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$100,000 spent by the ACT on World Youth Day

By johnboy - 14 July 2008 57

The ABC informs us that the ACT Government spent $100,000 entertaining young Catholics from around the world over the weekend.

Pilgrims who were billeted in the national capital were given free ACTION bus services, at a cost of $27,000. More than $40,000 was spent on a festival and mass at Exhibition Park on Saturday.

Money well spent?

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
$100,000 spent by the ACT on World Youth Day
LG 2:19 pm 14 Jul 08

shanefos – on the other hand. if it had of been any other religion that Christianity, there would be a lot less negative media coverage and protests.

Absent Diane 2:09 pm 14 Jul 08

we don’t we need a world atheist day (wad?). a world use your brain and apply logic to your beliefs days would be far more apt.

Absent Diane 2:06 pm 14 Jul 08

awesome just what we need more brainless fckwits in this c*ntry.

shanefos 2:05 pm 14 Jul 08

Imagine the uproar if it’d been World anything-other-than-a-Christian-religious-denomination Youth Day and the government spent public funds supporting it.
Daily Telegraph and Feral-Scum readers would spontanteously combust in fury!
But if it’s the Pope and his followers, no problem. Spend away! In fact, it’s welcome. And while you’re at it, why not enact a few new laws so we can stop anything that could annoy or inconvenience the “pilgrims”.
We’ll even cut to a pointless “breaking news” report in the middle of the footy (that, I’m afraid, is worse than any kind of blasphemy!) to tell us that His Holiness’ plane has arrived and Rudd and Pell and Co. are busy kissing hands….
I agree, I want a World Atheist’s Day so I can get a week of free bus rides!!!

Crikey 1:58 pm 14 Jul 08

I met some young Catholics at Woden Square today…a couple of hundred there. I spoke with a group from Belgium. Seemed like a good spirit happening.

Better than those smelly feral greenie supporters when they gather. What do they cost our community???

Thumper 1:46 pm 14 Jul 08

I don’t have a problem with it, after all we played host to a torch that probably cost us more simply for its hotel room.

FredJ 1:43 pm 14 Jul 08

I guess $100K isn’t a lot. I’d be pretty narked if I was in NSW. The sums quoted there are mind-boggling. Can we have a World Atheist Day please? I’ll take donations, then people can stay at home to show their non-believe…

LG 1:40 pm 14 Jul 08

not sure what you mean Mael? I didn’t participate in WYD.

GregW 1:38 pm 14 Jul 08

“Besides, I’m sure they poured a bunch of money back into the economy during their stay, “

$100k is not too bad I guess, but the organisers can afford their own PR exercise. They would have chosen to host WYD in Australia regardless as it suits their agenda. I don’t think the event should have been funded by any state or the federal government. NSW economic modeling suggests benefits of around $150 million, the cost to NSW/Feds totaled over $180 million. I don’t get it either.

“and it’s not like any roads had to be closed or fences erected”

Flemington road was closed with redirection to Barton highway as it is for all insignificantly small events at EPIC.

johnboy 1:24 pm 14 Jul 08

Actually a problem with the WYD model is that the “pilgrims” don’t get much chance to do business with the locals.

Lovely for the catholic community to catch up with their brothers and sisters though.

Mælinar 1:22 pm 14 Jul 08

hehe wonder why you would have no complaints LG 😛

Precisely how many people came to Canberra ? $27k in all day bus fares is a hell of a lot of people, or a big whopper.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 1:18 pm 14 Jul 08

I would suspect that by cost the govt mean loss revenue as opposed to the cost of providing the service.

LG 1:15 pm 14 Jul 08

no complaints here

AngryHenry 1:13 pm 14 Jul 08

Probably equally as justified as an olympic torch relay, and when you look at it up against that, inifinitely cheaper.

Besides, I’m sure they poured a bunch of money back into the economy during their stay, and it’s not like any roads had to be closed or fences erected. I know they’re Catholics but Jesus, give them a break!

It was good to see some full busses running on the weekend instead of empty ones on their routes wasting fuel.

Maybe if they wasted $100,000 on entertaining Scientologists we’d have something to complain about.

jakez 1:01 pm 14 Jul 08

I would say that none of the funding from any Govt was money well spent.

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