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Why are Raider’s tickets so expensive?

montana 27 March 2008 18

I just went to book tickets online for this weeks raiders game against the Dragons and I was shocked to see that tickets are $25 for adults! This is just for the inner bowl. Grandstand tickets are even more.

 I didnt go to any games last season but I’m sure the tickets before last were around $18. Why the sudden price hike? Childrens tickets are now $12 instead of $7. Add in the price of food and drinks at the stadium and you will be up for one very expensive outing with the family.

 How are we supposed to support our local sporting teams if such ridiculous prices are being asked?

At these prices, I won’t be surprised if the Raiders play in front of empty arena’s this season, even if they don’t stink for a change.

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18 Responses to Why are Raider’s tickets so expensive?
Jazz Jazz 1:33 pm 28 Mar 08

astrojax said :

… does the nrl not follow this principle? is it different prices different venues?? odd. it’s the same product, isn’t it?

Astrojax, I dont know about the NRL as i havent been to a game in 9 years but certainly rugby union games are quite variable depending on where it is. SFS games for the waratahs cost about $45 for general admission (meaning crappy seats) but to watch a game down here for the brumbies is less, albeit more than a raiders game.

KingMonty KingMonty 1:22 pm 28 Mar 08

I did the pricing for the new Skilled Stadium on the Gold Coast. If you want to sit parallel to the sideline the tickets are $50. Bruce sounds reasonable by comparison and the grounds are of a similar cpaacity.

astrojax astrojax 1:21 pm 28 Mar 08

so go and try to watch your team if they happen to be a premiership football team in england, or spain, or italy. the prices there price the ‘real’ fans out of the game, as it were, and see only yuppy half-fans swank about not quite knowing why people are yelling. lot of angry manchurians about, not to mention all the scousers.

the afl has uniform ticket prices across the competition, so you pay $21 or whatever it is now, at the mcg, at aami or at cararra – except of course for finals… does the nrl not follow this principle? is it different prices different venues?? odd. it’s the same product, isn’t it?

but you complain at $25? try go see a half way decent band and expect to pay at least double, or go to any ‘cultural event’ (opera, theatre, dance, etc) and pay even more…

S4anta S4anta 12:49 pm 28 Mar 08

Are mungoe tickets tax deductable under the dole?

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 12:29 pm 28 Mar 08

Season tickets went from a cheap $130 to $200+ this season. I didn’t renew mine…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:56 am 28 Mar 08

“Said scabby bloke then proceeded to yell obsenities at the Melbourne Storm players and the refereee such as “you ####sucker” “faggot” “get ##cked ref” etc. It really was a lovely learning experience for the kiddies.”

Yes, and he’s probably one of the CFMEU’s best members too.

realityskin realityskin 10:59 am 28 Mar 08

$25 is hardly expensive for half a day out at the football. And yes, you can bring your own food and drinks.

Swaggie Swaggie 10:22 am 28 Mar 08

Jeez that IS pricey. I wonder how it compares to prices at the Sydney clubs? Even the Raiders rather oddly named ‘one eyed club’ only saves you money if you can commit to 7 games or more.

montana montana 9:55 am 28 Mar 08

Are you still allowed to bring your OWN food into the stadium? that would save alot of bucks.

barking toad barking toad 9:48 am 28 Mar 08

It’s the cost of the green electrons and the price of smugness.

fnaah fnaah 9:41 am 28 Mar 08

Perhaps if nobody goes, the team will lose their sponsors, then we won’t have a league team, and then all the scabby mouth-breathing yobby window lickers will move back to Sydney.

(I love stereotypes and exaggerations. You can use them in a million situations!)

papadoc papadoc 9:22 am 28 Mar 08

Someone’s gotta pay for Carney.

barney barney 8:03 am 28 Mar 08

$25 isn’t that bad. $18 is definitely better. But yeah, just bring your food with you I guess.

illyria illyria 11:53 pm 27 Mar 08

They would have to pay me to take my family back this year.

Last year when the Raiders played the Melbourne Storm, we attended the game with friends and a total of seven children aged 4 through to 11. We arrived to find that the seats that we had payed for had already been occupied by some scabby bloke and his kids who had payed for seats up the back and preferred our second row, half way line seats. When we asked him to vacate, he threatened to punch my husband in the head. He was wearing a raiders jumper and we were not, so that apparently made him a bigger fan than us therefore justifying his actions in stealing our good seats. To avoid distress to the children, we sat in the row behind. (The Stadium was not even half full).

Said scabby bloke then proceeded to yell obsenities at the Melbourne Storm players and the refereee such as “you ####sucker” “faggot” “get ##cked ref” etc. It really was a lovely learning experience for the kiddies. Not long after that, we realised that most of the people around us were yelling at the players using similarly descriptive terms. My 8 year old asked ‘Why do they keep yelling out “You can’t”‘. Why can’t he?

After my friends husband had to ask the young blokes next to them could they possibly go elsewhere and smoke their joints as they were blowing smoke all over the kids, we decided to leave.

Proud Local Proud Local 11:24 pm 27 Mar 08

Yeah beats paying $35 for a worse spectacle in Union. I would suggest not buying food/drink at the stadium and in fact have a tasty, healthy and cheaper lunch at home with the kids before you go. Yes, a ridiculous concept I know……..

VicePope VicePope 10:30 pm 27 Mar 08

Still cheaper than the Brumbies. I’d suggest the rugby league product is inferior, but that’s just a matter of taste.

AussieGal83 AussieGal83 10:06 pm 27 Mar 08

Because the world we live in today is motivated by greed.

bd84 bd84 9:57 pm 27 Mar 08

I noticed that too when my friend asked me if I was going. I would have thought they would be giving the tickets away by now being wooden spoon contenders. I guess they will have to fudge the attendance figures more than last year now, how they came up with the 12 to 14 thousand for a stadium less than half full for a lot of the games last year I will never know.

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