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Woodstock restaurant to close

By Duke - 10 April 2008 82

As announced in today’s CT, the Woodstock restaurant in Civic will close its doors after 37 years – with the possibility it will open again in another location at a later date.

This is arguably Canberra’s first family restaurant and many of us have fond memories of going there for family birthdays etc.  It was a place to get a great pizza, mum and dad could get an adult meal while the kids could order chips and chicken nuggets.

 According to the owner, Mal Reid, the demise of Woodstock is due to a drop in patronage.  I feel sorry for the guy – if only he had eaten there as a regular customer with his family he might have seen how far the standards at Woodstock had dropped over the years.

Reid was a victim of the staff shortages issues, having been forced to employ lazy chefs and weird emo waiters who failed to grasp basic concepts like supplying cutlery, serving water, taking orders and stuff like that.

And in the later years I certainly gave this place enough chances.  The pizzas could be excellent, but then again they could be terrible depending on who was on the ovens that evening.  The notorious flash-fry steak served to me on my last visit was the final straw.

So can I say i’d love to see you back, Woodstock, but do some serious re-tooling while you’re away – train your staff up and take a bit longer preparing meals if it means getting them right.  There’s no excuse for serving bad food when you’ve had the same menu for 37 years.

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82 Responses to
Woodstock restaurant to close
barney 1:28 pm 10 Apr 08

It would be great up on Bunda St somewhere.

realityskin 1:23 pm 10 Apr 08


RuffnReady 1:16 pm 10 Apr 08

Went to Woodstock twice way back 10 years ago and the food was average at best, never been back since.

On a related note, what are your favourite places to get a steak, people? Quality of meat is of utmost importance. I enjoy the rumps at El Dorado, and Charcoal for a high-end steak.

Canberra really lacks for good Mexican. Mote’s is blurgh, but the place in manuka looks decent although I’ve only seen the food walking by. Thoughts?

ant 12:56 pm 10 Apr 08

There’s a mexican place up the end of Lonsdale st, near the Blue Heffalump or whatever that Sri Lankan place is.

toriness 12:54 pm 10 Apr 08

i hope a mexican place opens in that spot. are there any mexican restaurants left in canberra??

MrMagoo 12:29 pm 10 Apr 08

Had many a cracker meal at Woodstock, but like many others haven’t ventured in for some time. Sad to hear that the place is going, even sadder to hear that the standards have dropped so low.

Getting a bit nostalgic on here today!!!

ant 12:27 pm 10 Apr 08

I remember being thrilled by the danger of their “hot” pizza back in the 70s. What bland diets we had then. I also vaguely remember their pizzas were rather greasy, it seemed that they used cheddar rather than mozzarella? Amazing smells used to waft out though. I reckon a good, solid restaurant would do fine in that position, but if the food and service is poor, well, people go elsewhere. I stopped going years ago, because it wasn’t that good.

Thumper 12:24 pm 10 Apr 08

Blind beggars, Captain Greggs, Boot and Flogger…

All gone…

Mælinar 12:22 pm 10 Apr 08

@Thumper – I can’t remember either.

Thumper and Mælinar may or may not have been to Woodstock. As we were both screamingly drunk we could have been in Minsk Airport for all we knew at the time.

I suspect we had a reasonable time, wherever we were, and the food was appreciated, if it was pizza or otherwise.

I don’t remember getting on a plane, I just added that bit for artistic journalism purposes.

Thumper 12:18 pm 10 Apr 08

Was that Woodstock?

I can’t remember…

LG 12:17 pm 10 Apr 08

Do we need to start blaming the ‘North Quarter’ for the demise of Civic eateries? I note that Iori in the bus interchange has recently closed (but replaced with Indian). And also that Italian place in Garema square.

Mælinar 12:10 pm 10 Apr 08

Great pizza on Anzac day, from what I remember of it.

CanberraResident 12:04 pm 10 Apr 08

I’ve eaten at Woodstock too in recent times, and it was very obviously that no luuurve went into the food preparation. Needed a Ramsay style overhaul. Anyway, bye bye Woodstock. I have fond memories of great pizzas back in the mid 80s, but not much since then. All the best with any future ventures.

Ha! Crikey. A little off topic, but all the symbols of my youth have also disappeared. Two ACT primary schools – closed down. One ACT high school – closed down. One ACT college – closed down. One uni different state – still there.

S4anta 12:04 pm 10 Apr 08

Crack out the zimmer frame Crikey you old bastard.

Crikey 11:46 am 10 Apr 08

Private Bin, Civic Greater Union…..Woodstock….all the symbols of my youth are disappearing 🙁

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