Who took Mario? Quest begins to find the life-sized cutout taken from Gungahlin

Michael Weaver 12 September 2020 32
Mario cutout on Gungahlin Drive

Mario has gone missing from his home on Gungahlin Drive. Can you find him? Photo: Ari Rex.

A perfectly placed and spray-painted cardboard cutout of cult cartoon character Mario has gone missing from Gungahlin Drive.

There have been sightings of the Mario caricature around Canberra, but the search is on to return the much-loved Mario to his home atop a concrete air-pipe that has added plenty of colour to the daily grind on Gungahlin Drive.

“The world would be a much happier place if epic cartoon characters such as Mario are placed around everywhere,” said Canberra photographer Ari Rex, who captured an image of Mario earlier this month.

“Mario is a sweet surprise on the grassy roadside. Make sure he doesn’t send you off the road into the lava if you go past,” said another Mario fan on social media.

Mario is a fictional character in the video game franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. The company’s mascot and protagonist in the Mario and Super Mario games has appeared in more than 200 video games since his creation.

Luigi on Lonsdale Street

Mario’s brother Luigi on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. Photo: Mitchell Billingsley.

The homage to Mario on Gungahlin Drive first sprung up at the beginning of spring but has now disappeared.

The My Gungahlin page also posted yesterday seeking leads on the where Mario might have been karted.

“Some pollie probably pulled it down in case he got more votes than them,” said one commenter.

“THAT was art in Canberra … not the other so-called ones! Bring him back,” urged another.

“I am so sad that Mario has disappeared. I got such a happy feeling each time I drove past. I am in my 60s and love Mario games,” another comment added.

Gungahlin Lakes Club even reported a sighting, suggesting “he was spotted on a kart around the golf course a few days ago”.

A spokesperson from Transport Canberra and City Services also confirmed their rangers or city presentation crews, who have begun their spring mowing program, were not responsible for taking Mario.

Meanwhile, the requests to return Mario have taken on a quest of their own in Canberra, with some asking ACT Policing to form their own strike force to find Mario.

“Some people are fools. Why can’t they just leave things alone? Put him back whoever took him.”

“My kids were so sad to see he had disappeared.”

Another made the (not-so-serious) suggestion that “a giant gorilla throwing barrels may be involved”.

If you know the whereabouts of Mario’s life-sized cutout, let us know in the comments.

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32 Responses to Who took Mario? Quest begins to find the life-sized cutout taken from Gungahlin
Tim Karlov Tim Karlov 8:01 am 15 Sep 20

Every few years someone puts some sort of Mario themed artwork on the pipes and every tome it’s gone in a couple of weeks.

Thierry Ferreira Thierry Ferreira 10:26 am 14 Sep 20

Super Barilaro Bruz ? Just a theory

Ray Mcgee Ray Mcgee 8:15 am 14 Sep 20

Assumed it was a copyright issue using a licensed image without permission.

Harmless fun, I thought, though.

Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:41 pm 13 Sep 20

Sounds like a promotion of some kind. The search is on.

Little Mac Little Mac 7:22 am 13 Sep 20

It was made of cardboard so it wouldn't last forever anyway. The creator may have taken it back for safe keeping.

Barry Finch Barry Finch 9:38 pm 12 Sep 20

Is he standing for election?

Jesse Goonerage Jesse Goonerage 6:58 pm 12 Sep 20

Get Luigi on the job

Stuart Barton Stuart Barton 10:44 am 12 Sep 20

Next time make it Princess Peach. If it’s a woman it’ll get much more support, with social movement groups and government departments involved. That way no-one will touch it!

    Jo Cooper Jo Cooper 8:13 am 13 Sep 20

    I’m fairly sure Peincess Peach would be blamed if she was taken. After all, why was she out there minding her own business? And what did she think, wearing a dress like that?!

Eden O'Mara Eden O'Mara 10:04 am 12 Sep 20

Taken down, was confusing as to which candidate he was

James Bloodworth James Bloodworth 7:27 am 12 Sep 20

It was probably removed by the government or actew, it is after all an access point to infrastructure. So putting things on the top of the cage is a bit silly. Perhaps put it behind the pipe next time and they might not chuck it out?

Danny Porter Danny Porter 7:12 am 12 Sep 20

He was still there Monday 5pm when I drove passed.

Jamie Jones Jamie Jones 5:17 am 12 Sep 20

I remember a long time back someone made the piranha plant too

Guy Filmer Guy Filmer 11:35 pm 11 Sep 20

Pulled down coz it didn't cost tax payers millions to erect fun street art like the rocks on logs and belconnen dick owls!! ...dicks

Andrew O'Brien Andrew O'Brien 10:39 pm 11 Sep 20

It comes and goes all the time!!

Colleen A. McMillan Colleen A. McMillan 10:38 pm 11 Sep 20

Oh no not Mario

Dan Rawson Dan Rawson 8:43 pm 11 Sep 20

Found at Lonsdale street. ‘Mama Mia, lets-a go before they steal us too!’

Alec Brown Alec Brown 8:41 pm 11 Sep 20

Now this is journalism

Adam Armstrong Adam Armstrong 8:38 pm 11 Sep 20

Bloody Dan Andrews

Lynne Sheffield Lynne Sheffield 8:37 pm 11 Sep 20

Lol reminds me when the big dinosaur were stolen lol

Cam Hawker Cam Hawker 8:31 pm 11 Sep 20

This was the best public art work in Canberra

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