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Win for Jesus on Mt Ainslie

By MtAinslieWitches - 15 May 2010 23

Mt Ainslie

Greetings All,

It seems, after all, the Jesus had a massive win on Mt Ainslie last year.

Read All About It!!

I guess we will have to go up there and re-reclaim the mountain for the Witches, we cant have our young
Satanists being converted like this. I dont know weither to laugh or cry, lol

Kind Regards
Magister MtAinslieWitches

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Win for Jesus on Mt Ainslie
puzzlepunk 9:02 pm 16 May 10

can we do it again this October?

Monster of the Deep 8:22 pm 16 May 10

I love the Slayer T-shirt on one of the guys lol.

Thoroughly Smashed 5:45 pm 16 May 10

Love the keywords on that blog post.

“Christian persecution”

“Freedom of religion”

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor.

PBO 1:48 pm 16 May 10

Long term set up for the Catch the Fire Ministries? I was at that little shindig and I thought that the full blown satanist was a bit of a put on, for f#*ks sake, it was a texta tattoo on his arm.

The youth whose eternal soul that you saved was a Clayton’s Satanist, your altar blood was anti rust paint and you look like the type of Pastor who gets fashion advice from daggy Phillipino pimps in gold chains, polyester and whatever else you “congregation” gives to you.

Nice try Danny, get a real job, stop bothering God.

Satan 2 – Jesus Nil

Pommy bastard 1:09 pm 16 May 10

He’s swapping a belief in the bad bogeyman under the bed, for a belief in the tooth fairy, BFD.

We all have our need to believe in something, I believe I’ll have another beer.

NickD 12:33 pm 16 May 10

I wonder how many Catch the Fire people are now Satanists? (there must be a few)

fgzk 11:24 am 16 May 10

Cleo…….. “I don’t care if that’s what makes people happy, as long as they leave me alone and keep their opinions to themselves!”

Come on, that’s not like you. dannybear thinks they are on “roofies”. That should at least draw an opinion from you that smoking insulation causes dopey hallucinations.

Pandy 10:47 am 16 May 10

A man with his arm around another man.

This would be so wrong in the Catholic Church priesthood.

farq 10:05 am 16 May 10

Steve you troll!

Danny coughed up the ticket price in the end?

dannybear 3:33 am 16 May 10

He looks high in the second picture and the priest looks a bit too happy….roofies anyone?

cleo 2:57 am 16 May 10

I don’t care if that’s what makes people happy, as long as they leave me alone and keep their opinions to themselves!

Rawhide Kid No 2 6:29 pm 15 May 10

I don’t know if I’m wrong or not but…….The Steve in the picture on the right looks a lot thinner and shorter than the Steve in the Picture on the left. But then I could be wrong. And that Tattoo on Steve’s left arm could be an embarrassment if he did indeed change to the other side.

Waiting For Godot 5:10 pm 15 May 10

Sad, really.

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:58 pm 15 May 10

“Confused, easily-led young man who believed in imaginary being now believes in different imaginary being…news at 11!”

bd84 3:39 pm 15 May 10

Some people have too much time on their times..

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