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Yellow lights the same as red

By kenk - 3 April 2007 139

An article by Grahame Downie in the CT yesterday reported, or seemed to, a case where someone had been fined for going through a yellow light at an intersection. In fact, initially, he was only issued with a warning but he decided to appeal. so they upgraded a warning to an offense and a fine. Serves him right!

He should be happy – they could have put him away for five years while they thought about it and then offered to let him out if he pleaded guilty – he must be guilty of something…

Anyway, leaving aside the question of whether it is an offense to challenge our law-givers, I see this as a means of balancing the ACT Budget – if going through a yellow light is worth a fine of $80, and if we are installing more light cameras, then things are looking up for ACT Revenue.

So I suggest some more offenses – looking funny at a member of the police or an ACT Public Servant; making derogatory remarks about legislators and ACT Public Servants having free parking; saying bad things about one Grassby or the Dragway or school- or library-closure

What’s Your opinion?

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139 Responses to
Yellow lights the same as red
Thumper 4:07 pm 03 Apr 07

Mr Bear,

please use paragraphs. That is painful to read 🙂

teddy bear 4:06 pm 03 Apr 07

I hit a sore point with vg it seems. As for “Johnny come lately”, I suspect I was in Canberra before him since I was born here in the 1940’s. I lived next door to, and was great friends with, Inspector Colin Groves who headed up Canberra policing in the past. For quite some time in Canberra the local cops walked their beat alone and were friends (not just friendly) with the locals and the suburban shopkeepers. So, vg, you can put up or shut up. As for police corruption and police bullying, I have seen both over the years. I have also seen them fabricate their stories, lie, and swear at citizens in the most profane manner. Some examples I have even put to the police internal affairs squad who were pretty much useless as they were investigating their own. The most we got out of the Police Department was an apology, which at least means that they accepted some responsibility for actions that vg suggests do not happen. I have a close friend whose daughter was picked up by the police, sworn at, pushed around and then released because it was a mistaken identity. I have friends whose daughters were propositioned by traffic cops in police cars when they were pulled over for minor speeding offences. There are many stories like these and they probably involve only a small proportion of the police. But for vg to suggest that such things do not happen at all reveals to me that he/she is either naive or as dismissive and arrogant and officious as those I complain about.

Thumper 4:02 pm 03 Apr 07


I love it when you two get going…

johnboy 3:38 pm 03 Apr 07

Funny VG, just in NSW and Victoria their anti corruption bodies hold public hearings and release the findings of those hearings.

And oddly enough, before they started looking for corruption they never found it either.

vg 3:24 pm 03 Apr 07

JB you really need to check your facts. The little thing he went to called the Supreme Court was about as public a hearing as they get. The guy went to prison. Please tell me what else you’d like. A document served to you personally?

There are no public hearings into ‘corruption’ because there is no need. I’d wager that the oversight and scrutiny I have in my job is ten-fold that of the average person.

But then again the sky may be falling.

Next stupid point?

johnboy 3:16 pm 03 Apr 07

No public hearings, no published reports of investigations, no trust.

bonfire 3:09 pm 03 Apr 07

i still reckon eastman is a patsy.

vg 3:02 pm 03 Apr 07

Caught by a different system? You have no idea of what you’re talking about. He didn’t get transferred to Victoria. He moved to the the AFP Office in Melbourne. He was caught by the same internal investigative system that is still in place today.

Next silly point?

johnboy 2:54 pm 03 Apr 07

No anti-corruption body, no proven cases of corruption, therefore no corruption!

Of course the AFP officer who tranferred to Victoria and shortly after got busted was simply an aberration and the fact he got caught by a different system was just unlucky!

vg 2:52 pm 03 Apr 07

If there was a law against stupidity the ACT Prison would have to relocate to something far, far larger

vg 2:51 pm 03 Apr 07

Corruption? Please point out your examples in the ACT. What utter bullshit.

Police have always walked around in pairs. I have lived in Canberra all my life bar 4 years. I have worked in law enforcment here for 17. Trend for Police to be divorced from the community my big, hairy bum! Police ARE part of the community.

Incidentally, for those who tend to ignore the obvious, running an orange light has always been am offence. If you can slow down and stop you should. An orange light is not a signla to put the foot down and hurry through.

If soemone disputes the issuing of a TIN (Traffic Infringement Notice) or warning (and it shows an enormous degree of immaturity to dispute a warning) it is stock standard practice for it to go to Court so the Court can arbitrate on it. This is not something new.

All he had to do was cop it on the chin like any ‘normal’ adult would. Its hardly the fault of the Police that he ended up in theis situation of his own making.

Feel free to approach me any time you see me on the street. Myself and my troops are always approachable and willing to help.

Having said that it is not the job of Police to be everyone’s friend. Friendly, yes, but if we were everyone’s mate no-one would get arrested.

But once again we see another ignorant remark regarding Police from a johnny come lately. And more abject piffle

teddy bear 2:34 pm 03 Apr 07

On a more serious note, this kind of knee-jerk reaction to a jerk does nothing towards making the community more friendly towards its police force. I can still remember the days when one looked upon police as friends, used them as role models for ones children and suggested that, if in trouble, they seek help from the cop on the beat. Apart from the difficulty of finding one on the street (and they always go in pairs now anyway), the corruption, the arrogance and the officiousness of many of today’s cops makes them only approachable as a last resort. Not all are like this of course, but the trend for police to be divorced from the community is accelorating.

Indi 2:27 pm 03 Apr 07

chuggers and nimby’s – remove these two sub-species and Canberra will be a better place!

neanderthalsis 2:00 pm 03 Apr 07

1. Lingering with intent (get all those folks waiting for non-existent Action busses)

2. Unlawful entry to a public place (Get the millions that go to the NGA, AWM, APH, etc)

3. Conduct predjudicial to the maintenance of the dictatorial Government. (saying anything mildly disparaging about Chairman Stanhope and the Peoples Republic of Canberra)

4. Unlawful abuse of a motor vehicle (for bagging action busses when they are late or don’t arrive at all)

5. Aiding and abetting a criminal before the fact (charge all those parents that spawn junior crims or maybe just charge any single mother living in Charnwood that is recieving PPS)

6. Unlawfully gaining an education (for anyone caught reading a book after the Government has gone to all the trouble of shutting Schools and Libraries)

7. Gross stupidity in a public (that will be a nice little earner, especially in the Canberra yacht club and with drain surfers and the numerous other contestants for the Darwin Awards we see on these pages)

Any more?

louise 1:44 pm 03 Apr 07

This site would get shut down due to all contributors going broke very quickly.

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