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Debate on the Conder car crash

By Affected - 13 August 2008 122

Can I please have everyone’s attention!!!!!

Has anybody noticed how this discussion started?!? It was a condolence message. . . and I think that this blog should have stayed in that way. . .

Most people who have added their opinion or made speculation, put yourself in the position of the young driver, her family and her friends – especially A.R!

If you didn’t know the driver, and I have for 10yrs, then you would know that alcohol and drugs were not contributing factors in this accident!!!

It is so hurtful to hear the rumours and outright lies that are spreading their way around Canberra!

If your not 100% sure of the details, then mind your own freaking business because the words you write are damaging the lives of those involved – had some respect for A.W!!!

She will live with this for the rest of her life… think about it and shut up!!!!

[ED – I don’t think it is realistic to expect the public to not discuss (in any forum be it over the back fence, in the legislative assembly, or here) such a tragedy. But I’m up for debate, knock yourselves out. Best to read through the parent discussion first]

What’s Your opinion?

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122 Responses to
Debate on the Conder car crash
Marlin74 8:31 pm 13 Aug 08


I wanted to reply to you on the other thread but for some reason I am unable, firstly let me say how sickening sorry I am for you, your friends and especially A.R’s family for your loss. I lost my 30 y/o step sister only in May this year and know what grief is. My anger and dispointment is not directed towards A.R, she is the ultimate victim in this tragedy. I would like to question however how well you know the driver and where you are getting your information from. A.W is NOT in intensive care. In fact I can give you her bed number if you like? If you really know as much as you claim to then making outragous comments as to weather she was under the influence or not then telling everyone she was clean on the night in question is an absolute joke and quite frankly insulting. I have said it before and will repeat myself again, I can’t wait unitl the official police report is released and we can continue this agruement infront of the whole community.

I felt the need to respond to this crap as the father of the two boys from the black car called me in absolute disgust with your comments.

Please feel free to make whatever comment you see fit, but please ensure it is somewhat factual.

BerraBoy68 6:56 pm 13 Aug 08

Mælinar – *spoiler alert* I’ve seen S04E13 said :

I would advise you to do a little more research on the topic of internet forums and their changing role in society.

or even their role in changing society!

Cameron 5:50 pm 13 Aug 08

With regards to the original post, no, he didn’t raise it.

“Hammo” made the first post and it was all about condolences. Sizer’s involvement was brought to RA readers attention thanks to a JB update to the original story.

All of which is irrelevant anyway. The discussions has evolved. We’re talking about a number of issues – condolences, political involvement and how appropriate it is, causes, ramifications, where to go from here etc.

Skidbladnir 5:47 pm 13 Aug 08

Our attention was focussed on the issue by poor judgement from a political candidate, which is what the original story was about.
Not as a condolence.

Your assertion that James Sizer was offering condolences to the families pales when compared to a more cynical view that he was acting as an upcoming candidate trying to build a profile by offering social comment.

He raised it, go blame him for trying to score the political points.

Cameron 5:15 pm 13 Aug 08

Thanks for your request.

*back to the discussion thread*

Mælinar - *spoiler 4:41 pm 13 Aug 08

Pleading to people to stop posting here is like asking the ABC to take down a story on their website.

I have taken great pains to remain cordial Affected, but I would advise you to do a little more research on the topic of internet forums and their changing role in society.

AngryHenry 4:37 pm 13 Aug 08

No post equals no comment. Simple.

I know it probably sounds cruel, heartless, whatever but people have the right to say what they want for better or worse.

My advice for those who are finding this is working them up too much because they are too close to it is to maybe step away, let the story fizzle out and concentrate on yoursleves rather than worrying about what other people are saying because they will say it anyway.

The one thing about people is they’re all different and you’re not going to change the mind of someone who doesn’t want to change.

If you know the real facts behind the situation and you know what’s right in your heart then what strangers say shouldn’t matter anyway.

Madman 4:27 pm 13 Aug 08

And that being said, I drive on that road twice minumum a day on my motorbike and can say that peice of road is far better then alot of other roads. The only problem is the minimal lighting at night.

And I’m not making any comments that it wasn’t the roads fault and it was the drivers blah blah blah etc etc etc, so don’t throw it back in my face pls

Deadmandrinking 4:21 pm 13 Aug 08

I agree people have the right to comment. I’m not going to speculate on the crash because I don’t know the details or the people. I can only hope the family and friends receive the support they need to get through what must be a terrible time and hope that the survivors make speedy and full recoveries.

However, what irked me was how the Community Alliance guy commented on it. Sure, a crash on a stretch of road can raise concerns about the condition of that road, but to use language that may be considered accusatory, by saying that a labor government decision or lack thereof has cost a family too much, so soon after the tragedy and so soon before an election is poor and disrespectful in my opinion. Perhaps it could have been commented on with a little more tact, such as simply stating a commitment to fix that stretch of road. Perhaps even only after an official investigation found that the accident was caused by the road. The road may not have been the cause. I don’t know and neither does the guy from the community alliance.

peterh 3:16 pm 13 Aug 08

I was more interested in why the CAP candidate decided that he should bag the govt, instead of being constructive and pose ideas about how we could work to avoid it happening again.

terrible thing to happen, but the blame game never works.

In regards to the comment by the original poster, “She will live with this for the rest of her life… think about it and shut up!!!!” please consider that some of us have lost friends and relatives over the years through accidents, crashes etc. in my case, several friends on Canberra’s roads, and a couple through plane crashes. (one of which was a guy i had only spoken to the day before, then 9/11…) We who are left behind think about these events in our lives every single day. We come to the RA site to discuss issues that have an impact on the community.

The death of your friend is a talking point – we (using we as the community) want to know how it happened, why it happened, and what can we do to prevent it happening again.

Some of us are parents. the last thing that I want to find out is one of my children is injured or worse, due to a lack of action by the government in power at the time. (my kids are around the same age as the littlies in the other car) It makes me feel ill at the thought of it.

we need to have a forum to express our feelings, and this site allows us to do so.

It also allows us to discuss all manner of issues, news items, etc.

vg 3:07 pm 13 Aug 08

To the OP, with all due respect unless you’re a person involved in the investigation of this tragedy you don’t know the circumstances of what happened either, so you are no more enlightened than the rest of us.

You may well have know the driver for 10 years, but you weren’t there when the accident happened.

She may well live with it for the rest of her life, but there is also someone who no longer has one.

I am not apportioning any blame whatsoever, but until the investigation is complete no-one but the Police of the crash investigation team will know exactly what happened.

This is a sad event, and not helped by what you say. We live in a democracy and, like it or not, people have a right to comment

fnaah 3:03 pm 13 Aug 08

Your message is written so well!!!

All those exclamation marks must be they’re for a great reason!!!!!!

Their are so many exlamation marks their, I hardly know where their coming from!!!!!11one

Madman 2:58 pm 13 Aug 08

Yeah I know JB, I know….

johnboy 2:54 pm 13 Aug 08

Right of reply for everyone Madman.

Madman 2:52 pm 13 Aug 08

Couldn’t this had just been posted with the rest of the disgust comments in the original forum… Hooley Dooley.

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