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Why postcoding disadvantage is arse

By johnboy 27 February 2007 38

The Canberra Times has swallowed hook line and sinker of a particularly stupid report by Tony Vinson on the distribution of disadvantage.

Particularly in the ACT context the report shows that people in public housing have less going for them, in which case the disadvantage pre-dates distribution. Using this flawed analysis and then shoehorning it onto postcodes alarming findings can be made.

“The survey found the ACT’s most disadvantaged suburbs following Narrabundah and The Causeway were Kingston, Fyshwick, Majura, Pialligo, Symonston, Braddon, Campbell, Reid, Turner, and Oaks Estate.

So the most advantaged suburbs with the highest numbers of public housing residences are a problem that needs to be addressed??

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Why postcoding disadvantage is arse
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Mess 10:07 pm 01 Mar 07

hmmm food for thought there woody. I was mearly quoting some figures i found, and not trying to imply that everyone there owns their own home. I just think that whoever did the research and survey didnt do a very good job.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:00 am 01 Mar 07

Disadvantaged my arse.

Yeah, because everybody who lives in Narrabundah owns their own house, and reaps the benefit of the property boom. Did you think that maybe they’re renting and find it a real struggle to keep up with spiralling rents?

Nobody is saying that everybody in Kingston, or Narrabundah, or wherever is disadvantaged. They’re saying that there are larger clusters of disadvantaged people there than in other suburbs / collection areas. Living next door to somebody rich doesn’t change the fact that you’re on income support.

get off their arse and do something about it

Ah, a graduate of the “if I did it, everybody can and must do it” school. I know somebody from a working class background with degrees in medicine and law, and who earns six figures working a couple of hours a week. He did it – why haven’t you?

Nemo 6:14 pm 28 Feb 07

la mente torbida – Nope didn’t learn that.

I did however learn that people should stop whinging about how disadvantaged they are and actually get off their arse and do something about it.

seepi 1:32 pm 28 Feb 07

Narrabundah has some really scungy parts though – tiny little streets with tiny houses really close together on tiny blocks and lots of dead cars and couches on the front naturestrips. I’d say a lot of that is govie housing, and is the disadvantaged area, rather than the investor area with nicer houses on bigger blocks that are all being done up.

Mess 9:49 am 28 Feb 07

I read somewhere recently that Narrabundah is Canberras best suburb to invest in in terms of market value on the property. Some like at least 13.5% increase every year for the last ten years. Disadvantaged my arse.

la mente torbida 9:35 am 28 Feb 07

“I had no family support and still managed a uni degree while working two jobs.”

Good for you! Did you learn during your degree not to broadly extrapolate from small samples?

Nemo 10:02 pm 27 Feb 07

It might be difficult, but not impossible.

I had no family support and still managed a uni degree while working two jobs.

People should stop expecting hand outs and take responsibility for their own lives.

seepi 8:58 pm 27 Feb 07

I didn’t say no single parent can ever work.

But for some people with no family support, who would only earn very low income, it is pretty difficult.

ash 6:49 pm 27 Feb 07

Actually this link displays census collection districts and hence a much finer level of granularity.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:39 pm 27 Feb 07

Alright, Woodster, so it’s possible for people to rent 100.99% of government-owned dwellings then

No, and the legend doesn’t suggest that it is. None of the ranges have significant decimal places, and so you shouldn’t add them.

Nemo 6:15 pm 27 Feb 07

Seepi – There is absolutely no reason a single parent can’t get a job.
Have been in that situation myself.

seepi 6:10 pm 27 Feb 07

As well as pensioners there are also single parents with very young children who can’t work, people with disabilities nad illnesses and of course the real nutters. So it isn’t all druggies cloggin up the housing.

seepi 6:08 pm 27 Feb 07

ps – lots of the Ainslie ones are oldies who have been there since they came to Canberra decades and decades ago. They’re a bit past working now.

seepi 6:07 pm 27 Feb 07

I have heard Ainslie is still 50% public housing.

Nemo 5:57 pm 27 Feb 07

‘Disadvantaged’ should read as ‘Lazy’. In the current economic climate there is no reason not to have a job (apart from Medical reasons). How many people in Government housing actually need it, and how many are just junkie scum who dont want to get a job.

lateralis 5:29 pm 27 Feb 07

Interesting to see that most of Tuggeranong counts as disadvantaged.

Jazz 4:44 pm 27 Feb 07

Its not all public housing. I’m pretty sure there was a higher percentage of public housing properties as a total of all dwellings in ainslie than any other canberra suburb a couple of years ago when i still extracted all the stats for Housing ACT. It was something like 29%

Maelinar 4:26 pm 27 Feb 07

Coming to think about that – does this stat include people paying ‘market rent’ instead of ‘normal rent’ on account of they are freeloaders, and to what error bias would that skew the survey field ? (maybe +/- .99% ???)

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