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A gripe about the Chronicle

By Jorge 31 August 2008 56

I have to vent my spleen about an issue that is driving me up the wall.

WHEN will someone do something about the stupid free newspaper being thrown around our suburbs?

It is covered in plastic and thrown on my lawn. I did not ask for it. Therefore it is litter.

By the looks of many other lawns, which have three and four copies lying around, others don’t want it either.Can’t they stick it in the letterbox? I still wouldn’t read it, but at least it wouldn’t be littering my lawn.

This is a major environmental problem. They clog gutters and waterways with plastic.

I suspect the reason it keeps happening is the publication is put out by the Canberra Times people and they are too influential for the ACT Government to do anything about it.

[ED – and then they’ll tell their advertisers that every every copy was read cover to cover by five people]

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56 Responses to
A gripe about the Chronicle
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BerraBoy68 7:49 am 03 Sep 08

grundy said :

Pity you dont have something real to bitch about like not having a house to live in, no food to eat, 3rd world poverty etc.

Pull yer friggin necks in – if the only gripe you have in life is getting a free nespaper delivered that you do not wish for, then you all need some scope.

EVERYONE here is soo much better off than a shipload of people in Canberra, and the wider world.

Try thinking about what you have got before having a sookie-lala about things you dont want.

I suggest travelling in a developing nation and then come home and justify your complaints.

Yes, but to be fair we did discuss Charnwood fairly extensively in previous threads!

ant 11:51 pm 02 Sep 08

Aurelius said :

I think you’re all just jealous you don’t get the Bungendore Mirror delivered each week…

No one in my area does! because our mail-person is more interested in spinning his wheels over our driveways and gouging giant furrows out of them than he is in delivering teh mirror. We have an election in 2 weeks, but our main way of learning about who is standing doesn’t get delivered because the mail guy doesn’t like to be inconvenienced by having to actually put things in mailboxes.

I know he hasn’t been because the driveway is intact. a neighbour has begun putting huge chunky rocks in the furrows made by the mail guy.

We all love the Bung. Mirror (although the guy who owns and writes it lives in Braidwood) but lately it’s become a rare sighting.

Adn to complain, you have to write (not email, fax or ring) a letter to the DG of mail in Sydney.

wonsworld 10:53 pm 02 Sep 08

I went for many years quite happily NOT getting the paper as the driver seemed to see my “No Junk Mail” sign (even from his car). Then it started to appear in my driveway again but two phone calls (both to the Chronical) it has solved the problem.

My neighbour still gets his copy on his side of the driveway.

Overheard 9:33 pm 02 Sep 08

OK kids, here’s your Communications 101 lesson for today. Are you sitting up straight with your hands neatly folded in your lap? Good, we’ll begin.

People receive and consume their news and information from a number of varied sources and different mediums.

Got that?

That simple truism makes RiotACT a legitimate source of info, it makes the ConCat a legitimate source of info, it doesn’t devalue the value of a qualified journo who might turn a quid out of writing for the Chronicle, albeit that on some days it might just be copy and pasting or topping and tailing a press release due to the nature of the content and/or whatever else is on their plate.

Some people choose to read online surfing. I’d personally rather chew dry grass, but that’s OK because enough people want to read online surfing for it to exist. I’m currently (or rather, should be) writing an article for a national music magazine and 99.95% of you reading this will never see that article, in fact you wouldn’t dream of going to look for the publication.

Vive le f*cking difference. Leave the Chronicle to those who want it and if you can’t switch off your delivery, then harden the f*ck up, put it in the recycling, and go find some bigger fish to fry. (I would sooner fellate a smurf (to borrow a phrase) than read a fishing magazine, but I don’t moan about having fishing rammed down my throat (no pun intended) everywhere on the radio, TV and even in the Chronicle!)

I haven’t seen the Bungendore Mirror lately, but I’ve written an article for the Braidwood Post!

Aurelius 9:10 pm 02 Sep 08

I think you’re all just jealous you don’t get the Bungendore Mirror delivered each week…

Jorge 8:57 pm 02 Sep 08

The Chronicle is the old-media equivalent of SPAM.
I read several newspapers by choice each day, not to mention online surfing. But I purchase them or actively seek them out.
I’m sick of unwanted crap advertising unwanted crap.

miz 8:33 pm 02 Sep 08

Why does the Tuggers ed of the Chronicle have nothing but Qbn real estate ads?

Granny 2:26 pm 02 Sep 08

I would have also liked the option to express that I do, in fact, read the Canberra Times online – obviously not ‘cover to cover’ but the articles that interest me in a similar fashion to what I do with the Chronicle.

Madman 12:38 pm 02 Sep 08

Felix the Cat said :

I’m obviously in the minority but I quite like reading The Chronicle! Better than the Canberra Times (though Sunday Times is ok). The only real gripe I have with The Chronicle is all the Queanbeyan real estate ads. Why don’t the Canberra RE agents advertise? The trade directory is useful too, I’ve used a couple of tradespeople from there with good results. My Chronicle is delivered direct to my letterbox sans plastic wrapping.

Your not in any minority. If you look at the current poll there is not much difference.

Divide the data votes into two groups over the 2 subjects:
Group 1 – Dont read and rarely read and place it in the negative
Group 2 – glance and read cover to cover in the positive

Canberra Times has 60 negative and 60 positive
Chronicle has 72 negative and 69 positive there is a 3 point difference to CT.

So my statistical pre-analysis would show that people read the Chronicle just as much as the Canberra Times.


johnboy 9:57 am 02 Sep 08

A call gets, if you’re lucky, a complaint logged next to all the other complaints.

A whinge here gets read by the organisation involved at every level.

But to each their own.

aronde 8:59 am 02 Sep 08

Can someone please explain to me why the Chronicle I get in Belconnen has a real estate section for Queanbeyan in the middle? Have they done some research that says us northsiders want to move there?

And if it makes people here feel any better I once reversed right into the Chronicle delivery driver’s car as I came out my driveway. No damage to me, big dent in their side! Had to cough up some money though…

Overheard 11:35 pm 01 Sep 08

By Christ, there are a lot of people who are passionately anti the content of this publication who, by their own admission, don’t read it!

swamiOFswank 11:12 pm 01 Sep 08

I HATE the Chronicle. No letterbox sign, no billboard, and not even neons would stop those mongrels throwing the Chronicle on my nature strip. I have no use for the Chronicle, won’t open it on principle and simply chuck it into the recycling each week. For a while there I tried an experiment – thinking that if I left it on the lawn from last week, the dumbass delivery guy wouldn’t throw another one, but they did…so I left it for yet another week, and again, a third paper was thrown. So my experiment failed, hence the recycling option.

What’s the point of the Chronicle? Who cares about news that’s at least a week old? Who gives a rip about real estate in Queanbeyan?

***HATE***HATE***HATE***HATE***HATE*** the Chronicle.

Overheard 10:29 pm 01 Sep 08

You’ve nailed what is the most salient benefit of the Chronicle, in my opinion, Duke. The Chronicle covers the stuff that the CTimes isn’t going to. The full write-up of the Gordon Gang-Gangs in the local third division of the [insert sport here], the write up of the Cystic Fibrosis fund-raiser next Tuesday ($5 cover charge, bring a plate) and what’s the money shot for a LOT of people — the free TV guide.

Again, I’m not a flag-waver for this publication because I’m not a big consumer, but it serves a role, or rather, a lot of roles. So I reckon that’s worth sucking it up and either finding some way of not having yours delivered or making the supreme sacrifice to throw it in the recycling or the floor of… I was about to say ‘Thumper’s cage’ but I’ll change that to ‘Flopsy’s cage’ or into the compost or whatever.

Duke 9:53 pm 01 Sep 08

Gotta say I read it too Felix – not that I ever find much decent in it but I think it’s important to have free community newspapers. I like the tradies classifieds in the back and those Canberra sports stories that the local broadsheet deems unworthy of print.

Danman 9:52 pm 01 Sep 08

Jorge -So I guess you have rung up the chronicle to cancel your deliveries…or just here to have a sookie la la as well ?

Time here is time wasted fixing the ya go then…

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