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A gripe about the Chronicle

By Jorge - 31 August 2008 56

I have to vent my spleen about an issue that is driving me up the wall.

WHEN will someone do something about the stupid free newspaper being thrown around our suburbs?

It is covered in plastic and thrown on my lawn. I did not ask for it. Therefore it is litter.

By the looks of many other lawns, which have three and four copies lying around, others don’t want it either.Can’t they stick it in the letterbox? I still wouldn’t read it, but at least it wouldn’t be littering my lawn.

This is a major environmental problem. They clog gutters and waterways with plastic.

I suspect the reason it keeps happening is the publication is put out by the Canberra Times people and they are too influential for the ACT Government to do anything about it.

[ED – and then they’ll tell their advertisers that every every copy was read cover to cover by five people]

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56 Responses to
A gripe about the Chronicle
LG 9:23 am 01 Sep 08

Driveway to bin for me.

I guess the advantage of throwing it out of a moving car is that they can ignore the no junk mail signs?

rosie_bubz 9:21 am 01 Sep 08

Pity you dont have something real to bitch about like not having a house to live in, no food to eat, 3rd world poverty etc.

yes danman we are not too bad off, but isnt that the whole point of riotact, to bring up everyday issues…

Danman 9:15 am 01 Sep 08

Pity you dont have something real to bitch about like not having a house to live in, no food to eat, 3rd world poverty etc.

Pull yer friggin necks in – if the only gripe you have in life is getting a free nespaper delivered that you do not wish for, then you all need some scope.

EVERYONE here is soo much better off than a shipload of people in Canberra, and the wider world.

Try thinking about what you have got before having a sookie-lala about things you dont want.

I suggest travelling in a developing nation and then come home and justify your complaints.

niftydog 9:10 am 01 Sep 08

I hate it too – at the start of this year the people delivering the Chronicle observed all “no junk mail” stickers – now they ignore them completely. It’s nothing more than annoying, wasteful and disrespectful. It’s blatantly aimed at increasing distribution so they can charge more for advertising space.

Overheard, some of us have already contacted The Chronicle. They just tell you there’s nothing they can do and give all sorts or excuses. I don’t want it stuffed in my letterbox either, I don’t want it AT ALL! I HAVE ALREADY made a “No Chronicle” sign, and until recently it worked perfectly.

bubzie, you can’t recycle the plastic covering in the ACT and that doesn’t make amends for the cost of producing and delivering the piece of shit in the first place. It used to be delivered by foot in my suburb, now not only have they implemented non-recyclable packaging, but they’ve changed to motorised delivery methods!

roccon 8:39 am 01 Sep 08

straight to the bin too

maybe we need a bright red “no chronicle thanks” sticker or sign to display at the front of our properties ???

Thumper 8:05 am 01 Sep 08

The chronicle goes straight from lawn to bin at my place.

shiny flu 8:02 am 01 Sep 08

Unlike other people here it is a right pain in the arse. I also agree it is technically commercial littering. I have reported it, but typical red tape means nothing is done over the issue.

I do not have to walk by or on my front lawn. I enter my house through the garage. I’m not fat or lazy (the bike lives in the garage) but it is genuinely inconvenient to walk all the way out and pick it up.

I have complained to the Chronicle but all they say is, unfortunately we are unable to NOT deliver it to your specific address because our drivers work on a rotating roster. I call BS but all the Chronicle says is “it is proper mail.”

The point is not ‘oh well how hard is it to put it in your recycle bin’ the point is I don’t believe in all the waste that has gone into giving me something I do not want nor asked for. Producing the paper, the idiots that organise the shit that is The Farce-icle consume electricity, the waste of producing ink and wasting it on ads for crap I can find with google or the yellow pages whilst I check my emails, the waste of petrol for an idiot in a car to litter on my lawn and finally the effort to convert it back into paper pulp.

It’s a waste and a far too backward form of marketing. Maybe it would be better suited for Qbn?

bubzie 7:13 am 01 Sep 08

the last time i, or anyone else in my street got delivered a copy of the chronicle, was over a mounth ago.

Pfft, get over it, recycle it if you dont like it, and have a thought for those people who have to travel to the shops to get a copy!!
(which normally turns into cheap cat litter, but hey..i recycle?)

molongloid 3:29 am 01 Sep 08

The Chronicle goes directly from mailbox to bin for me. Johnboy: could you do a poll on who reads it? Or the Times, or any paper. I’ve not turned a newspaper page in 5 years.

The Chronicle appears in my letterbox. I have to admit that if I put up an Aspost-only label and found the Chronicle then on my garden I’d be mildly annoyed. But next I’d take it up with the Chronicle or the delivery person, but only when I was planning to travel somewhere and worried that it would flag our house as unattended.

RuffnReady 12:05 am 01 Sep 08

It seems like most of The Chronicle is advertising, so why not start up a Chronicle website with all of the usual features of the paper and save the huge waste of paper/plastic associated with producing it each week? I mean, how many people read their Chronicle every week? 25-30% of householders? I bet that’s overstating it.

Seems like a huge waste of paper and plastic to me.

Ruby Wednesday 11:41 pm 31 Aug 08

It’s tossed out of a moving car driving on the wrong side of the road. I almost got whacked with one walking back from the mall the other week.

ant 11:03 pm 31 Aug 08

you get your chronicle DELIVERED?! I have to visit the groggery in Oaks Estate to get a Chronicle. And what a load of rubbish it is. A few half-arsed articles to prop up pages and pages of ads. Occasionally they have a front-pager that looks all hard-hitting, and then it just fizzles out. I think the whole thing is just a rort, a newspaper-looking wrapping for JB Hi-Fi ad liftouts.

johnboy 11:02 pm 31 Aug 08

And yet there are an awful lot of the buggers on any given street.

Overheard 11:00 pm 31 Aug 08

You’ve asked a couple of questions here. But have you asked the Chronicle? Surely they would be able to provide the most authoritative answers. There are probably contact details on first couple of pages.

And while throwing it on the ground doesn’t suit you, stuffing people’s letterboxes creates just as many problems for people who don’t want their mailboxes impeded so their regular mail can fit in.

If you feel so strongly about it, have a custom sign made up for your letterbox advising you don’t want it. The Chronicle’s been around for 26 years. Has this not been an issue for you previously?

Madman 10:58 pm 31 Aug 08

I know the problem… Your lazy.. Get off your ar$e and pick up your papers. Even if you don’t want to read it then don’t leave it there to end up in the gutters and waterways… You’re aiding the problem as much as the delivery of the papers.

I pick mine up all the time and mine never end up in the waterways or gutters – I also read it every now and then.

What is this world coming to…. Join in next weeks debate on whether the garbo man should return your bins to the backyard instead of causing unneccesary clutter on the roads and potential hazards…

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