Who is a green hero? Anyone?

Carpool 5 August 2010 11

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Australia needs a hero. A legend. The kind of champion of the environment that your grand-children’s grand-children will read blogs about using their LCD eyeglasses and thought-recognition headset… in a glorious non-polluted green and temperate ACT.

This week Australia sees great new technology meet green stuff you should be doing with the launch of Jayride!

Showing Australia how it’s done for 19 months now – Jayride is New Zealand’s biggest and best carpool and rideshare travel website. This week it has opened it’s doors on this side of the ditch.

Now Jayride and ACT need a hero to lead the way. For free. To sign up and share the carpool they want to make to work. Also free. To charge whatever they like and keep it all. To relieve their own stress, save their own money, oh and be the first ACT-ite to lower their carbon footprint and set the park city on the road to a greener future.

Seriously. Do it. The first person to share a ride in ACT wins our undying love and affection. We’ll even glorify you in the media.

Carpool with Jayride!

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11 Responses to Who is a green hero? Anyone?
georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 8:07 am 06 Aug 10

I think we all know that the only true green hero is the Incredible Hulk.

Carpool Carpool 9:27 pm 05 Aug 10

@ConanOfCooma – list that on us, it’s free forever no catch, charge what you like and keep it all.

@Buzz2600 – Slugging is great. There’s a kiwi guy named Paul Minnet repping that idea in the states under the brand HOVER. Love his work (and yours) – Keen to talk to Stanhope

@Holden – Damn straight. Free parking is a great incentive. We’ll help anyone who can make it work.

Carpool Carpool 9:27 pm 05 Aug 10

We have our first taker 😀

Step right up DannyR and anyone else who wants to “Commute in cramped squalor like i do!”


Every great environmentalist started in cramped squalor. DannR is channeling Jacques Yves Cousteau, Theodore Roosevelt. He’s the Bono of ACT. He’s the Bill Gates without the Malaria.

Seriously mate. Whoever you are – big ups, chur.

We’ve only been up since Monday, but we’re up and going now. @Freakwent dissed us but you’re bringing the buzz.

Seriously. I’m going to go and load your profile into my thought-recognition headset as soon as I get one.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:46 pm 05 Aug 10

Buzz2600 said :

Hey Stanhope – how about free parking for cars with 3 signed up Jayriders on board?

There used to be “3 for free” parking at a few sites in Civic around 10 years ago. At the time my workmates would sometimes call up the office and get a couple of colleagues to meet them around the corner and voila, free parking!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:38 pm 05 Aug 10

Does giving my wife a lift to work count?

I-filed I-filed 3:03 pm 05 Aug 10

I just picked up the federal Greens’ (long) policy booklet. Printed on only 50 per cent recycled paper … and the paper has been varnished. So much for setting an example!

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 2:35 pm 05 Aug 10

Seriously, when I lived in Washington DC, it was called ‘slugging’. People would stand at certain places on highway 66 and where they stood told drivers where they wanted to get dropped off in DC. The reason why it worked was because no cars were allowed on 66 without at least 3 passengers between 6-10am and 4-8pm (or something like that). Police would pull people up with blow up dolls and all sorts of novelties to avoid it but ultimately it worked and removed single drivers from clogging the road.

Hey Stanhope – how about free parking for cars with 3 signed up Jayriders on board?

Solidarity Solidarity 2:18 pm 05 Aug 10

If I wanted to go out of my way to share my daily commute with randoms strangers i’d catch a Bus.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 1:56 pm 05 Aug 10

One dink on my grid (bike to you youngsters) leaving Campbell for the city 8-8.30. Only available to chicks under 65kg who can sit on the cross bar.

freakwent freakwent 1:42 pm 05 Aug 10

> “Sorry! There is no carpool or rideshare travel available at the moment in Australian Capital Territory”

Not much buzz there then.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 10:27 am 05 Aug 10

I’ll do it. Who needs a ride from Cooma at 5AM tomorrow?

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