Zed goes to bat on Government advertising

johnboy 10 December 2008 6

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja is trumpeting his new bill in the Legislative Assembly which will reduce the Goverment’s ability to spend our money in the local media congratulating itself.

According to Zed, Mr. Stanhope is not amused:

    “We believe that the community has a right to be informed about its responsibilities and rights, and that governments can legitimately use paid advertising to get this message across,” said Zed.

    “However, we do not believe that government should use tax payer funds to pat themselves on the back or influence elections. Today we introduced a bill that would enshrine this principle in law

    “And the reaction of the Chief Minister? Fear and smear.

    “Jon Stanhope has claimed in the Chamber through interjection that this bill equates to jeopardising public safety advertisements.

    “The bill clearly and specifically uses community health and safety as examples of legitimate government spending. (s 13(3)(a)).

    “What it does jeopardise is Mr Stanhope’s ability to use taxpayer money to promote his government. It’s a position I am proud to take to the Assembly.

I can’t imagine WIN, the Canberra Times, or commercial radio will be very happy with this move either. It’s worth a lot of money to them. The Greens are having a think about it.

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6 Responses to Zed goes to bat on Government advertising
caf caf 10:36 pm 10 Dec 08

Does anyone actually have an example of a recent advertising campaign that would have fallen foul of this Bill, were it to become law?

jakez jakez 6:28 pm 10 Dec 08

PsydFX, this is a bill preventing taxpayer funded advertising that is designed to promote the Party in Government rather than educate the populace about a policy. The ALP will still be able to advertise using funding that hasn’t been received through coercion.

PsydFX PsydFX 6:25 pm 10 Dec 08

I am not very politically minded at all, so I honestly don’t care either which way, however, I don’t think it fair to prevent self promotion especially considering that it’s the only way people like me – who don’t actively seek such information remain informed.

jakez jakez 6:07 pm 10 Dec 08

PsydFX, I certainly remember the Howard Government’s use of taxpayer funds for unethical advertising, however I don’t remember taxpayer funded ads of the type you are talking about.

Is this some campaign from when the local Libs were in power?

Even if the Liberals did do this in the past, it doesn’t change that this is the right thing to do. Besides if Zed was doing as you describe, he’d have to then repeal this law when he got in. That would be quite the credibility destroyer.

Face it, sometimes the people you hate do the right thing.

PsydFX PsydFX 5:52 pm 10 Dec 08

So let me get this straight, Liberals – infamous for “what has Labour delivered” election smear campaigns is preventing the current Government the ability to self promote.

Sounds like Zed is just setting up for the next election. Bit transparent I think.

jakez jakez 5:43 pm 10 Dec 08

Well I’ll give it to Zed, he’s shown that he’s serious about this and wasn’t just talking smack at a branch meeting.

I’m sure it doesn’t go nearly as far as I’d want it to but I hope it passes.

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