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White-collar, middle-class snobbery?

By LG - 18 August 2006 77

ABC reports Stanhope accusing teachers and the Council of Parents and Citizens Associations of white-collar, middle-class snobbery after they accused the Government of being prepared to spend money on the dragway but not education.

I’d hardly expect to see Stanhope hanging with the hoons on a friday night!

It seems our CMs first reaction in any situation these days is to attack.

Now, I’m actually not against some school closures personally – I personally think Canberra suburbs are too small and that each doesn’t need its own school. I also think that teachers pay increases (above CPI) should also include productivity gains – my understanding is that the teacher’s claims are for the same pay as NSW but not the same work. I’m happy to be proven wrong.

However, I do agree with claims about the government’s spending priorities. Dragway, busway and ESPECIALLY the arboretum.

But hey..

What’s Your opinion?

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77 Responses to
White-collar, middle-class snobbery?
Thumper 1:20 pm 18 Aug 06

I like snakes…

S4anta 1:18 pm 18 Aug 06

If he wasn’t a fan of the under privelidge, I am sure he would endorse a whacking day type concept.

seepi 1:02 pm 18 Aug 06

Or is he really saying ‘we can’t educate them, so we’ll give them a dragway???’ – sounds pretty snobbish to me, if that is his line.

S4anta 12:55 pm 18 Aug 06

its either that, or the stickers are the only opinion piece he has read on ACT politics for a while..

seepi 12:46 pm 18 Aug 06

I wondered why Stanhope was so keen on the dragway – of course – he sees it as supporting the under priveleged!!

nyssa76 12:42 pm 18 Aug 06

Came home to grab b’day card for my dad – have to mail it off and saw this post.

Stanhope is a numpty of the highest calibre.

How easily he forgets that teachers have students from all socio-economic backgrounds and we don’t discriminate on that level. He’s also forgotten that parents aren’t all living on $100K+ that he’s getting as Chief Numpty.

Perhaps he should take a better look at himself. That’s if he even casts a reflection in a mirror.

Thumper 12:30 pm 18 Aug 06

See my band’s website and click on the song ‘Conservative Bohemian’. I just realised that the lyrics could pertain to people like Stanhope!

But I didn’t write it about him.

Whoops, that’s shameless self promotion again…

Thumper 12:28 pm 18 Aug 06

maybe just a personal observation but one that could have more than a grain of truth in it.

Mr Evil 12:21 pm 18 Aug 06

Maybe it’s because Stanhope doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing?

Just a personal observation.

vg 11:44 am 18 Aug 06

Standope has lost whatever miniscule political ability he had by attacking people like this. He is nothing short of a self-centred, arrogant prick who, should he not have found himself in office, would have copped more than the occasional smack in the mouth in the pub (not that he’d ever go to one).

Maybe next election the people of Canberra will hav the brains to select someone……anyone different and get the ACT back in line with reality

LG 11:08 am 18 Aug 06

Thanks for the extra context Special G

Thumper 11:07 am 18 Aug 06

I’m just sick of Stanhope’s attitude. His arrogance these days is quite astounding.

Mossey 10:59 am 18 Aug 06

Drag-busses…. Awsome.
That’ll shave a bit more than 2 minutes off the trip. It might cause a few elderly casualties but the survivors would be quite punctual.

Special G 10:49 am 18 Aug 06

LG, you have to remember the spin put on the teachers pay claim. The govt wants teachers to work extra in line with NSW. Teachers are happy to do this if the ACT govt then provides the curriculum as NSW govt does. The extra time ACT teachers have off class is so that they plan their own classes.

RandomGit 10:32 am 18 Aug 06

Maybe to save money they should run the dragway on the busway, line it with trees and pave it with labour politicians?

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