Zed Bartlett, a nice rump and a shot of JD

Walter 20 September 2008 14

My belated report on the leaders debate of Thursday.

A former colleague called me up at the last minute with a free seat to the lunch yesterday, I went along out of curiosity (mainly to see if the NPC was still serving the same soggy risotto and tastless lump of chicken).

The soggy risotto remains, but this time I’m pleased to report it was a delicous piece of beef. Very tender!

Anyway, apart from the food, the whole affair was very ho-hum. Neither side spoke particularly well. I was unfortunate enough to be seated near a table of Liberal sycophants, whose obviously pre-rehearsed routine of canned laughter and jeers was quite irritating.

Anyway, it seemed like the Libs had a deliberate strategy of simply bagging out the Labour government, rather that talking in depth about their own policies, which I found surprising. Isn’t the election only a month away? Nevertheless, it was quite effective and seemed to wrong foot Stanhope.

Anyway, Zed’s rousing finish to his speech about education seemed very familiar. I’d forgotten about it until I saw a mention about it on page 7 of the Canberra times tonight at the food court. It was a word for word rip off from the West Wing! I knew I’d heard it before! For those keen West Wingers like myself, it is that episode in season 4 where a bomb goes off at a uni and the President has to address a group of teachers right after. He has a stirring bit:

‘We’re not doing nearly enough, not nearly enough to teach our children well. And we can do better and we must do better, and we will do better. And we will start this moment today!’

And Zed ripped it off! For his own speech about education! From a fictional Democrat! How completely lame.

I can’t believe the Crimes buried it on p7. The one positive thing Zed has to say and he steals it from a TV show. What, did he google ‘education speech’ or something?

And the USA connection doesn’t end there. To keep Zed Bartlett company will be Clinton ‘for the White House’ White (yes, that’s really his slogan). And if they get thirsty, they can always call on ‘Jac(qui Myers) Lives Here. Clever targeting of the Charny vote that slogan! Hope she doesn’t get sued by Jack though! I heard rumours that Steve Doszpot got a strongly worded email from EMI about his unauthorised ‘Goldfinger’ rip off theme song.

Doesn’t seem to be on his website anymore, that could be why.

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14 Responses to Zed Bartlett, a nice rump and a shot of JD
Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 12:51 pm 25 Sep 08

I’d love to see how any of the religious right candidates or a religious right audience would react if the following West Wing scene played out at one of the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) meet the candidate functions:


Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:39 pm 25 Sep 08

recondite said :

how anyone could vote for mulcahy is quite beyond me.

Look out, he might threaten to sue you for that comment! 🙂

jakez jakez 11:41 am 25 Sep 08

Any staffer should know that in any speech you never rip off anything without acknowledging it.

Any staffer worth their weight should have been able to rejig it so that it was still as inspiring (and I don’t consider that particular speech to be inspiring by the way) while changing it enough to make it ‘original’.

Kramer Kramer 9:17 am 24 Sep 08

Recondite – I’m with you 100% – Mulchay is worse than a used car salesman.

I’m wondering if Jack Daniels is going to sue Jacqui Myers for ripping off their slogan?

recondite recondite 1:02 pm 21 Sep 08

how anyone could vote for mulcahy is quite beyond me.

astrojax astrojax 9:51 am 21 Sep 08

probably no surprise a speech – or part thereof – was lifted from a populist tv show abour politics. zed wouldn’t have had a pen anywhere near the speech until a few hours before he gave it and his advisers are doubtless all ‘w-w’ fans, saw some good writing (or what they think passes as ‘good’ – personally, i haven’t seen any good writing on tv for some time) and made liberal use of same [pun intended]

i have noted my comments on the election wrap up thread elsewhere here, but can quite imagine that tender beef would have easily outstripped the debate as enlivening memories of the day. losers, no winners. bring on some real debate!

Bundybear Bundybear 9:26 pm 20 Sep 08

And side step, side step, double reverse spin, and curtsy.

Walter Walter 6:16 pm 20 Sep 08

Granny said :

… Clinton ‘for the White House’ White (yes, that’s really his slogan).

Um … no, that’s really not his slogan.

I’ve checked and I stand corrected. He says ‘FROM the White House’. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMSsMzw6MQQ

LG said :

So you’ll be handing out ‘vote labor’ cards this weekend Walter?

I’m in molonglo – at this stage leaning towards Richard Mulcahy. And despite teasing him for his slogan, I like the fact that Clinton White says in his ad we need a ‘flourishing arts community’. Virtually every other Lib candidate instead criticises public art on their websites/ads. Hey, I don’t love the Woden Windmill either, but I do stare at it every time I drive past. It may even be growing on me. I wouldn;t complain if the gvt put that whole $40 million of sports money into public art.

LG LG 4:36 pm 20 Sep 08

So you’ll be handing out ‘vote labor’ cards this weekend Walter?

Granny Granny 2:49 pm 20 Sep 08

… Clinton ‘for the White House’ White (yes, that’s really his slogan).

Um … no, that’s really not his slogan.

steely steely 2:09 pm 20 Sep 08

I see no problem in copying if it is a great idea. The West Wing creators had some very good ideas, and speeches, throughout the whole series, and I believe anyone that is championing those is doing the public a great service.

Bundybear Bundybear 1:05 pm 20 Sep 08

Indeed Walter, any political affiliations to declare, or just a touch of journalistic vertigo brought on by the shock of surprisingly good food??

mutley mutley 11:16 am 20 Sep 08

If it’s a direct rip-off then that’s shocking.

That said, hardly a balanced review…

ant ant 11:05 am 20 Sep 08

I hope you’ve dobbed in Zed’s plagiarism to Crikey and Media Watch!

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