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Which is the best video store in canberra?

By ronronner 8 January 2012 17

I live northside, but am willing to venture over to the southside for friendly and great customer service!

Has anyone had bed experiences with certain video rental stores?

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Which is the best video store in canberra?
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poetix 6:32 pm 09 Jan 12

ronronner said :

Any reviews for the blockbuster in dickson? I’ve had very mixed customer service there.

Grail could find the entire cast for that upcoming zombie movie at this store. The staff seem a little dazed at times. Customers more so.

ronronner 5:27 pm 09 Jan 12

Any reviews for the blockbuster in dickson? I’ve had very mixed customer service there.

Mumbucks 11:24 pm 08 Jan 12

Videoezy gets the thumbs up!

mad_kiwi 9:19 pm 08 Jan 12

The Civic video at Homeworld in Tuggeranong i a good store and has a massive collection of TV box sets, if that’s your thing

Bad Seed 4:07 pm 08 Jan 12

I use Quickflix too but for those times when I just want a spur of the moment rental, my local Chisholm Civic video has terrific friendly and helpful service

damien haas 3:38 pm 08 Jan 12

i miss cult video – which is in northcote (melbourn). never found a store like it in canberra except electric shadows. often mused about opening up one myself, but thats in the same category as me running my own cinema where i just play 2001, bladerunner, mm2 and vanishing point every night.

Instant Mash 12:47 pm 08 Jan 12

I haven’t been in one for about three years now, so I’m stumped.

Mysteryman 11:51 am 08 Jan 12

“Bed experiences”? What kind of video store are you looking for?

yellowredme 11:35 am 08 Jan 12

I go to Hawker DVD rental as they have plenty of arthouse and foreign DVDS and are pretty friendly, I find most people working in DVD rental stores look bored out of their minds to the point of numbness and seem unresponsive to customers! Civic Video at Jamison (not sure if they are there now) were pretty friendly.

bd84 11:17 am 08 Jan 12

Video rental stores still exist?

arb 11:13 am 08 Jan 12

Another vote here for Quickflix. Queue up all the movies (and/or TV series) you want to watch and they get mailed to you one, two or three at a time, depending on the plan you’re on. A huge range, no time limit to return them, reasonably priced and they even stream to PS3 and Sony Bravia TV’s now.

Furry Jesus 10:59 am 08 Jan 12

If you want DVD and choice is the issue, I’d go for Quickflix too. You can go online and indicate you’ve returned the movie as soon as you’ve finished watching it. Their system will start searching for the next title in your queue and send it out to you. Range of memberships to fit your consumption rate, and they have unlimited streaming for about $15 pm if you want to download.

They have a fantastic range of titles too. Not sure how they compare in that regard to other download services. Would be interested to hear from others.

bearlikesbeer 10:52 am 08 Jan 12

I don’t recommend the DVD vending machines. I have terrible trouble returning the discs.  The machine in Westfield Woden is often out of order, or won’t accept discs for return. I once ended up calling the rental company’s office in Sydney, who sent me a replied paid envelope to return the disc in. When my credit card bill arrived I discovered they’d charged me rental for the days the disc was in transit. Had to ring them again, talk to my credit card company, etc. to get it all resolved. A lot of hassle just for a movie.

Stevian 10:22 am 08 Jan 12

Video rentals are going the way of the dinosaur, however if like me you prefer the DVD/Blu-ray (as a semiotic artifact) over digital download/streaming/whatever, you might consider Quickflix. I’ve found the turnaround to be prompt and have had no hassles, and as far as i know they are the only game in town. At least until they too succumb to the inevitable march of dubious “progress”

arescarti42 10:15 am 08 Jan 12

I didn’t realise there were video stores still around in Canberra. I thought they’d all been replaced by those DVD vending machines and internet piracy.

johnboy 10:08 am 08 Jan 12

Yep, XBOX all the way around here.

BenjaminL 10:01 am 08 Jan 12

The best experience I have is from watching rentals on the xbox or itunes. Why go to a store at all? No overdue fees to worry about, no special ID card, no person to deal with. No travel required

Also I have seen some of those rental vending machines around (Florey?) that lets you hire dvds. Again, this would be fantastic service if you want to rent movies. No ID card, no person to deal with, does not require internet or xbox/itunes/technology. Just a CC or cash I think.

I don’t have foxtel, but don’t they have movies on demand ?
I’m sure transact and all the other tv-in-a-box providers have the same thing. ie iiNET / Internode have it now with FetchTV boxes

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