Woden and Tuggeranong not getting on board new transport network, data reveals

Lachlan Roberts 27 August 2019 147
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There has been a five per cent drop in weekday patronage on the new public transport network in Woden and Tuggeranong. File photo.

Despite more people boarding the new public transport network compared to last year, new data shows that fewer Woden, Belconnen and Tuggeranong residents are using the network.

The ACT Government has released data of average passenger numbers on Canberra’s public transport network from June 2018 to June 2019.

The data showed there has been a 12 per cent increase in weekday passenger numbers in Central Canberra and a 27 per cent increase in Gungahlin over the past year, but fewer people have caught public transport on weekdays in the Woden Valley (down 5 per cent), Tuggeranong (down 5 per cent) and Belconnen (down 2 per cent).

The new network has seen an overall increase in weekend bus patronage across the territory, with patronage up 27 per cent on Saturday and 39 per cent on Sunday.

Despite the drop in patronage in certain areas of Canberra, ACT Transport Minister Chris Steel said there had been an 11.3 per cent increase in boardings compared to this time last year.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people taking journeys on the network and more people using the network overall,” Mr Steel said. “In particular, we know that residents are flocking to the new rapid bus services that reach further into our suburbs.

“But the ACT Government also recognises that Canberrans living in different parts of our city need different things from our public transport network, and that is complex.”

Mr Steel said the ACT Government would continue to improve the network.

Mr Steel said the ACT Government had made over 100 tweaks to the network since it started in April and would continue to monitor the network.

ACT Greens Transport spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur said that while it was clear that Network 19 had seen more patronage overall, some areas had done better than others.

“For example, Weston Creek was the one big winner out of the bus network changes. They now have a 15-minute service between Cooleman Court and Woden and as a result, patronage is up 9 per cent,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“What this tells us is that by making key improvements in our public transport network, you can get people out of their cars and onto public transport.

“The Greens will continue to encourage the Government to improve the public transport network in line with community feedback because we want to ensure that reliable services are available, seven days a week.”

Canberra Liberals spokesperson Mark Parton said people in the outlying suburbs in Tuggeranong were feeling let down by the ACT Government’s new network.

“They are absolutely ropeable over the disdain that has been shown to them in regards to the bus network changes,” Mr Parton said. “Lives have genuinely been changed because some people now find themselves confined to their home because it is too difficult to get out.

“People have been left stranded.”

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147 Responses to Woden and Tuggeranong not getting on board new transport network, data reveals
jaff067 jaff067 12:10 pm 18 Jun 20

The R4 busses to and from Tuggeranong need to do the loop via the length of Athllon Drive before arriving to /after leaving Tuggeranong Bus Interchange. This will encourage more bus passengers especially those that drive to work at the many businesses, government agencies along Athllon Drive and in the streets south of South.Point.

Morgan Hurst Morgan Hurst 10:19 pm 31 Aug 19

Philippa Hurst - bit awkward for the ACT government this one lol

Margaret Hugo Margaret Hugo 8:46 pm 31 Aug 19

Well we have been complaining since day one that the services to and from Tuggeranong were worse off. Kambah to city 162 bus removed and put on via coolamon court adding an extra 30 minutes to the trip. The R4 buses not stopping in the civic bus zone BEFORE the double lights for northbourne. Waiting in the bus for the lights then waiting again for the same set of lights to cross back. Stupid. No cover when raining or sleeting. Don’t listen to us down south. No wonder we drive.

    Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 12:52 pm 02 Sep 19

    Spot on Margaret. Kambah residents were kicked in the backside in the new Bus network. You would think the new Transport Minister being our local member, might stand up for his neighbours, but apparently he doesn't give a...... How can doubling people's travel time, be sold as an improvement?

Alex Smith Alex Smith 8:21 pm 31 Aug 19

Timothy Friel shock horror

Katelyn Wilson Katelyn Wilson 7:16 pm 31 Aug 19

You’re kidding ... took them long enough to figure it out

Jaime Warren Jaime Warren 11:28 am 31 Aug 19

The 25 minute wait out in the cold most afternoons while 3 or more full R4 buses drive past has made me rethink my commute by bus.

Veronyka Zanatta Veronyka Zanatta 8:19 am 31 Aug 19

Len McLachlan give this a read

maxblues maxblues 1:49 am 31 Aug 19

A 39% increase on Sundays when bus drivers only turn up if they feel like it? The propaganda gets less believable by the week.

Emily Cross Emily Cross 2:07 pm 30 Aug 19

I stopped catching the bus to work when a 50 minute direct trip became an 1hr40min trip IF I make the connection

Sue Bestow Sue Bestow 8:54 am 30 Aug 19

I used to catch the 720 that got me from home in Hughes to work in Civic in About 13 minutes. Now it takes nearly an hour to get to work by bus FAIL.

Sue Bestow Sue Bestow 8:51 am 30 Aug 19

That is because it is terrible. End of story

Angus Young Angus Young 8:05 pm 29 Aug 19

Maddy McCusker how shocking

Queanbeyanite Queanbeyanite 7:24 pm 29 Aug 19

Queanbeyan 833 takes 20 mins to Civic, 830 takes 20 min to Kingston, marvellous service since 1994. Didn’t cost $750 million either.

BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 7:08 pm 29 Aug 19

Once again, how can anyone say that overall patronage is up based only on boardings?

mjsf mjsf 6:30 pm 29 Aug 19

One thing that has become quite evident in Wanniassa is that the 72/73 bus route which is supposed to connect local shopping centres in the northern side of the Tuggeranong valley excludes the Wanniassa shopping centre. The route connects the Tuggeranong and Erindale centres via Oxley, and its buses get to within about a kilometre of the Wanniassa shopping centre — but there they remain. I imagine shop-owners (including a Coles supermarket) are not too happy at being left out like this — if you want to shop in Wanniassa you have to take your car because the bus that’s supposed to get you there won’t…. Maybe this particular local bus route would attract more passengers if it served a more useful purpose.

Chippie Chippie 5:49 pm 29 Aug 19

The Wanniassa loop bus doesn’t even go to the Wanniassa shops – it passes 500m away past ovals where no-one is waiting. I’m surprised Coles hasn’t objected as the bus only goes to Woolies at Erindale. It would be easy to reroute it up Athllon Drive and back past the shops and would only add 1 minute at the most to the trip.

Gilavon Gilavon 5:02 pm 29 Aug 19

Ngunnawal to Belconnen journey time by car = 18 minutes.
Ngunnawal to Belconnen journey time by bus = 50minutes.
Which form of transport do you think I’ll use for that journey? Especially when on two occasions the R28 bus, Casey – Ngunnawal – Gungahlin didn’t turn up.

Stephanie Hamilton Stephanie Hamilton 3:45 pm 29 Aug 19

That's because they took away half the buses and there's no way to get anywhere in under an hour. Southsiders DO still need to get to ANU, UC, etc.

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 11:16 am 29 Aug 19

I was talking to my brother in law last night about these bus use results, he’s an expert in geospatial data and he has previously analysed parts of the new Canberra network. He doesn’t think the new bus network is a total fail, but he does think some analysis of population, road network and route design must be undertaken ASAP. I reckon his biggest issue though, is the lack of real information from Canberra Transport, the continual positive spin from the government and the ongoing dismissal of anyone who dares complain that they are worse off.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 11:53 am 29 Aug 19

    Jeff Smith isn't that what I also said eons ago?

    Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 1:57 pm 29 Aug 19

    Probably true, I remember you talking about better evidence, I can't tell sometimes whether you are for or against the new Bus network.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 4:40 pm 29 Aug 19

    Jeff Smith I am for the optimal outcome for the community, to be clear. Hence calling for use of better data to inform planning and decisions.

    Doris Andrews Doris Andrews 6:38 pm 29 Aug 19

    Yes, we would like to see proper data used for the betterment of the Bus Timetable.

Ben Tozer Ben Tozer 10:57 am 29 Aug 19

Everyone we one we have so many discussions about the buses it will be good in the and they always do this once it’s new

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