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Woolworths – formerly the fresh food people

By asp 25 August 2007 85

On the 7th April 2007, a batch of Southcape Garlic Feta Cheese was on a shelf in Woolworths Lanyon, when the clock ticked midnight, signaling the day of it’s use by. So why then did I find several blocks of this cheese today, the 25th of August? It was at the front and the shelf was fully stocked. It wasn’t marked down, no marked as being past the use by.

Cheese won’t make you sick if it is even a month over. But more than 4 months!

What’s Your opinion?

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Woolworths – formerly the fresh food people
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Aeek 12:22 am 02 Oct 09

When the Hyperdome open with just the one Supermarket, they had mouldy cheddar for sale.

If it wasn’t for bulk Farmers Union Iced Coffee, I could manage happily with IGA + Aldi.

macaulus 8:20 pm 01 Oct 09

i have been quite irratable at the Fresh Food People of late, and thought tnite i would have a bit of a look around to see if others were as pissed off as me at this statement.

My gripe is about the fruit and veg, seems that advertising your weakness still plays strongly with politicians, and big business, advertise what you have no hope of achieving.

I grew up in the suburbs of sydney and my mother used to shop at the local green grocer called martellis, in carlingford sydney, i grew up on fresh, beautiful fruit and veg.

I try to not shop at woolies for any fruit and veg, but occasionaly get caught out and have to buy stuff from there, everytime im dissapointed in what they are fobbing off as “fresh” seems that there is no actual checks and balances these days and marketing types can spin watever crap they want and most eat it up with no question about the actual statements.

good to see im not the only one to have a go at woolies, i guess it wouldnt annoy me so much, if they didnt advertise they were the “fresh food people” which they are anything but.

Toolbeater 12:01 am 07 Sep 07

I told you that you’d care enough to respond…

Congrats on the purchase of Beer… now I know how you manage to get all your shopping done at IGA..

Thumper 8:27 am 06 Sep 07

Ah, Cheesemakers, that is…

Thumper 8:27 am 06 Sep 07

“So get a life ’sunshine’ cause you are fighting a fight you can not possibly win.”

I’m not fighting a fight. I’m laughing at you and your ridiculously over the top defence. Frankly, I’ve never seen anyone get so fired up about such a minor issue.

How many words is it now that you have written.

Shall I goad you some more?

Who the f@ck cares?

Oh, by the way, bought some beers at IGA last night.

Blessed are the cheesmakers 🙂


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