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$10k to get your grass back

By johnboy 19 May 2009 34

The Canberra Times has the scandalous news that the Kingston traders have been asked to fork out $10,000 a year in exchange for getting a small patch of lawn back in Green Square.

    The traders have received a letter from Parks, Conservation and Lands asking them to consider collectively funding the ”additional costs required to establish and maintain a healthy cover of grass at Green Square”.

    The letter from Parks, Conservation and Lands acting director Jane Carder said the traders would be responsible for paying for the turf to be replaced every two years and for watering the grass using ”second-class water via tanker”.

If only there was a way to collectively fund community amenity.

Oh wait! Rates and taxes! And now special lawn levies for those able to pay for it.

UPDATED: The Greens Caroline Le Couteur is asking some good questions about where the Government’s priorities are in all this:

    “We don’t agree with Mr Stanhope’s suggestion that pebbles and spiky dry grasses are a suitable replacement for a communal lawn and think the Government should maintain grass for appropriate and popular public amenity, and in this case, it’s very little water for two small grass areas.

    “Perhaps the $10,000 a year could be found by taking a tiny portion of the seemingly endless funding for Mr Stanhope’s Arboretum,”

What’s Your opinion?

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$10k to get your grass back
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ant 12:16 pm 27 May 09

johnboy said :

Hmm, maybe the community could gather together to maintain common infrastructure you mean ant?

Which is, er, why we endure governments?

I think people are becoming a little too prone to sitting back and crying to government for everything. Which is why we pay so much tax and endure so much regulation in our lives. Where people profess to care deeply about something, they could actually at least consider what they can do about it if the government isn’t looking like doing anything useful.

Like one of the correspondants here recently was unhappy about the state of the local playground, so he/she went and fixed it. This is how many used to do things, but in recent years we’ve abrogated more and more to our governments. It’s not been very successful.

Gobbo 12:07 pm 27 May 09

What grass at Manuka is being watered? I can’t even think where any is located there.

sepi 11:40 am 27 May 09

Jon is justifying watering the Lawns at Manuka as required to keep the bordering shrubs alive. He’s twisting himself into a pretzel to justify this wierd decision.

It is interesting tho – Katy obviously doesn’t yet have the clout to tell him to get over it, and stop digging his heels in on this minor issue.

Loose Brown 11:25 am 27 May 09

Surely Ian Meldrum could kick in most of it from his ‘savings from underpaying my staff fund’.

Granny 11:23 am 27 May 09

Ok, I don’t want things to go this way. Rewind ….

Here is what I really want to say. Not all Canberrans care about this issue. Those who do will likely consist of:

* Those who have a nostalgic historical association with grass in that location,
* Those who have children, and
* Those who prefer grass.

I think you will find that the will of the people adds up to grass in Green Square. Perhaps they would be willing to lose an equivalent sized patch of grass elsewhere.

Granny 11:16 am 27 May 09

Clearly … as the Greens have pointed out, I believe.

caf 11:11 am 27 May 09

Neither the park across the road.

Clearly there is some prioritisation going on about which common infrastructure is maintained.

Granny 11:07 am 27 May 09

Apples, meet oranges ….

caf 11:06 am 27 May 09

The government doesn’t maintain the grass on the nature strip outside my place, either.

johnboy 11:00 am 27 May 09

Hmm, maybe the community could gather together to maintain common infrastructure you mean ant?

Which is, er, why we endure governments?

ant 10:56 am 27 May 09

I reckon the businesses in Green Square could have easily got together and organised to water the grass themselves… re-using the water they used… there’s several hospitality businesses right there that must go through heaps of water.

I suspect one problem is that it’s in Kingston, and the gov’t is nervous about being seen to help too much a “silvertail” area. The fact that Green Square is part of old Canberra history, and is used by all kinds of people notwithstanding, it’s about perception.

How do they maintain The Lawns at Manuka?

Granny 10:46 am 27 May 09

Who would ever have thought that grass could become politically incorrect?


Thumper 10:38 am 27 May 09

They paved paradise and put in a parking lot…

Granny 10:16 am 27 May 09

“Will you make us laugh, will you make us cry?
Will you tell us when to live, will you tell us when to die?

Cat Stevens

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