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By Octogen 27 April 2008 33

I’m currently living in the Hackett area and there are several dogs that bark almost continously – sometimes until about 5 in the morning… I’m wondering what could possibly be so wrong with an animal that barks non-stop until that time in the morning. Is it the full moon, hunger, mal-treatment by the owners? Who knows – but I’m tired. Has anyone else in the area noticed the problem or are my ears just a little sensitive? I’d also love to hear from others who’ve experienced a similar problem – and how they’ve dealth with it (legally – i’m not planning on sedating the buggers). I’ve called environment ACT, but they require a written submission with three weeks of records (at least) of the nuisance animals – which I’m slowly compiling. Sounds anal I know – but when it comes to sleep…

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Whatsup 9:55 pm 19 May 08

This is what I did once.

Purchased from the butcher a large marrow bone that was cut down the middle and tossed it over the back fence. The dogs thought Santa had come and dragged the bone back to its bed and spent the entire week chewing. It kind of broke the barking habit I reckon. I am sure the owner was perplexed as to where the bone came from, it was actually larger than the dog so it was easy to spot. The dog barked on and off after that, but nowhere as bad. If I was having friends over for a BBQ I always included a dog bone on my shopping list to ensure a pleasant peaceful evening was had by all.

PS: Marrow bones give Dogs bad breath and make them fart… if you like your neighbours you might want to consider this.

ant 12:07 pm 28 Apr 08

Canberra Resident said:

CanberraResident said :

Whilst you would have good intentions, the neighbours may go on the defensive, … Hagrid from Harry Potter could very well open the door to you …

Priceless! And unfortunately, true. That’s always the problem, that people with loud dogs will often be the type that you really don’t want to bail up at their front door. Clearly, this is a widespread problem, and one that local gov’ts don’t seem to deal with very well.

Bludger 11:05 am 28 Apr 08

And it’s such a pity that they don’t take their dogs for walks because Hakett is so close to both Mt Majura and Ainslie, that big long walking strip from Antill Street to Watson and then the soccer ovals near the shops. It’s a dog walkers dream really! Bloody irresponsible dog owners!

CanberraResident 10:52 am 28 Apr 08

Bludger said :

Dogs need exercise, disipline and affection. It sounds like the dogs aren’t getting any of these things. Letter drop that.

Bludger, so true. But may I suggest, at my own peril, that Hackett is populated by many drug addicts, scumbags, drunks and “govie” housing no-hopers who simply don’t care about leading a healthy lifestyle for themselves, nor for the animals they choose to keep. Taking a dog for a walk? You’ve got to be joking!

And yes I know, there are druggos in every suburb, but those older inner city Canberra suburbs (Watson, Hacket, Dickson, Downer, Braddon, Turner, O’Conner, Lyneham etc). Whilst they may have expensive real estate, they also have a lot of low-income residents with “issues”, to put it politely.

To the people who do not fall into this category, I apologise.

ant 10:50 am 28 Apr 08

Illyria said:

illyria said :

We may have to go rural to get away from it, but then there would be roosters and other such annoying beasties.

I have bad news for you! I am rural, and the neighbours (several of them) have lots of roaring and yapping dogs. One lot left 4 or 5 of them in a dog cage for most of January while they went on holidays, having various different people coming to feed them/scrape out cage every few days. These dogs roared almost non-stop for the duration. Having had problems before, and spoken to the council, I kept a barking diary and also recorded/filmed samples. But all the council did was ask the other neighbours (who are a km away) if the noise was a problem, and they said it wasn’t. Those neighbours have even more dogs, and trail bikes!

It sounds ilke the ACT gov’t, and my council, apply the same methodology… wanting a diary kept, evidence gathered etc. However, the best way to get real action is to get another household to complain also. So your letter drop might work, or if you’re brave enough, knocking on doors around the vicinity, looking for someone to support the complaint.

It’s pretty amazing the way some people can hear their dog/s barking so much, and not do anything. But then again, look at all the people who don’t do anything when their kids/babies make a racket in public.

Bludger 9:57 am 28 Apr 08

I was walking my dog on the weekend and was speaking to a retired couple from Hakett and they said that out of all the houses in their street with dogs (which they said was the majority) only themselves and one other couple walk their dogs, which they thought was really sad and so did I.

The dogs you are hearing are probably bored out of their brains. Dogs need exercise, no matter what size. Being trapped in a small yard all day would not be very exciting so the dogs create their own excitment at night by barking at each other, afterall they have so much pent up energy and no way to expel it. If the owners took them for a walk then they would be worn out and in bed sleeping.

Dogs need exercise, disipline and affection. It sounds like the dogs aren’t getting any of these things. Letter drop that.

Scott 10:42 pm 27 Apr 08

oh.. i totally forgot about the dragway. man… i gotta move

captainwhorebags 10:32 pm 27 Apr 08

correction “drown out any barking dogs”, although a drag race with dogs could get interesting.

captainwhorebags 10:32 pm 27 Apr 08

Don’t worry about them too much. The sound of 747 freighters taking off around the clock and the roar of a drag strip will soon drag out any barking dogs.

sepi 8:19 pm 27 Apr 08

The police are not interested in noise complaints and will refer you to the Environmental Protection Agency.

CanberraResident 8:04 pm 27 Apr 08

Scott said :

Ok, good – It’s just yap.yap…yap.yap… yapyap… yap yap yap..

Haha. Yap, yap, yap yap yap … sounds like one of those small, annoying toy froodle, poodle, doodle dogs with a diamonte collar and a YSL bag lady as its owner.

On the other hand, if it was “WHOOOF, WHOOOF, WHOOOOOF”, (in my best Hagrid voice), then it’d be one of those Rottweillers with sloppy, syruppy, slag drooping from it’s mouth …

I’m hearing it mate, I’m hearing it …

Egg cartons.

Scott 7:57 pm 27 Apr 08

Towards the watson side – The dog is right behind my house though… I LOVE Hackett and I love the people here – it’s just this last few weeks of barking. I’m nervous to approach my neighbour about the dog because I often hear quite aggresive arguments going on, and I’m scared of starting up some kind of “battle” if they react badly..

RuffnReady 7:50 pm 27 Apr 08

Which part of Hackett, Scott? I live in Hackett and it’s the quietest place I’ve ever lived.

My observation of this thread is that it’s a sad comment on society that we can’t talk to each other about problems like this and solve them without being defensive, or having to worry that the person might retaliate against us. When did we become so alienated from each other?

Note that I am not criticising anyone in this thread – most of the commentary and ideas are spot on. But what happened to community and communication? It disappeared somewhere along the way and we’re all the poorer for that.

zig – “harden up” is NOT a solution. Being being more considerate of each other is the solution, but unfortunately many people only think about their own needs.

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