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11 teenagers in a Nissan Pulsar?

By johnboy - 30 June 2009 56

AdelaideNow is reporting on a teenager from the Canberra suburb of Griffith caught on Northbourne Avenue with 10 teenage passengers in their Nissan Pulsar.

    Police found there were two passengers in the front seat beside the driver, six passengers in the back seat and two more in the boot.

    The 10 passengers were all between 18 and 19 years old.

    Head of ACT Policing’s traffic operations, Acting Superintendent Daryl Neit, said the driver told officers he was only going down the road.

    “There is no joke side to this particular incident, and no short, safe distance to drive with such an overloaded car,” he said.

No joke? But perhaps a pretty good party until someone gets hurt?

Anyone managed more?

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
11 teenagers in a Nissan Pulsar?
cantanga 2:52 pm 30 Jun 09

9 people in a suzuki sierra. driver (obviously), 2 front seat, 3 back seat, back door open with 3 hanging off there. This wasn’t on the road though, just a couple hundered meters down a beach.

Genie 2:52 pm 30 Jun 09

What idiots…. All of them should lose their licenses for sheer stupidity.

HappyDaisy 2:44 pm 30 Jun 09

I remember reading about a similiar incident in Victoria last year sometime.
Apparently the police could not do anything because everyone who could wear a seatbelt, was wearing a seatbelt (as in every seat belt was in use in the vehicle).

That loophole has probably been closed by now if they were issued a ticket, or else it was never valid for the ACT

p1 2:27 pm 30 Jun 09

…back in the days when they sold hamburgers in Manuka.

These days it would be a grilled eggplant focaccia and a latte.

Three post nutbag?

p1 2:25 pm 30 Jun 09

I wonder if the AFP got him for multiple counts of negligent driving or just 1?

Don’t know about neg driving, but I am pretty sure the driver get one fine per unrestrained passenger.

p1 2:24 pm 30 Jun 09

From a cave back to camp at Wee Jasper many moons ago we had somewhere around 15-20 in a Mazda 323 wagon. The wheel arches were scraping the tires, the towball was dragging on the road, and be didn’t beat more then about 20km/h.

ant 2:23 pm 30 Jun 09

I stuffed 5 schoolfriends (and me) into the cab of my falcon ute to do a very important hamburger run to Manuka (about a km along the road), back in the days when they sold hamburgers in Manuka.

Clown Killer 2:12 pm 30 Jun 09

I remember one cold August night many years ago getting a ride home from Rudes in Manuka in the back of a mates ute – along with the rest of the 4th grade forward pack and a couple of centres thrown in. My mate got pulled over for a random breath test on Canberra Ave. We in teh back were quite as church mice but the copper must have suspected something and asked my mate to lift the tarp – there we were packed in like drunk sardines. He asked where we were headed – which was the ANU – told us that we were fcuking idiots and then sent us on our way with the promise that if he saw the ute out on the roads again that night he’d be less inclined to be so lenient.

Weaselburger 2:09 pm 30 Jun 09

when i was at hawker we used to fit at least 9 people into a nimbus but 11 is still a good effort.

I wonder if the AFP got him for multiple counts of negligent driving or just 1?

Ozhair 2:05 pm 30 Jun 09

Once saw that number in a V8 Commodore. Unfortunately this was after the driver of said Commodore had wrapped it around a tree. Driver dead, one passnger lost a leg, a few others requiring hospitalisation. Surprisingly, the ones who came off with the least injuries were the ones in the boot.

Hercsie 1:59 pm 30 Jun 09

umm not sure if this counts JB, but in 1982 I managed 22 people into a Kombi………… was 11 bucks a car load at the starlight drive-in.

Everyone parked outside the gate and got into my car. Worked out to 50 cents each for a movie marathon.

We all just sat outside the cafe. It was a good night.

farq 1:56 pm 30 Jun 09


2 in passenger seat.
4 across the backseat.
3 in the tailgate area (wagon).

so 10 including myself.

good times, good times.

OzChick 1:30 pm 30 Jun 09

Omg. Idiots.

PBO 1:26 pm 30 Jun 09

Cue the “Sabre dance” tune and watch them exit the car like clowns.

LlamaFrog 1:19 pm 30 Jun 09

Good to see the Canberra Times is right across it all. AdelaideNow being interested means there must have been nudity.

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