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WIN Canberra TV reception

By marco_b - 28 July 2012 27

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that reception on WIN Canberra has been real dodgy. Pixelated and jerky most of the time. Watching the NRL is a nightmare. I am looking forward to the Olympics but watching the Games will be hopeless with the current reception. GEM and GO are similar but not quite as bad. All the other channels are fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this as well? Is there anything I can do about it?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
WIN Canberra TV reception
Sandman 11:03 pm 28 Jul 12

Just get a signal booster for your antennae, or try a different aerial setup. I get random pixelating occasionally through the set of rabbit ears that’s trying to pick up a signal through several double brick walls. Different weather conditions can make a difference, and a simple 5 cm change in one “ear” position can improve it.

I don’t see how bandwidth would have any effect. The signal is there, you just need to pick it up.

M0les 8:41 pm 28 Jul 12

M0les said :

The broadcast on WIN (8)…

That’s all off the Black Mountain tower, I might add – channel numbers will be different off the other repeaters.

M0les 8:39 pm 28 Jul 12

The broadcast on WIN (8) is in 576i (Standard definition, interlaced) and looks pretty hideous (even looks like the frame rate is not consistent – possibly poorly down-sampled from HD)

The broadcast (re-broadcast?) on GEM (80) is in 1080i (Highest definition, interlaced) and has a smooth frame rate.

I hope that the demise of analogue TV will make all the TV stations broadcast everything in full HD ( but if hopes were dollars, I’d be a freaking millionaire).

snarek 7:20 pm 28 Jul 12

Check your antenna, are you using a good roof mounted antenna??

tommy 6:26 pm 28 Jul 12

There’s a few things you can try:

1. do you have any other electrical items in the vicinity? (eg 5-10 metres). Turn them off and see.
2. try a new cable between the TV and the antenna socket (if you have fixed antenna).
3. if you are using a fixed antenna on the roof, buy an indoor antenna’s from Big W (if they don’t work, easy to return them). If you’ve got an old fixed antenna which is the problem you may need to suck it up and get a new one installed.
4. if you can borrow a TV that works elsewhere, try it in your environment to isolate the problem.
5. try a factory reset on the TV and auto tune the channels again

Felix the Cat 5:22 pm 28 Jul 12

I’ve found the same thing, especially bad this morning. I was getting ready to ring an antenna installer but it doesn’t sound like there’s much they can do, except lighten my wallet.

mtastic 4:43 pm 28 Jul 12

You’re not wrong! Watching the NRL on WIN is a nightmare, but I have not found that it has anything to do wit the reception in my area!

leneuromancer 3:42 pm 28 Jul 12

there is a related thread on whirlpool re WIN (and Nine) dropping bitrates by around 25% …Friday night football lasted all but a couple of minutes for me last night as it truly was un-watchable

miz 2:07 pm 28 Jul 12

Ring the station and log a complaint. Otherwise they will think everything is hunky dory and nothing will happen.

Mr Gillespie 1:12 pm 28 Jul 12

Can ACMA or FreeTV or some other media regulatory body step in and do something about the rubbish channel called “GOLD” which is a blatant waste of bandwidth? Can you write to them and complain?

niftydog 1:03 pm 28 Jul 12

The bandwidth for the channel hasn’t changed – all the new channels have been broadcasting for ages, many of them just sans meaningful content. That in itself is no reason for the symptoms described; If it was then we’d all be complaining.

dungfungus 12:34 pm 28 Jul 12

PA1 said :

There’s nothing you can do. Due to all the multichannels taking away a lot of the bandwidth (including the new infomercial channel), there’s only a few megabits left for WIN.

Where is the transmitter situated?

bd84 12:28 pm 28 Jul 12

No problems with it, check your equipment..

breda 12:27 pm 28 Jul 12

I haven’t had any problems with WIN (in the inner South). Where are you?

PA1 12:10 pm 28 Jul 12

There’s nothing you can do. Due to all the multichannels taking away a lot of the bandwidth (including the new infomercial channel), there’s only a few megabits left for WIN.

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