Where’s the best place to buy fireworks this weekend ?

Mess 8 June 2007 23

Lets put the massive debate over whether or not fireworks should be allowed aside until next weekend. This weekend we can enjoy them and i’m interested as to where the best deals in town are ??

I was informed today that Adam and Eve aswell as AdultWorld in Fyshwick have all their stuff 50% off and that at Adam & Eve you even get FREE PORN with your packs. Even free lingerie if you buy packs over $100. (hint hint boys!! You can make it up to us while buying fireworks)

So should we indulge in the typical Canberra lifestyle of Porn and Fireworks or are there better deals around town to pick up firework at a bargain price ????

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23 Responses to Where’s the best place to buy fireworks this weekend ?
mark_ftr mark_ftr 10:21 pm 30 Apr 13

Unfortunatly fireworks in the ACT are still banned 🙁 The good news is the fireworks in the NT are getting better every year. Have a look at this site! http://www.territorydayfireworks.com.au/categories.html

croakes croakes 5:24 pm 18 Jun 08

The fireworks you can buy in Darwin are awesome. Sale period is one day only though which is 1st July, aka Territory Day. Cracker night in Darwin is totally wild. Definately worth the drive. Is there any word on whether fireworks will be banned in Canberra or not? Buy Fireworks

Ari Ari 12:05 pm 20 Jun 07

You get a free bag of ball shooters.

Maelinar Maelinar 11:52 am 20 Jun 07

Just wait till they introduce the ‘Double Happy’ deal…

Danman Danman 10:15 am 20 Jun 07

She went off like a firecracker in bed 🙂

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:50 am 20 Jun 07

A sex shop selling double bungers…. classic double entendre.

Thumper Thumper 9:41 am 20 Jun 07


Porn crackers?

Thumper Thumper 9:31 am 20 Jun 07

Ah, nothing like an advertorial….

I hope the suckers get banned…

mark_ftr mark_ftr 11:00 pm 19 Jun 07

We will be in Canberra next year though. We will bring you some items you have never seen before – none of that cheap muck they have been selling for the last couple of years at over inflated prices.

mark_ftr mark_ftr 10:58 pm 19 Jun 07

Buy fireworks in Darwin for territory Day – 1st July. You can buy bigger fireworks than you can in canberra.

Catriona Catriona 11:05 pm 11 Jun 07

^ We can only hope!

LIC LIC 10:52 pm 11 Jun 07

I wonder if anyone got confused over their Adam and Eve purchases and had an unfortunate accident with what they thought was an adult toy.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 2:08 pm 10 Jun 07

ahhh, Fireworks, you can rearly watch your money go up in smoke.

But seriously, From when I have driven past it looks like someone is selling the fireworks from the scout hall across the road from Burgmann Anglican School in Gungahlin

crabb crabb 2:02 pm 10 Jun 07

The Scout Hall across the road from Burgmann has been hired out for fireworks sales. Nothing to do with the school.

andy andy 11:25 am 10 Jun 07

seems the best place to let your purchased firecrackers OFF, is in the hallways at the Parkview apartment complex in Holt.

soulman soulman 1:40 am 10 Jun 07

“…typical Canberra lifestyle of Porn and Fireworks…”

What a coicidence, Canberra Tourism has just released their new Winter branding including this catchy slogan:

“See a nation reflected in its crackers and porn”

I think it’s a winer for the Eurpean market!

ant ant 8:52 pm 09 Jun 07

Well, I can say that some residents of Molonglo Estate in NSW have got themselves a nice big bag of fireworks, and they are letting The Lot off of the past few hours along with an extremely large bonfire. Or it might be the HQ JOC workers, on the back road.

Catriona Catriona 8:46 pm 09 Jun 07

I heard that Burgmann Anglican School in Gungahlin was selling fireworks…seriously, wtf??

froowstie froowstie 8:37 pm 09 Jun 07

We bought some fireworks from Adam and Eve’s. Worth the visit just to see the anal plugs.

But no mortars available. Does anyone know where to get them in Canberra?

thx. froowstie

Pandy Pandy 8:24 pm 09 Jun 07

All fireworks are the same. The cheapest bag is 4 for around $13 from

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