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Jazz 18 March 2005 19

Here at RiotACT central we have been arguing.

The majority of that argument now lies arround what codebase to use, which might be interesting to some, but I imagine most RiotACT readers couldn’t care less on the outcome. A far more interesting discussion is being had over what features we’d like to have as we reinvent ourselves. To that end we thought we’d engage a whole bunch of consultants to tell us what features we should have. Now, as one of those newly and underpaid (ie. not at all) consultants, this is your opportunity to make some suggestions about what sort of features you’d like to see in the new and improved RiotACT.

Comment now while we are still feeling vulnerable and are likely to accede to some of your suggestions.

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19 Responses to Your RiotACT
Thumper Thumper 8:09 am 22 Mar 05


Can you change the font to something like Palatino or Times New Roman?


johnboy johnboy 8:38 pm 19 Mar 05

Interesting idea Tom,

not really a code feature but the new format is a lot more amenable to photographs.

Tom Tom 9:33 am 19 Mar 05

PHOTOS! The BBC news site has a great little spot where you can add/view digital photos submitted by readers. You could accept digital photos taken by Canberran’s in canberra. The BBC pics the best photos submitted and showcases them in a weekly digest format.

johnboy johnboy 1:05 am 19 Mar 05

some people want more stories, some less, the funny thing was we had the feature to self-select on RiotACT and no-one ever used it.

we’re going for 20 now.

K, we kind of like the ownership of the story that gives you guys (especially now I’ve removed some of the information).

we’ll look into it.

Kerces Kerces 9:06 pm 18 Mar 05

And are you able to make it so not all the stories of forever (well…forever since you started again) live on the front page…

Kerces Kerces 9:04 pm 18 Mar 05

Is there an option to turn off the receiving of emails when someone posts a comment on your story? (i haven’t looked yet)

johnboy johnboy 6:36 pm 18 Mar 05

we’re not done yet here either with look and feel or usability.

believe it or not there is method in my madness

vg vg 6:16 pm 18 Mar 05

I did prefer the old site and format, felt a little more ‘user friendly’ (I hate that phrase)

GuruJ GuruJ 4:28 pm 18 Mar 05

Yep, I’ve got to say that I preferred the old site layout better. It was more in keeping with the standard news layouts, plus I have to say that I prefer news in the middle or on the right and menu choices on the left.

Ralph Ralph 2:30 pm 18 Mar 05

Old site is prettier – picture icons for each topic are good.

Santa Santa 2:18 pm 18 Mar 05

Sorry Kramer, had to give that one a burl.

Santa pretending to be Kramer Santa pretending to be Kramer 2:17 pm 18 Mar 05

and I love men.

em em 1:36 pm 18 Mar 05

Two things I miss about the old RiotACT:
1. Front page had excerpts but you had to click through to read the full story. Meant I could skim the whole lot quickly.
2. Threaded discussion in the comments area was handy, but I could get used to the new style if it’s a bugger to change.

Santa Santa 1:29 pm 18 Mar 05

…and the ease of impersonating others.

Kramer Kramer 1:28 pm 18 Mar 05

I still the old site is prettier – even now that the yellow is gone. Also I have to agree with Ralph that the non-nested comments are not conducive to the discussion and general riot that used to go down on the old site…and I’m still not keen on the two left blocks squishing the main content to the left.

Ralph Ralph 1:04 pm 18 Mar 05

The comment threads aren’t conducive to addressing people directly i.e. you can’t reply to someone’s comment.

andy andy 12:58 pm 18 Mar 05

actually.. one thing I might be inclined to do.. would be increase the size of the actual news area… although that may be difficult if thre are particular restrictions in effect on how the google box can be displayed…

Santa Santa 12:51 pm 18 Mar 05

How about artistic nudes of you all?

andy andy 12:17 pm 18 Mar 05

I’ve already given johnboy a few feedback pointers in regards to the emails that you receive when you post a story, beyond that I don’t have a great deal to offer at the moment sorry guys

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