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Where is the Accident report plane when you need them?

By Peter Holland 14 August 2008 24

As I left home this morning, tuning into 2CA, there weren’t any reports re any problems on the roads. when I got onto the parkway, surprise, surprise, there was a massive one. Funny thing is, there wasn’t even a mention by the “sky ranger” (or whatever they call him). Now, I can’t get the FM stations on my original radio in my car, but I am pretty certain that none of them would have mentioned the accident in the right hand lane on the parkway.

What is the point of an accident-and-problems-on-our-roads report, when the reporter (in a plane – canberra isn’t that big, surely) is far more interested in what is happening to queanbeyan traffic, canberra avenue and near the airport etc, as opposed to letting people know that the parkway is crawling along, with fire, ambulance and police trying to get through.

If I had known that there was a problem, I would have avoided that direction, and possibly made it easier for the emergency services people to get to the accident. As it was, I left home at 08.40, got to work at 09.01.

Perhaps we will hear more about the accident later in the day. It did look pretty serious.

Rubberneckers: for god’s sake, pay attention to what the traffic is doing, not what is happening on the side of the road. If you want to watch what is happening, having another accident whilst looking at the poor souls involved is a sure way to be able to watch at your leisure.

Oh, and I didn’t mind the motor bike riders cutting down the emergency lane today, but the guy who thought the gap between the left and right lanes must have got a massive surprise when he got to the accident. The accident was across the lanes….

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Where is the Accident report plane when you need them?
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peterh 9:08 am 15 Aug 08

Davo111 said :

Heavs said :

I hope you had some tissues in the car.


oh, thanks davo111,

thanks for your concern. No, i didn’t….

But seeing that an average trip for me on the parkway is 10mins, (start complaining now, everyone) it was a surprise to be stuck in traffic. I felt sorry for the poor souls in the accident, and the people behind me. They were joining the congestion, that they could have avoided.

Davo111 11:29 pm 14 Aug 08

Heavs said :

I hope you had some tissues in the car.


bd84 10:40 pm 14 Aug 08

The traffic plane is still about I hear it overhead every morning. As people said above they get infor from a variety of sources, the plane, the AFP and people calling in.

I take the parkway every morning, 21 minutes is an extremely quick time. The only time I can do that is when there is no traffic at all! You’re in a real traffic jam on the parkway when you’re in it for an hour as has happened to me a couple of times. Today I was lucky enough to hear about the accident in the carpark at about 8.45am.

No doubt the motorcyclist cutting down the middle just cut back in front of someone, I nearly knocked a moron rider off today as he went down the emergency lane and cut back in at an off ramp. Somewhat disappointed that my reaction time is good enough to avoid him.

Bungle 7:29 pm 14 Aug 08

News Radio has a traffic report every 30 mins from around Australia. I think they use the ATN as mentioned above.

It’s pretty interesting hearing the differences from city to city. Sydney obviously always has its problems, but Brisbane always gets a lot of air time as well.

There’s usually a mention of Canberra every morning. They had the Tharwa Dr crash on there yesterday afternoon.

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