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WTF is going on in Canberra these days?

By PBO 14 October 2008 14

I have just read this article and it is apparent that there is really something wrong with Canberra these days.   How can a Lady who takes a standover man to another Lady’s residence to cause trouble not get charged?

    A 24-year-old Canberra man has been found guilty of threatening a woman with a drill at her Canberra home in February last year.

    Steven James Diamond and his partner, 39-year-old Glenda Young, were charged with making threats towards Jessie May Mitchell who was babysitting Young’s children.

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14 Responses to
WTF is going on in Canberra these days?
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Rossco Downunder 12:37 pm 21 Jul 11

Just thought rioters might like an update…

Mr Diamond is now facing the Supreme Court and will hopefully, finally have his many suspended sentences unsuspended.

He is back before the courts having committed a serious DUI amongst other things in which he claimed his ongoing relationship with Ms Young (his co-offender in the above) was setting him straight. (Which given their co-offender status is odd logic indeed).

It is hard to imagine how such a relationship is feasible since family court orders have long barred him from contact with her children making a relationship with her nigh-impossible.

Also, his Facebook page indicates a breakup circa August 2010.

Further, a search for Diamond, S at this address indicates that things might be even more sour than that on the relationships front!

One just has to hope that since the Supreme Court is now listing him for old crimes because his suspended sentences are being re-considered. Be interesting to see if the court exposes the community to further danger from this eeeddddiiiiooooottttt!

Loquaciousness 10:50 am 15 Oct 08

tylersmayhem said :

Steven James Diamond and Jessie May Mitchell – hahaha, John Grisham couldn’t come up with more American hick names than that. hahaha – that’s made my day. Go get me some corn bread ya’hear!

And grits! Don’ go forgettin’ them grits, boy!


tylersmayhem 10:45 am 15 Oct 08

Steven James Diamond and Jessie May Mitchell – hahaha, John Grisham couldn’t come up with more American hick names than that. hahaha – that’s made my day. Go get me some corn bread ya’hear!

seekay 9:34 am 15 Oct 08

She doesn’t sound like no Lady to me.

Interesting use of capitalisation too, PBO.

    Gbang 11:18 pm 16 Feb 18

    Sounds like a lady who doesn’t want her ex to have her children with bad babysitter
    Mother knows best always

Sleaz274 10:10 pm 14 Oct 08

Well don’t you realise that according to recent court decision they could have in fact drilled/stabbed/wounded her 57 times and still managed to avoid any intention to cause death. For those who know about what used to happen in Northern Ireland that’s about 9 six packs.

Couple of knocks on the head would do this miscreants good. And one has to wonder “what about the kids?”

threeze 6:01 pm 14 Oct 08

I had some guy try to knock me off my motorbike with his car on Sunday. That was fun. And by try, I mean he swerved at me and followed me, overtook me and slammed on his brakes etc.

smack 5:56 pm 14 Oct 08

Here is a link to a previous story.

It appears Mitchell was babysitting the children for Young’s ex-partner, who was in a custody dispute with Young at the time. Young and Diamond turned up at Mitchells and threatned her with the drill. Wrong kids to be babysitting.

stray 5:21 pm 14 Oct 08

wasnt it a custody fight with the babysitter caught up in the middle because she was hired by the father/ex partner of young?

barking toad 5:14 pm 14 Oct 08

Drugs and associated debts will do that to ya

Spectra 5:04 pm 14 Oct 08

PBO: With respect, I’m presuming you don’t know the details of the case (and nor do I) – she may have had no idea what he intended to do, he may have insisted on coming with here in spite of her protestations, there could be any number of valid explanations. And clearly, whatever the explanation was, it satisfied the jury who did hear all the details of the case that there was enough doubt about her guilt not to convict her. A six sentence news report is not sufficient detail to determine a person’s guilt or innocence, in my opinion.

And as Tooks mentions, she was charged, just found not guilty.

Tooks 4:52 pm 14 Oct 08

To answer your first question PBO, she was charged.

neanderthalsis 4:44 pm 14 Oct 08

A drill? What sort of decent heavy uses a drill? A sledgehammer would be my first preference.

If you were concerned about the level of care your babysitter was providing, you’d find a new babysitter, not drill a hole in their front door. It just goes to show how many pillocks there are infessting our society, he gets charged, she walks away and presumably will need to find a new thug to threaten babysitters.

Then again, maybe he had seen one too many movies where the father and the babysitter get down to drilling of a different kind…

New Yeah 4:43 pm 14 Oct 08

Easy son, Canberra aint all that bad. At least Ms Mitchell now has a peep-hole in her front door.

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