160 units in build-to-rent Oaks Stage 3 for Woden

Ian Bushnell 15 July 2021 22
Oaks Stage 3

An artist’s impression of the build to rent tower and three-storey serviced apartments at right. Images: DBI Architects.

The third stage of Amalgamated Property Group’s Oaks development on the former Yamba Sports Club site in Phillip will be a 16-storey, 160-unit tower designed exclusively for rental accommodation.

A development application has been lodged for the $42 million build-to-rent project, which also includes an adjacent three-storey, 18-room serviced apartment complex for visitors.

Amalgamated intends to retain ownership of the development, which will be run by a concierge.

Stage 3 will join two other residential towers on the Oaks site fronting Melrose Drive, with entrances from Irving Street to the rear.

The DA says the proposal offers a different type of housing option for those seeking short-term accommodation and a holistic rental offering with a high level of communal amenity that fosters a community within the development.

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Build-to-rent investments are popular in the UK and US but are only emerging in Australia. The ACT Government has commissioned a feasibility study into the concept as part of its drive to increase secure and affordable rental accommodation in the ACT. The ACT has some of the highest rents in the country.

”Unlike traditional residential development, the building is fully owned and operated by a commercial operator, allowing for integrated building maintenance and management,” the DA says.

”The development offers a range of typologies to suit sole occupants, couples and families; and due to being managed by a single entity provides the opportunity for its residents to upsize or downsize their housing within the development according to their household and lifestyle needs, rather than having to find different accommodation elsewhere which impacts on social connections and contributes to housing instability – factors which detract from building strong local communities.”

The DA says the development also provides an affordable and accessible housing alternative to homeownership, while enabling residents to share in the communal amenity benefits of the Oaks precinct and the convenience of its location within the Woden Town Centre.

Serviced apartments

The three-storey serviced apartments designed for visitors.

Communal facilities will include a business centre, cinema, rooftop outdoor entertainment space with barbecues and dining areas, a large central lawn terrace with recreation pavilions, vegetable gardens, more barbecue and outdoor dining areas, and outdoor seating.

The concierge will also organise events to foster community within the development, including yoga and personal training sessions on the communal lawn, indoor and outdoor movie nights, special interest clubs and workshops.

The tower’s ground floor comprises lobby and communal spaces, such as the cinema, games room, private dining room and the business centre.

On levels 2 to 15, there will be 11 units per floor, with a mix of one, one plus study, and two-bedroom units serviced by three lifts, with most of the apartments facing north.

On the top floor, there will be a mix of six one, two and three-bedroom units, and amenities such as a lounge, covered barbecue pavilion and open landscape terrace.

A total of nine accessible rooms are to be provided across the development.

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The second building is sited to the north and set back from Melrose Drive and Irving Street. It comprises a lobby, multipurpose space, lounge and nine rooms, with five having private courtyards.

A two-level basement car park will have 168 spaces.

It will also include bicycle storage and building services. Access will be via a two-way ramp connected to the entry driveway crossing Irving Street.

The Oaks development is named for two registered trees on the site that will be retained. The site was once owned by the Eddison family who lost three sons in World War II. A plaque at the base of one of the oaks commemorates their sacrifice.

When completed, the Oaks will be a three-tower, landscaped precinct with a range of community facilities.

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22 Responses to 160 units in build-to-rent Oaks Stage 3 for Woden
HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 7:11 pm 01 Jan 21

In a world where the cost of finance has never been lower, and other investments are looking increasingly bubbly/risky, reaping long-term increases in land values (and thus rents) in strategic locations is obviously a very smart option for developers. Likewise smart to get all tenants to pay for facilities and services they all might not need or want, or always be able to afford – this is like another (fully privatised) level of government.

Whether it will prove to be so smart for people who might otherwise have been able to buy (particularly those optimists who think they’re only moving to Canberra for a few years…….) is another matter. As tenants of public housing know all-too-well, there’s also the sticky question of what happens to the “communities” which develop in such buildings when the building is eventually (and inevitably) found to be no longer “fit for purpose” – something which probably tends to happen around the time that zoning rules change to allow many more apartments to be put on the same parcel of land.

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 6:15 pm 01 Jan 21

Great location for such a development, being right near the future light rail line.

    George Watling George Watling 12:39 pm 02 Jan 21

    Bill Gemmell Great then they can pay for it because I don't think anyone who doesn't live a along it tiny little corridors should. What giant waste of money. We're now subsiding the Build to Rent crowd.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 12:43 pm 02 Jan 21

    George Watling you clearly treat the provision of modern transport infrastructure as being the equivalent of community transmission of Covid 19

    George Watling George Watling 12:49 pm 02 Jan 21

    Electric buses are cheaper and more efficient.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 12:50 pm 02 Jan 21

    George Watling and share the existing roadway with Australia's worst drivers

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 12:54 pm 02 Jan 21

    George Watling you always hate facts

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 12:58 pm 02 Jan 21

    George Watling many insurance company annual reports. Also look at the published injury statistics - it is a scandal

Jorge Gatica Jorge Gatica 2:49 pm 01 Jan 21

In a country the size of Australia with a population less than half of the UK there’s no reason people should be living on top off each other like sardines

    Gem Gemm Gem Gemm 10:07 am 02 Jan 21

    Okay, you go live hours out of the city, then try to work fulltime, study face to face part time, then keep on top of life and stay holistically healthy. Get with the times.

    Cities are densely populated for a REASON. It's not just some coincidence.

Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:59 am 01 Jan 21

Sounds great, as long as the facilities mentioned eventuate. A great alternative for those who are renting. I like it that vegetables gardens are included. That could help foster friendships, rather like community gardens.

Martin Miller Martin Miller 11:12 am 31 Dec 20

There are rules in the variation 344 that limit the number of 12 plus 4 storeys buildings per block. Which is only 1. Amalgamated have exploited this as has Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development by letting them split the block in smaller blocks, thus allowing them to get the 12 plus 4 on each building when it was only 1. What a great planning system we have! Mick Gentleman MLA Chris Steel MLA ACT Government

    Gem Gemm Gem Gemm 12:37 pm 31 Dec 20

    So what's the real issue? Are you against affordable housing and fostering community?

    Bek Clark Bek Clark 1:21 pm 31 Dec 20

    @GemGemm, are you familiar with the now demolished Bega Court? That was a charming public housing estate that crammed em in too. It had facilities such as dirty fits in the common laundry. My then 15 y/o daughter had been doing her own washing since she was 8 years old, which I forbade her to do while we lived there. Most people aren’t against affordable housing; the problem is no or ill-considered facilities and services, compounding disadvantage and enhancing the misery of the people that live there. But if commenter could answer your question that also would be swell.

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:57 am 01 Jan 21

    Bek Clark Doesn't appear you bothered the read the article before commenting.

Valerie Foster Valerie Foster 10:22 am 31 Dec 20

Looking really ugly in Canberra nowadays with all the high rise

    Bek Clark Bek Clark 1:14 pm 31 Dec 20

    You’re right. Let’s fill the lake in and bulldoze all the green space. There. Fixed it for ya.

    Valerie Foster Valerie Foster 2:54 pm 31 Dec 20

    The rate the government is going it will be happening in the future

    Matt Williams Matt Williams 7:55 pm 31 Dec 20

    Totally agree with you Valerie.

    George Watling George Watling 11:24 am 01 Jan 21

    Klug Northern James or lobby and vote against it. If no one says anything then we deserve what we get.

    George Watling George Watling 12:25 pm 01 Jan 21

    Bek Clark Building over green spaces is definitely on the agenda for the new government. The list of green spaces they have built on and want to build on is getting longer and longer. There is Bill Kennedy Memorial park in Holder, the Kippax ovals, the Tuggeranong lakeshore along Drakeford between Athllon and Erindale Drives, Darwinia Park in Chapman, the Turner green space along Sullivan’s Creek, the Lawson grass lands, the volcanic boulders area in Ainslie, the Coomb’s peninsular, Coolo park in Weston, the nature reserve next to the Shakespeare Crescent Bus terminus in Fraser, the Lake Ginninderra foreshore long Aikman Drive between Townsend Place and Ginninderra drive, Bill Pye Park in Ainslie, and the Curtain paddocks. Barr's urban infill really is a cancer killing Canberra.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 7:36 am 02 Jan 21

    Bek Clark Green space around here is either for apartments or bogan parking. Archaeologists studying the abandoned city post the climate change apocalypse will shrug their shoulders at the abject stupidity.

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