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Worst sledge ever

By 123qwe - 30 January 2009 46

Today I was given a mouthful by a young fella in Woden (car park rage related). His remark “ass-fingers”, was not only disturbing but hilarious.

Has anyone heard of this ‘new’ term of endearment?

Could this be the poorest sledging attempt thus far in this cricket season?

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
Worst sledge ever
tylersmayhem 11:18 am 30 Jan 09

Yep…that’s a new one for me. Mind you the most amusing and odd sledge I’ve ever heard is “stick it up your c**k turd guts”. Picture this said by the roughest woman you’ve ever seen with a voice like gravel.

Hank 11:17 am 30 Jan 09

It was a thundery Monday morning (3am) and some yobs next door where making a ruckus, I went out and said “Hey fella’s can you keep it down a bit or go in side please?”

Then as a clap of thunder hit the steroid muncher at the back of the group appeared and yelled “hear that thunder? That’s the sound of me coming over there and smacking you out”

Being 3am I was caught of guard but then yelled “that’s creative Shakespeare.” I walked inside thinking to myself, nothing good is going to come from that comment, as I was doing so a garden stake then came through the window.

Moral of the story I wish I was bigger.

p1 11:16 am 30 Jan 09

I have always found “arse-clown” to be constantly funny.

Danman 11:07 am 30 Jan 09

I like the jovial effect that calling someone an “Arse Hat” encites.

Stung 11:00 am 30 Jan 09

Ah yes the old ‘your face’ call, as made popular by Will Ferrell..

a55 fingers isn’t bad, but d1ck fingers has much more impact

Granny 10:29 am 30 Jan 09

The lamest insult I’ve ever heard, as recounted to me by a teenager:

“Are you having a good time there?”
“Your face is having a good time!!”

We still laugh about that one.

farnarkler 10:09 am 30 Jan 09

Courtesy of the man with the ultimate put downs; R Lee Ermey (Gunnery sergeant in Full Metal Jacket and it’s even better predecessor The Boys in Company C).

toriness 10:08 am 30 Jan 09

i refer to your comment #4 though – as #6 makes me go ewwwwww

toriness 10:07 am 30 Jan 09

good one farnarkler, that gave me a giggle (well i snorted to be honest).

farnarkler 10:06 am 30 Jan 09

Possibly ‘The best part of you dribbled down your momma’s crack’

Kizzle 10:03 am 30 Jan 09

Ah yes, ‘ya mum’ insults will never die.

farnarkler 10:01 am 30 Jan 09

But by saying that then VY you’d be giving the impression that perhaps you (not you inparticular) may be the father of the young moron.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:34 am 30 Jan 09

The good thing about when young guys mouth off is that you always have the ace up the sleeve: “I ed your mother”.

p1 9:28 am 30 Jan 09

I am always impressed with a bit of originality and humour in insults. I would much rather have something like that yelled at me then “youse is all c$%ts….”

jakez 9:06 am 30 Jan 09

…I think I rate it.

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