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Football Federation Australia will be in Canberra on Monday 10th November to engage with key stakeholders as part of the Whole of Football Plan consultation process. The meeting will be held in the West Lounge at Canberra Stadium at 6:30pm.

RSVP is essential. Please register your intent to attend at businessmanager@capitalfootball.com.au. There is no registration fee and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Whole of Football Plan, which was announced by FFA CEO David Gallop in September during his ‘State of the Game’ address, aims to improve all levels of the sport, from the grassroots to the elite levels, to eventually make football the biggest and most popular game in Australia.

The consultation process will seek to gain insights from all stakeholders regarding all facets of football, including:

  • Elite player and coach development
  • National teams
  • Community football
  • Facilities development
  • National competitions
  • Fan connections
  • Commercial revenues

In David Gallop’s recent address he introduced his intention to create a National Plan for football. As part of his “Plan” he stated that it was his intention to lead a “major consultation” of all of footballs stakeholders. Now, David Gallop is coming to Canberra to listen to you. This is your chance to contribute to the National Plan.

The FFA want to hear your opinions on what the game of Football should be doing to make Football the most popular sport in Australia. Conversation topics include:

  • The cost of football
  • The governance of football
  • Grassroots facilities, referees and coaches
  • The development of elite youth players
  • What should we be trying to achieve with the national team
  • What should our elite competitions look like (Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League)
  • How do we grow the supporter base of Australian football

What will happen on the night?

  • The FFA will provide a brief presentation explaining what the Whole of Football Plan is and why they are doing it.
  • The FFA will then facilitate an open forum discussion. Questions will be posted to the audience and the floor will be open for people’s comments.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for anyone with an interest in helping guide the direction of our game and we welcome your attendance,” Capital Football CEO Heather Reid said. “This is an ideal chance for stakeholders to share their view with the National body in a constructive way.”


Who: FFA CEO David Gallop
What: Whole of Football Plan Consultation Process.
When: Monday 10th November at 6:30pm
Where: West Lounge at Canberra Stadium

(Capital Football Media Release)

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One Response to Whole of football forum in Canberra
frankie frankie 11:49 pm 06 Dec 14

* The cost of football – Heinous. Almost $400 a season, even at lower divisions. Why not introduce a PAYG system where players pay per-game rather than an entire season in advance, and where new players can replace leaving players any time during the season. Everyone could still purchase insurance, and it would be far more affordable. There are too many teams that struggle to find players for matches by the end of each season it’s not funny, and it’s all due to costs and the no-late-signup policies that are currently in place.

* Grassroots facilities, referees and coaches – “Grassroots” is a term that is going to open up a can of worms in the ACT. The term implies “from the ground up”… meaning that anyone is welcome to join in and play, when clearly, they need to fork out just under $400 and show up at pre-determined times and days for matches. OK, so what about informal, impromptu, social, ‘friendly’ matches that do not fall into the calendar of Capital Football? ACT Sportsgrounds do not allow such informal games to be played on their pitches without public liability insurance and an hourly fee. How about fixing that problem to begin with? Just a suggestion.

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