Zoomy things – Don’t panic!

johnboy 9 March 2007 17

Defence is warning that not only will they be flying a hornet over the War Memorial for the open day tomorrow at 1.50pm (unusually precise for them), but there will be an F-111 dump and burn over Skyfire at 8.30pm.

The F-111 dump and burn is the stunt most likely to panic residents as it resembles either aliens or a plane on fire depending on your perspective.

Any photos will be much appreciated.

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17 Responses to Zoomy things – Don’t panic!
Ari Ari 11:28 am 11 Mar 07

Three passes? That would just be odd.

Sammy Sammy 9:57 am 11 Mar 07

they really should do 2 or 4 passes

Would 3 passes be ruled out, for some technical, or other, reason? 🙂

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:09 pm 10 Mar 07

It was bloody bright!!!!! Anyone take a decent photo?

Bartron Bartron 7:56 am 10 Mar 07

Well I’ll try to catch a shot or two. The problem with the fast flypasts is you end up hearing them after the event (witness the lack of decent photos of the last one over duntroon) and it all happens so quickly. Granted , it should be easier to spot coming up anzac parade but when it’s going 740km/h at 300 metres she’s going to be loud and fast and over before you know it….they really should do 2 or 4 passes.

caf caf 4:35 pm 09 Mar 07

There’s a whole bunch of F111s soaking up the Arizona desert sunshine already, so if you think you can convince the US government to sell you a nuclear bomber you shouldn’t have a problem with finding one to buy.

Al Al 2:56 pm 09 Mar 07

Ain’t they the ones with a bit of a habit of falling down?
(Granted there are a lot worse ways one could exit this life…)

Thumper Thumper 2:48 pm 09 Mar 07


you can buy a Mig for about $30K on ebay.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:47 pm 09 Mar 07

Don’t give up on your dream of owning an F-111, Al: there’s enough time between now and 2010 for some Knuck to dent one so you can still pick one up cheap.

Al Al 2:45 pm 09 Mar 07

Wanted the RAAF to keep using the F111s til 2020 so I had a chance to make enough money to buy one when they sell them off.
No chance of that now Nelson has signed his $4B cheque for the super hornets…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:30 pm 09 Mar 07

Sammy, I vote you next PM of Australia!

Sammy Sammy 2:10 pm 09 Mar 07

after 2010 you won’t get to see them again

I think the RAAF should maintain a squadronlet of F-111’s, based out of Canberra, purely for dump-and-burns. Two appliances would suffice.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:00 pm 09 Mar 07

Dump and Burns are awesome and never boring.

Anyway, after 2010 you won’t get to see them again, so make the most of it while it lasts!

Spectra Spectra 1:51 pm 09 Mar 07

Question: Given that nobody has really ever seen aliens, how can we possibly know what resembles them?
Also: Yay for loud, fast zoomy stuff in the sky.

Thumper Thumper 1:48 pm 09 Mar 07

Zoomy things are cool.

So are tanks, and buckets…

Al Al 1:38 pm 09 Mar 07

Took photos of the last one. Consequently didn’t Actually see it…
Will be putting the camera away this time.

Al Al 1:37 pm 09 Mar 07

New Category for you JB:
“Completely acceptable greenhouse damaging activities”
For all reports of great loud fast zoomy stuff in our skies…

Pandy Pandy 1:32 pm 09 Mar 07

Another dump and burn? Boring.

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