Who’s got the power in Canberra?

johnboy 23 November 2006 29

As an excercise for you dear readers.

Where does power reside in the Canberra community?

Most of us know about Terry Snow but he is by no means alone. Who else is a mover and/or shaker?

Sitting politicians and departmental secretaries we’ll take as a given.

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29 Responses to Who’s got the power in Canberra?
S4anta S4anta 1:19 pm 24 Nov 06

i just think its cool that belco has a mayor apparently mssr hughes.

ghughes ghughes 11:05 am 24 Nov 06


Graeme Evans’ correct title is “the self- appointed Mayor of Belconnen”.

pjlake11 pjlake11 9:56 am 24 Nov 06

Jim Murphy? Are you joking? No way. He likes to think he does.

My vote goes to Kate Carnell, Bob Winnel, a couple of high level govt players (Shergold etc) and any decent and attractive barista!

DT DT 9:37 am 24 Nov 06

John Hindmarsh, Ian Chubb and Jim Murphy all exercise a fair amount of influence . . .

Big Al Big Al 9:34 am 24 Nov 06

Miz, like it or not, anyone who can squeeze an extra dollars worth of work from our public servants buy pushing them a bit harder is hardly a drop-kick.

miz miz 10:41 pm 23 Nov 06

That dropkick Michael Costello (and his bloody confidential functional review) seem to be controlling every crap govt decision at the mo.

cranky cranky 8:23 pm 23 Nov 06

My vote goes to the clever little chappy who arranged for Corbell to sell him some godforsaken block of dirt in Gungahlin, whilst linking it to the QE2 site in Civic. Probably paid millions less than if offered on the open market, and we’ll never be able to prove it. That’s power! It probably also illustrates the incompetence of the Corbell bureaucracy, and the disregard he has for the ordinary punters of the ACT.

Big Al Big Al 8:15 pm 23 Nov 06

As I sit here in the control room, stroking my cat as I watch my uniformed minions rushing about I cant possibly think of anyone in particular JB…

Swaggie Swaggie 6:43 pm 23 Nov 06

Slightly OT but I once had the misfortune to attend a function involving a few people from CrosbyTextor. I walked away thinking I’ve seldom been in any place with such a high percentage of obxoxious people. They’re obviously good at what they do but it was a real eye opener into the ‘real’ Federal Liberal party.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 5:58 pm 23 Nov 06

I’d love to know who besides Terry Snow (a la that monstrosity on Hindmarsh drive at Woden) is pulling Corbell the Constructor‘s strings. Obviously, Terry’s on the nose now so who’s bitch is Constructor now?

johnboy johnboy 5:28 pm 23 Nov 06

Oh for god’s sake.

Individuals most definitely have power and none of us have a clue who they are?

“Maybe a green after a hypothetical election in two years” ????

aich jay aich jay 4:22 pm 23 Nov 06

Hooray, I love a successful Roland. (Those Rowlands though. can;t trust them.)

Roland is an excellent name, and not at all bogan. (It’s French, from the German Raudland.)

Chris S Chris S 4:16 pm 23 Nov 06

Go Roland!

Although JB has excluded pollies from the list of influential people, it just may be that Greens will hold the balance of power after the next ACT election, and we may get some sanity back into our democracy. That’s not to say that the Greens have all the answers, but it will provide the checks and balances that are woefully lacking right now.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:00 pm 23 Nov 06

There’s a certain Roland from a certain local greens party that’s probably going to fill the hole left by the least green green’s politician I’ve ever encountered at the next election.

At a glance, he’s demi-competent which is something of a first in a greens party representative which is reknown for it’s ability to find troglodytes from under rocks to stand as political representatives.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:25 pm 23 Nov 06

Man, my typing was all over the place there.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:24 pm 23 Nov 06

If protests dictated government policy, not a lot would get done. Take the dragway for example – which lobby group should the government side with? Is there any point in consulting when there are two diametrically-opposed views? It’s best for governments to obtain expert advice about the community needs as a whole (versus what small parts of it wants) and then to act decisively.n

seepi seepi 2:39 pm 23 Nov 06

Also I think the ACT govt has thrown cuation to the winds and decided to pay no attention to the public. The huge protest at Griffith library was a clear demonstration of public support, but the govt has chosen to ignore it.

S4anta S4anta 2:27 pm 23 Nov 06

Chris, some of us at RA come under the bracketted point after choice bro.

Chris S Chris S 1:48 pm 23 Nov 06

S4santa, you are right – to a point.

The problem is that very few Canberrans actually exercise their right to actually influence outcomes. This could be through lack of opportunity (many double-income partners with little time available), apathy (unless it happens to be right in their backyard), or choice (where public servants need to be careful as to how active they can become in social/political issues).

I think it’s a real shame that too many Canberrans are don’t get involved, or are armchair critics. I’m not saying this about all of you, but it seems that a number of Riotacters are just critical of things without actually doing anything to change things. Notable exceptions are those big-hearted among you who are members of the SES, bushfire brigades and the like.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 1:37 pm 23 Nov 06

I suggest that the partners from the local office of the big 4 Accounting and big 5 Law firms wield a quiet but powerful influence around the place.

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