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Katy and childcare

By emd - 12 February 2007 60

Canberra Times has this extraordinary piece of “isn’t she top stuff?” about Katy Gallagher.

Apparently, her first hand experience of the difficulty of combining work and child care means she’ll do a better job with her portfolio.

Except that the problems affecting child care are pretty much outside her realm of influence.

Child care is hard to get because:
a) staff get paid bugger all, therefore it’s hard to attract and retain them
b) limited Commonwealth Government childcare benefit subsidised places mean that demand generally outstrips supply. Without CCB, it’s not possible to run a private child care centre in Canberra, because there are so few people who can afford child care without CCB.
c) The increasing corporatisation of child care centres is worrying some parents. A significant number of families prefer not to use child care centres that are run for profit, after having had bad experiences with them in the past. This is not to say that profit is evil, just that it’s not what everyone wants for their child’s care. And because child care centres are often in high-rent areas close to work, with expensive staff and equipment, it’s hard to get the funding required to set up more community child care centres.

[ED – interesting this soft focus stuff on Katy immediately followed up her faux pas on water negotiations]

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60 Responses to
Katy and childcare
johnboy 2:59 pm 12 Feb 07

The trouble bonfire is that if we don’t do things to help parents raise children then there’ll be no-one to wipe your bum when you get into the nursing home.

Mr_Shab 2:43 pm 12 Feb 07

I agree, simto – but there are certain biological realities you have to face.

Parents Need Teddys 2:42 pm 12 Feb 07

By the way… Bonfire… wake up and smell the 21st Century!!!

You can’t tell me I shouldn’t be allowed to work just because you want your woman bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen! Get over yourself buddy!

simto 2:34 pm 12 Feb 07

Nope, he’s not a troll, he’s just an old reactionary.

I’m a slightly more modern reactionary, and would say a parent (of either gender) should be staying at home to look after the kids. If the husband happens to be earning less money, it’d probably make sense for him to drop out of the workforce first…

Parents Need Teddys 2:34 pm 12 Feb 07

Katy understands childcare – BULL CRAP (I’m a mother so Johnboy I will attempt to tone this down).
I started a parents group for my son’s childcare in Curtin, our group is called Parents Need TeddyBears… our childcare centre is in a building we cohabitat with Emergency Services, we are the parents that were subjected to the ‘Terrorist Threat’ news in the paper and the decision to close us down in ONE MONTH!!
Our parents group has been fighting for 18 months to keep our day care open as it isn’t a large franchised place where the children are rationed food, love, care and attention!! We have met with Katy Gallagher and her office TWICE and I am still yet to hear back from them to hear about what they can do for us. For the record we have spoken with the High Chief Stanhope, “Couldn’t plan a toilet break” Corbell, “Feelin like a catnap” Hargreaves and “Lefty Loon” Lundy.

Not one of them could give a crap about us and our children and have fobbed us off at every chance they get! We were even told that bringing media attention to ourselves would be detremental to our cause!!

It’s great that Katie can take her baby to meetings and into the office with no problems whatsoever, it’s also great her partner can take that amount of time off to look after the baby and that she has a lot of family to assist… there are a lot of us out there who don’t!!

I am happy to pay whatever the rate to have my son in a QUALITY childcare centre, exactly where he is now!

The problem with childcare in the ACT is LAND SUPPLY. Parents want their children 5-10mins from where they work in case of an emergency. I can’t remember how many times I have explained this to the Stanhope Government and “Land Monger” Corbell, but they still can’t be bothered and couldn’t care less about our plight!

So for all of the heartache the Canberra Times is giving people about how great she is… here is the real story: Yes she is a mother and should understand better – BUT SHE DOESN’T – it took her 18 months to finally meet face to face with us!!

On another note, the Oppositions Zed Seselja has done nothing about the issue either – so where should the parents go?? Jacqui Burke seems the only advocate to our cause!!!

VYBerlinaV8_now with 2:19 pm 12 Feb 07

Maybe the feds should allow income splitting for tax purposes when one partner stays at home to look after children…

emd 1:29 pm 12 Feb 07

Kerces, if I’d fallen for the spin then I’d be posting to Riot-Act about how wonderful Katy is blah blah blah….

These are national issues, and the Canberra Times editor is publishing a few paras on the opinion of someone who can do shit-all about it.

Bonfire, you’re obviously a troll.

bonfire 1:28 pm 12 Feb 07

the concat pointed to an article where grandparents want the gummint to pay them to babysit grandchildren!

once again softheads want to reach into my pocket to support their lifestyle choices.

you choose to have children, tighten your belt, do without the latest dvd player and raise a happy kid.

the mother should stay at home raising children until they head off to school.

simto 1:11 pm 12 Feb 07

Yep, it is actually a good thing if a child has one full time parent (of either gender). However, current wages don’t really allow for an employee to afford a lifestyle for themselves and TWO dependants (one wageless adult and one child).

I will agree, though, that a lot of parents don’t quite get the idea that parenting means a big sacrifice – of income, of free time, and, yes, a sacrifice of the possibility of a fulltime career. The payoff for this sacrifice is that your genes get to go on for another generation.

If you don’t think the payoff is worth the sacrifice, well, you don’t have to do it.

In general, to my utter shock and dismay, yep, I’m agreeing with bonfire. The end times should be coming along any minute now…

VYBerlinaV8_now with 1:10 pm 12 Feb 07

One thing that perhaps needs to be considered here is that different parents choose different childcare models for their children. Each has pros and cons. Having the choice is nice, though, and something that I as a parent will continue to support.

seepi 1:09 pm 12 Feb 07

I think you’d find there would be a severe labour shortage if all parents stayed home with their children.

bonfire 12:58 pm 12 Feb 07

oh please.

this constant whine by people about ‘lack of subsidised childcare’ shits me.

newsflash – you CHOSE to have a kid.

you CHOSE to raise it.

why should you reach into my pocket to pay for your litle darlings childcare because you cant be bothered to stay at home and look after it.

selfish parents who place their kids in childcare get no sympathy for me, nor should they be held up as some kind of superhero role model.

frankly gallagher would do the community a great favour by looking after her children full time, like a proper mother, instead of outsourcing it to someone else.

seepi 12:28 pm 12 Feb 07

they have kids of similar age i think.

more women in politics can only br good for childcare.

Costello says there is no problem – yeah right.

Kerces 12:01 pm 12 Feb 07

Not saying that I perhaps would have done any different though.

Kerces 12:01 pm 12 Feb 07

I read this story and decided one of Katy’s staff must have rung up Ms Macdonald for a chat and just happened to mention Katy’s situation. And Emma fell for the spin.

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