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Who do you trust? A politician? Or a Coroner?

johnboy 19 December 2006 22


(need we say more?)

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22 Responses to Who do you trust? A politician? Or a Coroner?
publius publius 8:08 am 22 Dec 06

To answer the question – I trust the Coroner and have no confidence in Stanhope and the flunkies involved in this matter. It was clear Jon and the team didn’t want the Coroner to complete her work. They delayed the process. In true Stanhope fashion everyone else is wrong – he has been slighted by having his reputation impugned. Jon is a very sensitive soul as we know. His senior officials who like him also suffer from extensive and selective memory loss are a disgrace and should hang their heads in shame.

terubo terubo 8:00 am 22 Dec 06

Well I’ve been off the Cape of Good Hope – on a minesweeper of all things – and the last thing you’d want out there is a ciggie anyway!
-But I digress…

Thumper Thumper 7:54 am 22 Dec 06


Indeed, but there must come a time when political ideology and sympathies become irrelevant in the face of overwhelming evidence or mismanagement, incompetence and sheer lies?

Take Katie Carnell for instance. Yes I voted for her, but man, was pleased to see her go as well.

Blindly defending a party simply because they are is ridiculous. It’s a bit like my ex wife who voted ALP, simply because her father did, and his father did before him, and so did the uncle, and aunt, and, well, you get the picture. Indeed, he would have voted ALP if they slapped a ban on booze, smokes, and made it mandatory for all retirees to hand their house over to the government.

It was quite amazing actually that someone could be so blinkered. On the otherhand, it was also quite amazing that someone could have such strong beliefs and stick to them no matter what.

I would like to think that most people that post here at least look at, and take into consideration some of the issues at hand before they commit their pen to papaer on the ballot sheet.

For instance, I voted against Federal Liberals at last election and will do so again next year. However, I will also be voting against Sonic and co because they have proved to be about as useful as a cigarette lighter in a gale off the Cape of Good Hope.

OneVoice OneVoice 11:37 pm 21 Dec 06

JB The answer to you question is: I have the same motivation as all correspondents to this site; to express my view. My profile makes it clear where my political sympathies lie.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 11:29 pm 21 Dec 06

As the great philosopher Yahoo Serious once said “if you can’t trust a politician, who can you trust!”

And I use that in the very-same tongue-in-cheek manner ;-P

MartyL MartyL 7:10 pm 20 Dec 06

I can only congratulate the ACT Coroner for standing up and seeking the truth despite so much political interference.

Shame Jon Shame

terubo terubo 2:33 pm 20 Dec 06

hehehe. That reminds me, must go buy Christmas presents. Of the liquid kind. Now.

Thumper Thumper 2:32 pm 20 Dec 06

You mean,

Ma ma ma ma ma maa Corona….

terubo terubo 2:29 pm 20 Dec 06

I trust a Corona most of all.

snahon snahon 1:23 pm 20 Dec 06

I’d trust a coroner more any day of the week. My particular issue with politicians is the concept of core and non-core promises. Forgive my old fashioned views but a promise is a promise. Promises are usually backed with some knowledge of what you can and can’t do. So when a politician turns around and says oh we can’t can’t do that, it was after all a non-core promise it really p’s me off. I then wonder what, if any, of what a politican says is actually believeable.

Special G Special G 1:09 pm 20 Dec 06

Politicians are kind of like pestilence.

Al Al 12:34 pm 20 Dec 06

I think George Gregan was probably to blame…but God will do – esp for bindis.

S4anta S4anta 10:04 am 20 Dec 06

I think the person really at blame here is god. Without the lightning none of this debarcle would have occurred. Plus we can blame him for pestilence, bindi-eyes and midgets who walk with a limp.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:32 am 20 Dec 06

Maria Doogan is a very nice, learned and honest lady. Standope is a lying maggot. – comparison by vg December, 2006

vg vg 9:11 am 20 Dec 06

Maria Doogan is a very nice, learned and honest lady. Standope is a lying maggot. Doogan is ahead by miles in my book. She is one of the few members of the judiciary in this town that get my respect

Thumper Thumper 8:19 am 20 Dec 06

The latter. One gets elected to a position on promises, the other has to work and study to reach their position.

Ironic that Stanhope said ‘blame me’, and now that someone has, he simply dismisses it.

I think Doogan has done an excellent job under very trying circumstances as there is no doubt Stanhope has tried to nobble this report every step of the way, no matter how much he insists that he ‘welcomes’ it.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 8:15 am 20 Dec 06

never trust a pollie!!

Maelinar Maelinar 7:52 am 20 Dec 06

Coroner. They got their job by the merits of their experience and qualifications. There is no CIT course in Politicianship. They are also accountable for their actions, Politicians are merely accountable to their constituency at the next election.

Cameron Cameron 1:13 am 20 Dec 06

Can anyone fill me in on an agenda that the coroner might have that might influence their report? It was clear that Doogan had taken exception to the litigation against her and the delays that it caused. She even went so far as to include pictures of the rally in support of her (or against the litigation) in the report. That was really, from my point of view anyway, the only personal agenda that seemed to be present in the report.

I tuned in to the whole Doogan as Coroner on the 2003 Fires thing a little late, so did I miss her agenda?

We all know that the politicians have an agenda – get reelected.

The public servants also have an agenda – keep their job, or protect the job that they did.

johnboy johnboy 11:09 pm 19 Dec 06

Fine, and your answer is?

Or perhaps I could say that I dislike some things the courts do but still trust judges more than I do any professional politician?

Did anyone say courts were always spot on? I just asked who people have more trust in.

So there’s really no contradiction at all and I begin to wonder about the motivations of our newest commenter?

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