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What would attract a young person to Canberra?

By Pandy - 24 May 2007 26

See that johnboy is leaving us, I was wondering what would attract a 20 something gal or boy to come and work in Canberra? Look at the Live in Canberra campaign

with loads of pictures of the national icons: interested? Or is Sonic barking-up the wrong tree with his promise of 100s of jobs?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
What would attract a young person to Canberra?
Al 3:05 pm 24 May 07

What would attract a young person to Canberra?
I would assume more young people…

Therefore the graduate recruitment programs are heading the right way.

I’d also throw in free (and vastly improved!) public transport for all.

Accommodation – young people get put through the grinder by the self-important Nazis who call themselves “property managers” at real estate agents.
I’m always amazed at how they treat all renters as scum, even though they could be the agent’s next property purchaser as soon as they have some savings put away.
Of all the agents we have rented through, there has only been one who has treated us as humans worthy of respect, even though we have always left rental properties in better condition than we found them. So that’s a half-dozen real estate agents I would NEVER buy a house even if it was THE HOUSE…
Sorry – [rant off]

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:52 pm 24 May 07

The main reason anyone would move to Canberra is for professional career development. There are more opportunities in this town than people know what to do with. For those with solid tertiary qualifications, the sky is the limit.

Danman 2:47 pm 24 May 07

I would move to Canberra too if someone as hot as me lived here 🙂

Seriously though folks – Canberra does have a lot in the way of public sector career development – i mean hay – I been on that wagon for 5 years now and steadily climbing – and that was entering the workforce from a trade with no admin skills at all.

Plus canberra is a great place – its leave – not as crime ridden – has great cafes and night life – but I woul dbe happier of I did not have to go to Syd Melb or Bris to see my fave bands…

Fear Factory 2002 @ ANU rocked.

Oh and the proximity to both sydney and melbourne – the coast and the snow – as well as great trout and costal fishing is a distinct advantage as well.

neanderthalsis 2:06 pm 24 May 07

I moved down 18 months ago from Brisbane and I must say that the chief reason was the much higher pay and better career opportunities on offer. I think the pushing the ‘Lotsa Jobs’ line and the fact that the ACT has the highest average earnings of all states and territories would encourage more people to come here.

Like KandyA suggests, there is a bit of a fly in fly out mentality amongst many of us blow ins. I spend at least 1 weekend in Brisbane a month and get across to Sydney a fair bit too. It’s a bit like the mining industry, where people will come in, work for a few years earning bigger dollars than were available at home, build the experience, then head off again.

Canberra still has the stigma of being the home of Politicians and faceless bureaucrats; there is a perception (mainly from thyose that have never been here) that it is a boring sterile city that is generally too cold to do anything. I have found it is much the opposite though.
It hasn’t got the XXXX swilling pub culture of Brisbane and North QLD, which is one great advantage; you can normally find good live jazz bands playing and plenty of things to do in your spare time.

It does get bloody cold for a QLDer though.

josh 2:05 pm 24 May 07

some work would be nice. i know it’s crazy to say it, but something outside of the public service.

i just left canberra because of the (lack of) opportunity in canberra. i’m in melbourne now – i don’t necessarily like it here, but at least there’s opportunity.

toriness 2:00 pm 24 May 07

i love keating but it was a silly thing to say.

i moved to canberra at 23 for a graduate position fresh out of uni – only having visited once before and not knowing a SINGLE person here… 7.5 years on i am still here and loving it. it is clean, green (as in green spaces throughout urban development – yes they’re a bit dry at the mo LOL), has great people, a fantastic range of jobs, and really good facilities. i love my life here!

schmerica_ 1:52 pm 24 May 07

ps. Paul Keating is a tool.

schmerica_ 1:50 pm 24 May 07

OzChick… were you joking? I don’t think having Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel stores here are likely to attract people to live here. Maybe to visit and shop but not to live.

I think if there were better entertainment here, that would attract some people. We typically miss out on all the big name performers and the nightclubs we have are getting fairly generic.

stan_bowles 1:13 pm 24 May 07

Paul Keatings not a fan of our fair city,23599,21786304-2,00.html

Absent Diane 12:56 pm 24 May 07

hookers. porn. fireworks. I reckon that would attract people.

Ruby Wednesday 12:54 pm 24 May 07

I moved here last year at 24. What attracted me? A lot more career options here than in Brisbane. A lot less of a mentality that advancement is based on who you know. Much higher pay. Cooler weather, which made for a very nice summer. More cultural things to do than in Brisbane. Mr Wednesday likes the fact that there are more people from his country around here, and that the city is planned and thus easier to get around than Brisbane, and also has far less traffic.

The downside was trying to find somewhere to live, and the rent was a big hike from what we were paying, but still well worth it. We also had to finally buy a car, but that is only ’cause we had the good luck to live a short walk from a major train station when we were in Brisbane.

caf 12:48 pm 24 May 07

Yer link is busted.

Thumper 12:25 pm 24 May 07

Money usually is a good start…

but seriously, canberra is an odd place to try and sell to people unless they have been here before or have relatives here. As kandyA mentioned, a lot of people work here but then bugger off on the weekend so they really don’t get to know the place.

if they did, they may find that it’s a good place to live.

personally I think Sonic is barking up the wrong tree.

KandyA 12:17 pm 24 May 07

where i work (in ACT Govt) we have in the last year 5 new starters from interstate. the 2 from Sydney went back nearly every weekend- the bloke (who has since returned) was here for 9 months and didnt spend a single weekend in Canberra!

OzChick 12:06 pm 24 May 07

To attract a chick you would need a better variety of designer clothes stores. Brand Depot was not an improvement to say the least.

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