Canberra Business Club supports Community Alliance Party and Mark Parton (Independent)

emd 29 August 2008 63

ABC News story here and Canberra Times story here.

The Canberra Business Club, a former Liberal Party fundraising group run by Jim Murphy, will support ACT election candidates Norvan Vogt and Val Jeffery from the Community Alliance Party, and Mark Parton (running as an independent). CBC says they’ll be doing TV advertising campaigns for these candidates. Norvan Vogt is running for CAP in Molonglo, Val Jeffery is running in Brindabella, and Mark Parton in Ginninderra.

Looks like this will be an interesting election campaign.

[ED – Jakez also posted on this story, he added the following comment]

    I never listened to him but I know there are quite a number of RiotACT members who are fans. Can anyone give any clues as to his general ideological/philosophical outlook?

    Also note that Jim Murhpy and the CBC are backing his campaign, so I’d just like to take this moment to send a big ‘I told you so’ to the Kate Carnell rumour believers.

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63 Responses to Canberra Business Club supports Community Alliance Party and Mark Parton (Independent)
simbo simbo 5:36 pm 30 Aug 08

Oops about the misrepresentation of Norvan’s affiliation (every so often I think “should I actually do research or know what I’m talking about when I’m discussing this stuff on Riot Act”, then I remember – hell, it’s a comment thread, people’ll just call me a moron if I’m wrong)

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 5:16 pm 30 Aug 08

I think we need to be planning a post-election RA bash somewhere.

Simbo: I also think (hope) there will be a minority government – certainly majority government hasn’t served the ACT well.

I think it will probably be ALP – more so now with Bill’s departure. On Andrew, I’d like to think that people would look beyond the poison chalices he has been lobbed by others in his party. My experience is that he’s been one who has been prepared to both listen and act on community input, wherever he had the room to do so.

If I were on the cross-benches, and the ALP had the largest overall representation, I’d have no problem putting his name up for Chief.

johnboy johnboy 3:39 pm 30 Aug 08

Mulcahy and Pangallo are running on different tickets yet again,

As far as I know, no links to Murphy.

Granny Granny 12:07 pm 30 Aug 08

We have to save Norvan!! Quick!

; )

simbo simbo 9:48 am 30 Aug 08

I don’t know that I necessarily buy the Thumper theory that the ALP will romp it in, although I get the feeling that there won’t be a majority government next time round (my personal suspicions are, for instance, that some ALP figures will be in trouble – Andrew Barr, for instance, who I personally quite admire, has been stuck facing up to a lot of fairly unpopular ALP policies including the school closures.

Then again, I don’t neceessarily see the CAP holding the balance of power either – yes, they will pull votes away from the libs a bit, but to reduce politics to pure dichotomies like that is usually a bit dangerous.

And JB’s comment about Norvan is probably true. What the hell is he doing hanging around with Mulchay, Pangallo and Murphy though?

Thumper Thumper 9:31 am 30 Aug 08

Forgot about him…


johnboy johnboy 9:25 am 30 Aug 08

Norvan’s hardly a disaffected Liberal.

Thumper Thumper 8:43 am 30 Aug 08

Ah, minority..

Thumper Thumper 8:42 am 30 Aug 08

You’re on tom tom. The pint is on me 😉

And I’d agree that CAP seems to be disaffected liberals which is why I think they, and the libs will be fighting for the same seats and ALP will simply waltz into the others and minirity government.

Granny Granny 1:49 am 30 Aug 08

Oh, that Murphy!


Granny Granny 1:48 am 30 Aug 08

Who is Murphy?

simbo simbo 1:46 am 30 Aug 08

Well… not exactly (although describing them as community activists may be… incomplete, given I’d guess that, given Mulchay, Pangallo and Murphy, the community they’re describing is the business commmunity).

The general vibe I’m getting from CAP tends to be “disaffected Liberals, who don’t believe the party shares the values they want to run with any more”. Now, whether it’s a positive or a negative that the current mob of liberals don’t share those values is up to the individual voter to decide…

VicePope VicePope 11:01 pm 29 Aug 08

Why would someone forever associated with the ACT Libs suddenly take to the CAP. Are they Libs in community activist clothing?

tom-tom tom-tom 10:52 pm 29 Aug 08

thumper; i dont like launching into smears off the back of rumours i hear because it looks like i lack confidence in my sides ability to win on their merits. some time after the election you can buy me a pint and i’ll let you in on them then.

Thumper Thumper 10:33 pm 29 Aug 08

Unload man. Frankly I have doubts about CAP as well.

And I have doubts about Libs and ALP.

Feel free. Post away…

tom-tom tom-tom 10:24 pm 29 Aug 08

thumper; i could unload on this bloke, i could have unloaded on the kate carnell thread, but i’ve chosen not to.
still i dont see how pointing out that norvan is the only CAP candidiate for molonglo is sticking up for the ALP; but you know, actually reading my comments might be a little beyond you. tool.

gun street girl gun street girl 9:43 pm 29 Aug 08

spoonbill said :

Just makes you want to ask, what is in it for the Canberra Business Community? He is quoted in the Canberra Times as saying wants to be the voice of reason – what for the people of Canberra or for business issues?

Indeed. Furthermore, doe’s being a “voice of reason” extend to having a policy on correct use of apostrophe’s? Whoever wrote his blurb on the official website need’s to proof read before publishing:

Thumper Thumper 9:26 pm 29 Aug 08

Oh come on tom tom, there is more to life than sticking up for the ALP.

Seriously mate, you are overdoing it. Seriously, you are really starting to sound like a tool.

tom-tom tom-tom 8:56 pm 29 Aug 08

lead candidate for molonglo, snigger snigger; more like only candidate for molonglo

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:29 pm 29 Aug 08

Norvan.Vogt said :

When in office each of us will do our best to promote stability and good governance.

Er, don’t you mean, ‘IF’ you get elected to office? You sound a tad arrogant already.

Norvan.Vogt said :

Also, by the end of the week we have 31 policies up on our website; we have been working hard to have these developed before Sept 12. More detail on each of these polices will unveiled at our various policy launches during the Campaign proper (Sept 12 – Oct 18).

Wow, 31 policies up on your website! Should I be more impressed if you had a gazillion policies on your site, or if you had only one really, really good one?

Norvan.Vogt said :

The roads have potholes everywhere, the footpaths are dirty and our services have not working. Canberra is the National Capital of Australia and should look like it, I love Canberra and I want to get the basics right.

I drove from Tuggers to Belco twice today and didn’t fall into any potholes – in fact I can’t even remember seeing one, so please let me know just where the “potholes are everywhere”. I’d like to take the family out tomorrow for a look. I also look forward to seeing, “when” you get into office, the CAP hiring people to make sure all our paths are scrubbed twice daily and the hiring a squad of crack pothole fillers to work round the clock! I’m also writing to Stanhope right away to tell him to get his finger out as our waters too wet and the mountains too low!

BTW: what does a national capital look like? I’ve been to many capital cities around the world in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries and I’m yet to see any typcal plan or standard. Perhaps you can forward me your copy of “Planning Capital Cities of the World for Dummies”.

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