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Lanyon car breakins

By folkie - 5 January 2009 18

Has anyone been having problems with their cars being broken into in the Lanyon area?

My car gets parked in my front yard like it has been for about 3 years now, and some low life scum has all of a sudden felt the need to break into in twice in the last 2 months. Nothing major got stolen. The first time it happened they unlocked the door somehow, stole a watch, squash racket and a few other things but left the face plate of my cd player on.

The second time only happening last week, this time we went out side in the morning to find the drivers door and passengers door wide open. They also smashed the rear quater pannel window which then cos me $200 to get replaced. Now the lock is broken because they shoved what i am assuming to be a screwdriver into it and is now not able to be used.

This time they also left the face plate on the cd player. there was nothing in it to steal this time. Called the police but obviously it is not a huge crime so nothing could be done.

It is just a pain in the arse to have to be worrying about your property getting broken into and vandalised with nothing you can do about it.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Lanyon car breakins
Madame Workalot 8:00 am 19 Jan 09

Good on you Alicia, there should be more like you!

On behalf of those who’ve been stolen from before, thank you for doing the right thing.

Alicia91 2:53 am 19 Jan 09

yeah I know that’s got to be done.
Which is what I’m going to do.
Yeah and I do know it’s not even really being dog as I will be helping the decent and hardworking people who live in my area.=]

willo 2:36 am 19 Jan 09

best help you could be alicia is to take the information you have to the police….scumbags like these deserve absolutely no loyalty whatsoever so forget all about the “dog” crap and do the right thing by the community that you live in

Alicia91 2:23 am 19 Jan 09

I live in the lanyon area and unfortunetly know the people who have been doing these break ins. Some are friends of my family. I don’t want to be a dog to them and get them in trouble but I would hate to work hard for the things I own and have people who havent worked a day in their lives come take my stuff.
I’m willing to help anyone with any information.

eejay 10:46 pm 07 Jan 09

There have been numerous car break-ins in Calwell not far from where I live, not to mention three on my street in the last four months, with one car actually rolled down the street and left in someone’s front yard. Same thing was done to the cars in my street – rear window broken, doors left open and stuff thrown all over the street. I have also heard of lots of car break-ins, particularly at the Lanyon Marketplace and the Vikings Club towards the last few months of last year. It seems like it must be the same group of people doing it. I have had my car broken into several times and I completely agree – it is absolutely frustrating as there’s not much you can do at all.

AngryHenry 10:58 am 06 Jan 09

Obviously not a huge crime???

I think any attack on anyones personal property or person for that matter is a huge crime, nobody deserves to have something they’ve worked hard for or on stolen or vandalised.

Petty crime is hard to combat for the cops, I understand that, but if you had’ve caught them and beaten the sh*t out of them, I’d bet they’d treat it like a more serious offence and you’d find yourself in a bit of trouble.

Justice is weird.

BerraBoy68 9:38 am 06 Jan 09

misspris said :

Thank God I live across the road from Ida Jessop! Only people my vintage will know who that is 🙂

I know who she is, sadly. *Looks at hair turning grey in the mirror*. Even sadder, I used to have a crush on Kitty.

peterh 9:29 am 06 Jan 09

farnarkler said :

peterh you should have given the dipo a slap. The police can’t do anymore than write to the dean of the diplomatic corps. If it was someone from a non Western country, their superiors won’t do anything about it at all.

he got a hell of a surprise when i was standing over him. I guess he thought he could remove them and get away with it without being seen. my brother in law is not a small man, and he wanted to give him a slapping alright.

farnarkler 7:34 am 06 Jan 09

peterh you should have given the dipo a slap. The police can’t do anymore than write to the dean of the diplomatic corps. If it was someone from a non Western country, their superiors won’t do anything about it at all.

misspris 5:30 pm 05 Jan 09

Thank God I live across the road from Ida Jessop! Only people my vintage will know who that is 🙂

Madman 5:07 pm 05 Jan 09

My brother lives in lanyon and in the last two months has
a). had his car broken into;
b). had all panels smashed in my someone kicking then; and
c). had his back window smashed in.

I also know the guy up the street has had a brick through his window twice and another a little further up has experienced break ins…

The Brad 5:07 pm 05 Jan 09

I hope this scum aren’t readers of RiotAct. If they are, they now know about the removable CD player faceplate.
Suggestion – take if off when you leave the car from now on.

folkie 4:07 pm 05 Jan 09

people need to get a life. my car wasnt the only one broken into in the street. just around the corner was another.

cant say i have had any problems with knocking and running at all.
fingers crossed it doesnt happen.

peterh 4:03 pm 05 Jan 09

surprised a guy with diplomatic plates trying to remove my hubcaps from my camry, his was the same model, while we were at maccas for a birthday party. passed his plate details on to the police.

misspris 3:55 pm 05 Jan 09

We haven’t had any problems with vandalism – just annoying teenage boys knocking and running late at night. My husband says he’d like to string up some strategically placed fishing line but knowing our luck one of the little sh!ts would break a limb and sue us. Apparently these little dweebs are knocking and running and filming the whole thing for YouTube.

Sorry about your car 🙁 That would be massively annoying and inconvenient I can imagine.

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