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Zissler explodes

By johnboy - 3 August 2006 23

The boss of Territory and Municipal Services, Mike Zissler, is not at all happy that yesterday’s leaking of his brainstorming plans to slash and burn all that Canberra holds dear was made public.

The Canberra Times reports that he’s been railling against his staff leaking the document and his happy, motivated crew have promptly leaked his moaning to the CT.

In any event his reaction doesn’t seem in keeping with the description of the leaked brainstorming documents as being unimportant.

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23 Responses to
Zissler explodes
boomacat 8:47 pm 06 Aug 06

I agree entirely that the public service must act at the direction of the democratically elected government.

However, that Government (elected by us, to represent us, and bankrolled by us) should operate in an entirely transparent manner and as a corollary of that so should the public service.

There should be extremely few areas where the operations of government are hidden from public view.

Big Al 9:03 pm 05 Aug 06

Yeah good one boomacat, and tell me who did you vote for – an elected representative or some faceless shit-bag bureaucrat? Public servants work for our elected representatives – to implement the policy agenda they were elected to. They have a right to do exactly what they’re told, and a right to resign if they have a problem with that. Unauthorised disclosure is a crime. I want the lice that make a living off my taxes to do what the elected representatives want them to do – not go off on some arrogant or selfish flight of fancy under the false pretence that they might know better.

boomacat 12:01 am 05 Aug 06
boomacat 11:54 pm 04 Aug 06

The distinction to be made between the public sector and the private sector is that people like Mr Sizzler are spending public money. Mr Sizzler has no right keeping secrets from the public, we are entitled to exactly the same level of knowledge that he is.

We do not live in a North Korean style dictatorship (well not yet, anyway). Government should be entirely transparent and totally accountable. Why is Mr Sizzler entitled to be more informed about the conduct of OUR government than any other citizen?

If he doesn’t like it maybe he should take up a position in Pyongyang?

KaneO 9:30 pm 03 Aug 06

The fact that it was a raw brainstorming doc not a policy proposal should have been at the top of the story. Of course, if they did that, there wouldn’t have been a story.
Just the usual smoke and mirrors non happenings from our pension for life feebs.
Big Al, you aren’t seriously suggesting ethical behaviour in govt, or worst of all, personal responsibility are you?
Vote TFP. ’nuff said.

Big Al 9:08 pm 03 Aug 06

But I digress … this is about professionalism in the public service. No civil servant has the right to divulge internal government business, regardless of what their personal feelings on an issue might be. The dumber ones with the lowest professional skill-set, probably think that they are doing something to progress an issue in a direction that they believe would be best – but the reality is that they are merely immature and arrogant. They should be weeded out in a public investigation and summarily dismissed.

By trying to get mileage from this, by criticising the Government for being heavy handed, the Liberals merely highlight yet another reason why they’re not ready for Government.

Big Al 8:56 pm 03 Aug 06

KaneO, I too was wondering about the coverage of NPA calls for the environment to be “quarantined” from the ACT Government’s budget cuts – I couldn’t decide if the nasty little whining shit-bag watermelon was deliberately trying to prove how dumb he could make friends of national parks appear or whether he was joking.

KaneO 8:46 pm 03 Aug 06

I *loved* the comments attributed to R Paxo about “restricting recreational access to the Googong Dam would be “an outrage and a tragedy”, that would take away one of the best angling tourism attractions in the ACT region.
Access to Googong is already heavily restricted.
Of course, it fits in nicely with the Carp Protection Zones (cunningly disguised as trout waters and trout cod habitat) and Blowfly Protection Legislation from our ban-its in govt.

(Googong is of course NSW, but it’s the same NPA driven rubbish)

seepi 1:30 pm 03 Aug 06

The is a place for whistleblowers though – eg. children overboard etc.

caf 1:10 pm 03 Aug 06

emd: Also known as the “Bay Of Pigs Strategy”.

S4anta 12:11 pm 03 Aug 06

Agreed Big Al, all public officers have a responsiliblity to keep internal documents internal, no matter how much they hate it. Manage the situation rather than expose your dept, job and the boots you will no doubt taste higher up in the food chain, with responsibility. In the Private Sector you would be torn a new one. Luckily for these folks, a cup of tea and slap on the back of the wrist is all they may face. Weak in my mind.

Mr Evil 11:13 am 03 Aug 06

Al, I think the oxygen theives in all this are the tools running the show, not the poor little pen-pushers at the bottom.

Maybe if the likes of Zissler all took a pay-cut then the ACT might not be in such strife?

Big Al 10:49 am 03 Aug 06

I don’t think that reminding the pen-pushers that they have legal obligations regarding disclosure has much to do with whether or not the report was all that sensitive. The whole leaking thing is really a poor reflection on the pubes in that department – they’re simply not professional enough to do their jobs properly. Regardless of what was leaked, the only appropriate response is to call in the police, fully investigate the whole affair and then summarily dismiss the maggot(s) responsible for the unauthorised disclosure. It sends a clear message and boosts morale because everyone knows where they stand and the oxygen thieves are weeded out.

barking toad 10:24 am 03 Aug 06

And what the fark is this zissler bloke doing at a lord mayors conference in Qld?

Couldn’t the mayor make it?

emd 10:23 am 03 Aug 06

Haven’t seen the document in question, but it’s possible that this isn’t a secret slash & burn plan.

Standard practice for most departments is to put up a proposal paper with three or four choices: one is do nothing and face the consequences, one is an extreme change that also has unacceptable consequences, and one or two sensible solutions.

This method usually results in the author getting the proposal they want, because the do-nothing and do-everything alternatives are obviously unacceptable.

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