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Woden Babar Discriminate Against Transgenders

By DarkLadyWolfMother - 30 May 2009 137

I’ve just had my last meal at Babar in Woden, a place I used to frequent for a breakfast on the weekend.

I’m a male to female transgender and have been living as a female 24/7 for some number of years. Over these years I’ve been using Women’s toilets.

Today I was told by the owner (or manager, I don’t know which) of Babar that I wasn’t allowed to use the Women’s toilets.

I attempted to explain I was transgendered; but she told me that didn’t matter.

What’s curious is that ever since I’ve been going to Babar, when I’ve made use of their toilets I have always used Women’s toilets; and this woman (owner/manager) has been present some of those times.

I should note that I’ve never had a problem with any of the staff. They’ve always been friendly, helpful and efficient.

I’ll be writing Babar a formal letter of complaint at the least.

What’s Your opinion?

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137 Responses to
Woden Babar Discriminate Against Transgenders
fabforty 6:34 pm 30 May 09

I just don’t go there because they serve crap champagne. I’ll be doubly sure to stay away now.

PsydFX 6:07 pm 30 May 09

DarkLadyWolfMother said :

As for using the Men’s toilets: I don’t feel safe in most of them.

I’m sure some females may not feel safe having a man in their toilets.

hk0reduck 6:06 pm 30 May 09

Oh, except for never giving Barbar my money again 🙂

Oh no, now look what’ve you done!

Postalgeek 5:42 pm 30 May 09

The thought process of the manager/owner is a priceless study of myopia; exactly what air of casual indifference does she imagine will prevail in the mens when she forces a male-female transgender to join them.

I mean, there I am standing at a urinal when out of the corner of my eye a woman comes in and, faced with occupied cubicles, reluctantly stands next to me. I know that I, for one, won’t be able to pee.

No, for the sake of discretion and dignity to all involved, let the poor lady use the ladies and have a cubicle.

blub 5:20 pm 30 May 09

That’s quite appalling from such a ‘reputable’ place in this town.

It also highlights some of the legislative changes needed on TS issues to ensure that these kinds of things don’t continue to happen.
With this in mind, you could bring it to the attention of the ACT Human Rights and Discrimination Commissioner. While it probably won’t lead to much in relation to the cafe, it could lead to other changes legislatively in the longer term.

futto 4:15 pm 30 May 09

DarkLadyWolfMother said :

Oh, except for never giving Barbar my money again 🙂

But…but…the ricotta hotcakes are so yummy!!!

DarkLadyWolfMother 3:45 pm 30 May 09

I’m not legally female, as our country requires that you have the operation before you can change your gender on your Birth Certificate. Which is a hassle for those of us that can’t have the operation easily because of health issues. I have changed my name, but that doesn’t mean anything legally except I now have a ‘female sounding’ name.

I’m always dressed female. Though what that means is up for debate since women wear all kinds of ‘male’ clothing these days.

As for using the Men’s toilets: I don’t feel safe in most of them.

However since this is the first time I’ve had issues over this, I’m not about to change what I do. Oh, except for never giving Barbar my money again 🙂

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:43 pm 30 May 09

Just take a leak at the table.

grunta123 3:19 pm 30 May 09

Small minded crap like this is disappointing to hear. I imagine transgender people have enough to deal with without worrying about other peoples ablutions. Seriously, what is the big deal?

I have to wonder at the thought process going through that opersons mind. “Excuse me, I know you look like a female but I don’t believe you!” WTF!

Businesses like this deserve to have people vote with their feet… and money.

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:16 pm 30 May 09

Argh – stupid post instead of preview. I meant to add:

I’m not sure if the ACT has similar anti-discrimination arrangements to NSW, but the ‘recognised’ distinction may be legally important:

You also have the legal right not to be harassed at work because you are transgender…(this) includes making sure you’re not harassed for using the toilets or change rooms of your preferred gender…In the same way as at work, if you are a recognised transgender person you must generally be treated as your preferred gender. For example, you must be allowed to use the toilets or change rooms provided for public use (for example, those in parks, shops or restaurants) of your preferred gender…If you are not a recognised transgender person the legal situation is not quite so clear, but in general, in most cases, you should be able to use the toilets of your preferred gender (…).

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:09 pm 30 May 09

Are you recognised? That is, are you “a person the record of whose sex is altered under the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1997, part 4 or the corresponding provisions of a law of a State or another Territory”?

BerraBoy68 3:07 pm 30 May 09

Good luck DLWM.

How could she have told you to use the men’s toilet when you were dressed as women (presumably)?

Silly, silly ignorant person. Have you let the Canberra Times know?

Gassed 2:57 pm 30 May 09

Discrimination…. How so. She is still male…i mean he is.

rosebud 2:53 pm 30 May 09

It is discrimination. Write the letter and more importatnly, let people in the community know. Shine a light, shame the devil.

Gassed 2:46 pm 30 May 09

Soooooo……. i would say use the male toilets until you fully cross over i guess.

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