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A little hustle with that bustle ma’am

rosebud 19 March 2009 23


Nope, didn’t mean much to me either until today. But think Victorian slut (Moulin Rouge maybe) meets Clockwork Orange (bad guy eye patch) meets Naussica (the machines that time forgot).

It seems it is everywhere, well at least on the net.

There are Steampunk parties in New York, Steampunk conventions in Europe and Steampunk get togethers in Japan.

I am interested to know if there is a Steampunk scene in Canberra? If so, where does one find flea bitten fox wraps, top hats with cogs and wheels, over-sized brass goggles, and enough white pancake make up to startle a
Geisha? Is there a particular kind of music that goes with it? Any bands you care to name as Steampunk? Got any photos to share? I found plenty on the net, but am never sure of the copyright nuisance.

I found one affictionardo who blogged a trip to Corinfest but I am unsure if he is a local or not.

I think it is fantastic. It certainly makes the latest Canberra Centre glossy look very Stepford wife indeed

[ED – Only 17 years after Sterling and Gibson published The Difference Engine. Payphone spends a lot of time here with the Rat Patrol but is from the USA]


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23 Responses to A little hustle with that bustle ma’am
Danman Danman 10:55 am 21 Mar 09

etsy is my new eBay – it kicks serious arse for those who like handmade wares.

Peachy Peachy 9:46 pm 20 Mar 09 has some handmade steampunk stuff. I saw a really cool watch the other day.

enrique enrique 9:13 pm 20 Mar 09

Beware of that link… Google Diagnostics reported it as a wee bit sus?

Reported Attack Site!

This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

utah utah 6:10 pm 20 Mar 09

OK, it’s not strictly Canberran, but it’s the best site (that I know of) for Steampunk news:

johnboy johnboy 3:18 pm 20 Mar 09

It’s the diamond age man!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:07 pm 20 Mar 09

rosebud said :

What does that mean? I looked up the site but still have no idea what it is about!

Neo-Victorian LARPers.
With steam!

johnboy johnboy 2:31 pm 20 Mar 09

A cross between theatre sports and dungons and dragons, with costumes.

rosebud rosebud 2:24 pm 20 Mar 09

LadyBhaal said :

There’s a freeform role play that runs monthly with a steampunk theme:

What does that mean? I looked up the site but still have no idea what it is about! A little slower for the back row please…

Thumper Thumper 2:08 pm 20 Mar 09

I reckon it’s a cool look…

jessieduck jessieduck 2:05 pm 20 Mar 09

I had no idea about this before today but it’s such a cool aesthetic – reminds me of that Will Smith movie Wild Wild West.

Granny Granny 1:36 pm 20 Mar 09

I think the blokes look fantastic!

Clown Killer Clown Killer 1:25 pm 20 Mar 09

Maybe that woman from the fashion show at the races was channeling some of this steampunk get up – it all looks very sexed up 19th century – quite fetching on the ladies. The blokes look a bit like knobs though.

blueberry blueberry 12:04 pm 20 Mar 09

>But think Victorian slut

Hmmm i don’t think your going to meet many people if your describing it like that. Steam punk characters come from many different classes ranging from lowly sky ship deck hands through mad doctors and up to the Victorian upper class society.

Any how, It might be worth your while checking out this live journal or making a post similar to this one on there.

If you want to know a bit more about steam punk in general check these ones.

LadyBhaal LadyBhaal 12:00 pm 20 Mar 09

There’s a freeform role play that runs monthly with a steampunk theme:

Willozap Willozap 10:42 am 20 Mar 09

Seriously? “ED – Only 17 years after Sterling and Gibson published The Difference Engine.”

People learn things at different times. Stop being so elitest about when you heard of something.

Granny Granny 11:59 pm 19 Mar 09

The ‘steampunk’ look … not the Victorian underwear!


Granny Granny 11:58 pm 19 Mar 09

I think it looks fantastic!

I-filed I-filed 10:28 pm 19 Mar 09

I happen to possess handsewn silk combiknickers/camisole circa 1890 … does Victorian underwear turn on 21st century steampunks in derby hats I wonder? 🙂

jennybel75 jennybel75 10:00 pm 19 Mar 09

Abney Park are probably the biggest SteamPunk band out there. There’s also a lot of communities on Live Journal and some on Facebook, but I’m not sure if there’s much of a scene in Canberra as yet.

rosebud rosebud 7:18 pm 19 Mar 09

I’ve been to Dresden and everyone there dresses exactly like that!

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