Which horror movie is ANU sending its researchers into? [With Poll]

johnboy 9 October 2013 8

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It sure as hell sounds like the start to a horror movie over at ANU:

Something massive is going on in East Antarctica’s Enderby Land and a team of researchers from the Research School of Earth Sciences are on their way to investigate.

The first hint of mystery came from the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite which showed an increase in mass in the area between Australia’s Mawson and Japan’s Syowa stations known as Enderby Land. GRACE measures changes in the Earth’s gravity field which in turn gives researchers an indication of a continent’s mass.

“Typically we see these changes in gravity in Antarctica with ice loss or accumulation, post glacial-rebound, or a combination of both,“ says Dr Lydie Lescarmontier, who will work with PhD student Bianca Kallenberg to unravel the mystery.

Which horror/scifi movie is ANU sending its staff into?

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There’s a blog to follow the unfolding horror from beyond the stars on.

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8 Responses to Which horror movie is ANU sending its researchers into? [With Poll]
Thumper Thumper 8:27 am 10 Oct 13

I reckon it’s all a front for an expedition to find the southern entrance to the inner world, given of course, that the earth is HOLLOW!!!!

Well, so I’ve read in some dodgy internet forums….

Gotta be true hey? They have illustrations and stuff….


poetix poetix 10:48 pm 09 Oct 13

Does anyone else remember this? They used to play it on late night TV, and it really scared me as a child:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quatermass_and_the_Pit_(film). (I’m sure it was shown here under the US title Five Million Years to Earth.)

Maybe that’s what they’ll find Down There.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 9:43 pm 09 Oct 13

Seiously…”The Thing”…at least the later remake…was about an Alien at an Ice Station near the North Pole. How could this be anything but a remake of that remake??

I saw that movie nearly 30 years ago when I was a very young man and I was at a stage of my life where I thought I was pretty tough and felt that nothing could hurt me. Basically I was young and stupid. But still, the scene with the upside-down scuttling spider critter gave me the dry horrors then and still makes me shudder now.

I admire the ANU researchers for their eagerness to become food for a bunch of scuttling, hissing spider things…

artuoui artuoui 6:46 pm 09 Oct 13

This is eerily reminiscent of The Blob. Whatever they find down there, they’d better not defrost it.

poetix poetix 5:00 pm 09 Oct 13

Perhaps it’s the end of Frankenstein, and Dr Frankenstein is chasing his creature through the Antarctic this time.

Lescarmontier and Kallenberg sound like a pastiche based on characters from Poe and Shelley.

Although I think it’s really the zombie penguins playing up again. Sean of the egg.

c_c™ c_c™ 3:49 pm 09 Oct 13

I’m going to posit it’s a North Korean team loading up on ice to take back to their newly opened ski resort.

Bonejac Bonejac 3:43 pm 09 Oct 13

what about “To the Mountains of Madness” by H.P Lovecraft?

johnboy johnboy 3:11 pm 09 Oct 13

Good to see The Thing locked in tight combat with AvP!

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