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Why RiotACT won’t be covering the PM’s XI

By johnboy - 9 November 2006 28

I regret to inform you that despite making serious preparations, such as arrangements to take time off work, RiotACT won’t be bringing you our take on the PM’s XI tomorrow having been refused accreditation in strange circumstances. Frankly I found Cricket ACT’s approach to be extremely rude and un-professional.

I’ll outline the saga below, but If you’d like to express your disappointment to Cricket ACT and let them know how much you would have liked to read RiotACT’s coverage of the event I recommend emailing Eddie Fitzgibbon to outline the error of his ways:

We could have just bought tickets and headed along, got drunk and written about our recollections afterwards. But we wanted to be above board so stupidly tried to follow correct channels.

It started on 13 October with an email to the contact addresses on their website:

Subject: PM’s XI
Date: 13 October 2006 1:26:36 PM

Dear Cricket ACT

I’m writing to you as the editor of the website RiotACT ( ), we’re a local news and events website based in Canberra with thousands of readers a week.

(our last stats snapshot is at:

Would it be possible to get media accreditation for the PM’s XI game?


John Griffiths.

On the 16 October I recieved a reply:

Subject: Media Accreditation Form PM’s XI 2006/07
Date: 16 October 2006 5:34:54 PM

Dear All

Please find attached the media accreditation form that is to be filled out and faxed back to ACT Cricket on 62957135.

The form will also be available on the ACT Cricket website at

Kind regards

Eddie Fitzgibbon
Media and PR
Cricket ACT

We scratched our heads, and agreed on a coverage team after employers were consulted about taking time off. On 1 November, two days before the deadline closed (with no mention of a first come, first served requirement) we faxed off our application forms. Realising that we’re a little bit out of the ordinary I sent a reply to Mr. Fitzgibbon’s email shortly afterwards to check everything was OK with our application:

Subject: Re: Media Accreditation Form PM’s XI 2006/07
Date: 1 November 2006 12:31:13 PM

Thanks Eddie,

I’ve faxed over The RiotACT’s applications this morning.

Can you advise if there are any difficulties?


John “Johnboy” Griffiths
RiotACT Editor.

And I got a reply:

Subject: RE: Media Accreditation Form PM’s XI 2006/07
Date: 1 November 2006 12:29:51 PM


Received the applications and you will hear from us soon.


Eddie Fitzgibbon
Media and PR
Cricket ACT

And then silence.

Subject: Re: Media Accreditation Form PM’s XI 2006/07
Date: 8 November 2006 10:15:11 AM

Hi Eddie,

Can you advise on the status of our application?



More silence.

So, with the day hard approaching, I made a phone call this morning and while Eddie was too busy to speak to me I got put onto Andrew. Andrew advised that our application had come in very late (It was in before the deadline and it wasn’t a problem for Eddie on 1 November). He advised that we had not, after all, received accreditation.

I asked at what point Cricket ACT had intended to inform us that they had rejected our application (the application form simply noted that our passes could be picked up at the door, a lovely way to spend a morning if I hadn’t thought to call and check). Andrew said that *he’d* been told that organisations that hadn’t received a reply had not been given accreditation.

It seems that we’re supposed to be able to read Andrew’s mind from a distance to get that information.

I respect that Cricket ACT might not want RiotACT’s coverage. I understand that room is tight.

(I should note that all we wanted was access to the ground to take notes and photographs and make a report, a powerpoint would have been nice but not essential, we would happily have forgone the media rooms)

But a little more honesty and courtesy could have saved us wasting a lot of time.

That email address to share your thoughts on the matter with them?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Why RiotACT won’t be covering the PM’s XI
Absent Diane 1:04 pm 09 Nov 06

the match is live on foxtel – you could roy and HG stylie – and perhaps just take snap shots of yourselves watching the match.

I think i will be having quite a few sick days this year.

johnboy 12:52 pm 09 Nov 06

well make sure you send them an email then.

Swaggie 12:48 pm 09 Nov 06

That sucks big time – a RA report on the match would be be a ‘must read’. Hope you guys go anyway and write what you can – your readership needs you 🙂

Danman 12:47 pm 09 Nov 06

elitists – ignoring grass roots media can come back and bite you.

Indi 12:15 pm 09 Nov 06

I’m actuallly ‘ever so slightly’ concerned about the weather for the match tomorrow – hope it’s much the same as today and no thumping big storm like last year!

Thumper 11:48 am 09 Nov 06

yeah, I thought I worded that wrongly.

johnboy 11:47 am 09 Nov 06

They couldn’t afford an email?

Hell we’d have been happy to pay for tickets with a permission to report.

Thumper 11:45 am 09 Nov 06

And in defence of ACT Cricket, they really do operate on a shoestring budget….

Thumper 11:45 am 09 Nov 06

But I should add that the game will be a corker!

Thumper 11:44 am 09 Nov 06

Having had dealings with ACT Cricket and Andrew previously, this does not surprise me the least.

johnboy 11:42 am 09 Nov 06

Meh, so a lot of people don’t like us. No reason to waste our time.

We respect their right to say no.

andy 11:39 am 09 Nov 06

RA seem to be gettin the cold shoulder quite a lot recently…

johnboy 11:37 am 09 Nov 06

ever so slightly?

S4anta 11:36 am 09 Nov 06

jump the fence and be done with it.

Indi 11:32 am 09 Nov 06

I sense a disorganised and an ever so slightly incompetent approach from the cricketing fraternity in this town…have experienced this in other ways with these guys.

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