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17kg of cannabis left behind

By johnboy 10 August 2006 12

The AFP have put out a media release explaining that someone has left 17kg of marijuana, as well as hydroponic implements in a car park in Belconnen.

A very careless grower? Or someone’s mum found their gear and got rid of it?

What’s Your opinion?

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17kg of cannabis left behind
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Absent Diane 1:20 pm 11 Aug 06


Here is my take, I reckon there is an audit about to take place on the cops and they needed a way of legitimising their stash before the audit. what better way than to make a mysterious find on an oval.

snahon 10:54 am 11 Aug 06

Case solved.

Binker 10:43 am 11 Aug 06

My Guess

Having spent the last 6 months in a quality control process that required constant sampling of the product our friend started to become a wee bit paranoid. He became more and more convinced that every car that passed down the street was spying him and was really full of D’s. The normal interference on his mobile is now taking on more sinister meaning. Soon he thinks the little red light thingy on his smoke detectors (that flashes when the battery is low) is actually a micro camera filming his every move (which is considerably restricting his other favourite pass time of masturbation). Now being sure that he is on the verge of being busted he decides to swap a couple of ounces for some primo meth to keep him on his toes so he won’t be caught napping when the knock comes on his door. After 3 nights of not sleeping and hence being able to double his quality control efforts he has a midnight freak-out grabs everything that looks like drugs or drug paraphernalia tosses it in the back of the Kingswood and dumps it in a car park. He is now sitting at home cursing himself as he remembers in his haste he forgot to wipe his prints off those lovely smooth reflective dishes while he remembers getting printed for shop lifting 10 years ago when he was 18.

His real worry should be his financial backers, some wannabe Rebel bikies whose investment has just gone south.

Absent Diane 9:59 am 11 Aug 06

well we know what the cops got up to last night then!! 😛

Spitfire3 9:45 am 11 Aug 06

Police media release: “Please pass this message along to your family and friends. The rightful owner should visit the Lost and Found desk of the Belconnen Police Station to claim their property. Please note that anyone requesting the return of the items will be required to provide proof of ownership.”

evee 9:14 am 11 Aug 06

So thats where I left it!! Darn it all I’m so blonde sometimes it scares me….

Growling Ferret 8:29 am 11 Aug 06

17kgs of leaf? The big question is how many kilos of bud did they keep???

Joker 8:20 am 11 Aug 06

This explains a lot!……. Maybe the Canberra Labor party will come up with some better policies from now on?

Thumper 8:10 am 11 Aug 06

How the hell do you ‘lose’ three large green garbage bags?

Big Al 9:38 pm 10 Aug 06

Weird stuff – the angry parent thesis is almost plausible, the stoned loser equally so. What’s the bet the person that found it stumbled across 20Kg of dope – call it a finders fee…

Growling Ferret 9:34 pm 10 Aug 06

only a user loses drugs

KaneO 8:33 pm 10 Aug 06

I wonder what you would get for that @ Cash convertors? A surfboard bag and a trip to Bali?

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