr 08

Well here you go RA sysops – a way for you to make money at last. Accept payment for listings from people who don’t appropriately contain their cats, and then wonder why they wander.

Just make a special box off to the side to put them in please, rather than mixed with actual articles. Or better still – a separate domain –…

(Stand by for criticism of my uncaring, mean and nasty attitude – remember that I’m a cat owner who *does* contain their animal. A cat that – I might add – gets quite miffed that I won’t let it out at 3am to shred neighbours cats that come into her yard, tempting as that is. But she does have “big beautiful green eyes and a big fluffy tail”.)

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