10 Days to go…

Jazz 14 November 2007 13

With only 10 days to go those of us who haven’t succumbed to election fatigue and turned off completely have got our election night party plans well on the way and, if not a dyed in the wool true believer of one kind or another, are having to decide in which order to number the boxes on our ballot papers.

With still a few more to be published here’s a recap of those candidates who have so far put themselves up to your scrutiny via Riot’s Email Interview:

Liberal Senator Gary Humpries

Liberal Troy Williams

Christian Democrat Geoff Peet

NDP Michael Denborough

Democrat Darren Churchill

What Woman Want Emma Davidson

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia John Holder

What's Your Opinion?

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13 Responses to 10 Days to go…
Impassive Impassive 11:53 am 16 Nov 07

vandam.. I’m with you 100% – you know if the average commute is 20 minutes, for every minute that the lost lanes on Adelaide Ave have added to the commute per 1000 cars, there need to be 50 bikes using the lanes to neutralise the environmental impact.. so much for green govt!
Spend the money on fixing the traffic lights so we don’t spend ages burning fuel giving way to nothing or stopping 50 cars to let one through.. but then the govt gets money for every litre of petrol and every tyre and brake pad we buy, so where is the motivation?

vandam vandam 11:24 am 16 Nov 07

I just don’t like pedal power. They have one leg over the government which is ridiculous. everything they ask for they get. I want a politician that will stand up to people/groups rather than giving them what they want without public consultation.

Still not sure who I’m voting for. Not a great fan fan of little johnny, and well Stanhope……enough said! Greens are like flies, they annoy the crap out of you and wont go away, not even with aeroguard. Its going to be a tough choice!

thetruth thetruth 1:15 am 16 Nov 07

Oh vandam a person after my own heart…What a never understand is why do so many cyclists ride on the road that runs paralell to a bike path.

Is it not bad enough that my taxes (when I live in Canberra) went to building and maintaining the bike path that they thinks is alright to take the road too.

It was up there with Foskey taking my taxes home in her pocket and then getting me to subsidise her house, while some poor homeless family froze in emergency accomodation because they couldn’t get a house.

Get cyclists to pay a one off rego that goes toward the cycling infrastructure. (watch them scream now)

vandam vandam 11:33 pm 15 Nov 07

I’ll vote for anyone that will take those stupid bike paths off the roads. Any takers? Or reduce our road taxes and charge the bicycle riders!

thetruth thetruth 3:36 pm 14 Nov 07

How does this guy get elected?

Canberrans vote like its a football match – they go for their team through thick or thin.

While they will not admit it, Canberra place no value on their vote because they will not change in large enough numbers to make anyone work for it – How hard is everyone working over the border.

The only way to get more value is to occassionally go the other direction and make the local member work for it.

This might be the election to whack McMullin out of his slumber, because Rudd is going to win in a canter. Just heard him on the radio – outstanding. He actually changed my vote, and i count because i am in struggle town (sorry Gary, who has been an outstanding servant of his community)

CanberraGreen CanberraGreen 11:29 am 14 Nov 07

McMullan must be the country’s worst performing MP. I looked on his website out of curiousity. 8 media releases for 2005, 16 for all of 2006 and now we have an elction 50+ Did somebody tell him an election is on?

If there is a media officer on say $50grand, the statements in 2005 are worth about $6grand a pop!

Jazz Jazz 11:16 am 14 Nov 07

Oops, so i did peirce. all fixed

P? P? 11:02 am 14 Nov 07

Labor’s response?

pierce pierce 11:01 am 14 Nov 07

Did you leave John Holder off the list by accident Jazz or are you part of the conspiracy? 🙂

Thumper Thumper 10:59 am 14 Nov 07


Nil, none, zip, zilch.

His silence regarding his electorate is astounding in the least, arrogant at worst.

How does this guy get elected?

caf caf 10:22 am 14 Nov 07

(ie, no he probably won’t respond).

caf caf 10:22 am 14 Nov 07

As a shadow minister from a safe seat he’s probably out campaigning for the ALP in the marginals. I doubt the voters of Higgins see much of Peter Costello in an election campaign either, for similar reasons.

Jazz Jazz 10:08 am 14 Nov 07

anyone care to take bets on the likelyhood of Bob Mcmullan responding? I sometimes wonder why we have a fed govt representative when i consider how many times i’ve seen him do something since he was elected

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