New walk-in medical centre opens 18 May

emd 24 April 2010 9

Here’s the details
This is a free walk-in medical centre (no appointment required) run by ACT Health to take some of the load off the Emergency Department at Canberra Hospital.

Will also be cheaper than seeing a CALMS clinic doctor if you need to see a GP quickly but can’t get an appointment for a week.

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9 Responses to New walk-in medical centre opens 18 May
sepi sepi 10:21 pm 25 Apr 10

The prescription thing bugs me too = it is annoying to pay for an appt just to get one, and even more annoying to have to waste a lunch hour queueing in the chemist once a month to fill the script. Why can’t we be trusted to actually get a 3 month supply? It isn’t as if this is a painkiller, or anything with any value except to me.

I find chemists very old fashioned, and assume everyone has all the time in the world for a bit of shopping.

miz miz 5:31 pm 25 Apr 10

Can’t wait – I have noticed that it’s a rare doctor these days that actually bothers to do hands-on medicine – checking chest sounds, ears, throat etc – but I bet the nurses will.

However, I’m kinda surprised they can’t prescribe. I hate spending all that money on a doc just to get a prescription renewal for a medication I’ve been on for over five years and will probably be on for life (it has always struck me as a rort, though they ‘say’ the doc should check if you still need it). And you would think the nurses clinic could prescribe the standard antibiotics when they detect an infection such as tonsillitis.

Still, I will be going there for medical certs.

virgil99 virgil99 12:21 pm 25 Apr 10

They do have some prescribing ability. Quite protocol driven, but they can do vaccinations, treat a urinary tract infection, ear infection tonsillitis etc. They will be able to treat and assess minor injuries, check out sick kids, and have clear referral pathways to the ED, and to the orthopaedic and plastic clinics.

emd emd 10:32 am 25 Apr 10

Der cleo, I meant it’s cheaper than seeing CALMS if your family GP is booked out for a week.
I assume the limits to treatment are because it’s a nurse clinic, not a GP clinic. You’d be amazed at how many things a nurse can do though. Most of the things I need in a hurry seem to be kids with coughs or rashes or fever, and I just want advice on treat at home vs go to hospital.

sepi sepi 8:51 am 25 Apr 10

I think it sounds great. Perfect for those times with sick babies etc, where you just aren’t sure if they are really sick, or just a cold. Or for kids with deepish cuts, where you just need one or two stitches, and don’t want to sit there for 5 hours.

geetee geetee 8:15 am 25 Apr 10

Geez is it just a St John’s tent??

cleo cleo 2:09 am 25 Apr 10

I have never need to make an appointment with CALMS a week in advance, I have rang after lunch and got in at 8.30 that night.

Bosworth Bosworth 10:35 pm 24 Apr 10

cannot provide prescriptions or referrals.

tommy tommy 9:03 pm 24 Apr 10

They don’t do much. Aside from the sick cert you’d do just as well to go to a pharmacy.

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