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A sign of the times?

papadoc 18 March 2008 63

Just a quick one as I’m about to finish another lazy days work…

Living in Belco, I’ve recently been forced to acknowledge cheap ass signs with less than witty slogans about how we shouldn’t be culling the roo’s. Fair enough everyone should have a right of protest, it’s just that your signs suck and they’re not clever.

Here’s my reply and I believe most will agree with me…

The Age – thumbs up for kangaroo pie

Delicious! Tell whoever’s shooting these pests to drop them at the bakery in Kippax. For the right price they’ll turn anything into a good old aussie pie!

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63 Responses to A sign of the times?
Thumper Thumper 11:42 am 25 Mar 08

Quite possibly so, however, why not get a vet on site to check it out?

If so, then the roos will sadly have to be killed.

papadoc papadoc 11:39 am 25 Mar 08

Because they may be contaminated from the site. That’s why they haven’t been moved.

Thumper Thumper 10:49 am 25 Mar 08

And if they can be sedated and moved just as easily as killed, then why not take this option?

This would be my preferred option and I have no idea why it’s not being seriously talked about.

papadoc papadoc 10:47 am 25 Mar 08

Greg, you bring the guns, I’ll bring the snags. I’ve been shooting roo’s on farms for years and am quite prepared to do it again.

I’m definitly not a “redneck”, but call me what you want I was just saying that it’s time we all got over it. It needs to be done, it’s going to be done and we’ll all forget about it once it’s done.

ant ant 10:53 am 23 Mar 08

Well said, Greg.

There is an article in this week’s Bungendore Bulletin by Mrs Henry, pointing out that roos come together into a big group, usually around sunset. She says that the images of too many roos being shown in the media are taken during these gathering times.

And if they can be sedated and moved just as easily as killed, then why not take this option?

Greg Tarlinton Greg Tarlinton 8:12 am 23 Mar 08

I am a bloke, I run my own business, I have a family of four, I drive a V8 and I own two guns and have to shoot between two and four hundred kangaroos a year. From this one would imagine that I would be at Belconnen cheering at the fence while the kangaroos are killed and tucking into a kangaroo BBQ afterwards, much like our redneck friends above.

Shockingly, I am vigorously opposed to the killing of the kangaroos at Belconnen. Some people may also know that I am a member of Wildcare, oh, and I am a vegetarian. Guess what, all of a sudden I am a tree hugging hippie. Isn’t that the case?

From what I have seen and experience over the years, most people who run off at the mouth with the “kill em all” mentality are usually those with little emotional intelligence. They have trouble coping with anything that is outside of their normal comfort zone and it seems the solution is to take the “tough guy” stance on these issues.

It is much easier to brush off the need to cope with this type of situation by coming across as a bit of a redneck and hoping that no one will question you any further as to why you feel this way. How many of the BBQ set above would actually be willing to go in and kill a kangaroo themselves? That may just be a bit too confronting. It is easier to sit in their study and pull on their virtual hunting cap and espouse the killing than to actually be confronted by the fact that animals will die because of their inaction. Are these people willing to pull a crying joey from it’s mothers pouch and kill it while it looks them in the eye? No, they will expect someone else to do it for them.

I have to shoot a lot of kangaroos each year. All of the kangaroos I shoot are unable to survive, either hit by cars, caught in fences or attacked by dogs, along with those suffering horrific injuries by those out “hunting” who typically don’t get it right and only blow off a jaw or some eyes and leave these poor animals to eventually die. I have never shot a healthy kangaroo and never will.

As for those saying we should eat the kangaroos, either at Belconnen or in general, what about some facts. Australia could never replace the amount of sheep and cattle eaten now with kangaroo, there are not enough of them. A thirty kilogram kangaroo has about three kilograms of “meat” on it, compare that to a sheep. Let alone the fact that kangaroos carry worms, though some innovative freezing methods have been invented to prevent them coming to the surface of the meat sold for human consumption. Of course, don’t forget Toxoplasmosis or Salmonella. Apart from this, look at the fact that there is currently a constant need to open up new commercial killing zones because they have shot out many to the point where the kangaroos left aren’t even big enough for the 12kg minimum. That is a joey.

Sit back and take a look. There is an alternative to killing here Explain to your children why these kangaroos must be killed instead of moved and see what they say.

Greg Tarlinton.

S4anta S4anta 1:47 pm 20 Mar 08

hopefully ubers a hot chick so we can give her the moniker of foxymoron.

Mælinar Mælinar 1:25 pm 20 Mar 08

Does that make this an ethical utalitarian ethical ethics of utalitarianism’s ethics dilemma ?

Cause that’s cool. Gay can still be cool.

S4anta S4anta 1:21 pm 20 Mar 08

“If this scenario involved humans receiving lethal injections, would you be similarly unmoved? If not, then the burden of argument is on you to explain why the interests of kangaroos – who are just as capable of suffering as Homo sapiens – should be given less consideration than humans.”

The Kangaroos on this site, as far as what I can tell are stuck there, landlocked for want of a better word. Therefore, instinctually they would suffering, as they are not free to migrate to new feeding areas as their instincts would prefer. Not only this, but they are more than likely highly contaminated, with soil pollutants therefore it probably isnt wise to let these creatures mingle with a ‘clean’ population, thats even before you look at the fact that they are more than likely covered in fleas and god knows what else that would also pose a significant threat to again, a ‘clean’ population.

Is it really ethical to let this population mingle with another mob of ‘roos and spread any possible problem that they have picked up through their life so far?

Mælinar Mælinar 12:58 pm 20 Mar 08

I don’t support any ism’s apart from facism – just to go the way of the Godwin.

papadoc papadoc 12:38 pm 20 Mar 08

Utilitarianism? Isn’t that just a fancy term for Scientology?

Go blow Tom Cruise.

ant ant 12:36 pm 20 Mar 08

Sadly, I think Uber jumped the shark when he mentioned gas chambers. Sigh. GODWINS.

Thumper Thumper 12:25 pm 20 Mar 08

Nah Ingee, I’m not into personal attacks.

p1 p1 12:17 pm 20 Mar 08

Exactly how do you categorize a hippy or a redneck these days anyway? Because I could be labeled a long haired, uni educated, environment loving, pot smoking hippy, but I eat meat, love blasting bunnies with shotguns, and have never seen the inconvienent truth. So am I a redneck hippy or what?

And is Uber a vegan or just a ass clown?

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 12:06 pm 20 Mar 08

If you people have finished your love in, can we please get back to the business of heaping crap on this butt-hole?

Thumper Thumper 12:06 pm 20 Mar 08

John Butler listening, hemp pants wearing, nimbin visiting, Prius driving, haircut missing, Inconvenient Truth loving hippie

Hehe, nice turn of phrase….

You just missed black arm band wearing, polo necked Foskyite.

p1 p1 11:57 am 20 Mar 08

Having had a quick browse of the wiki definition of utalitarian ethics, I think that my arguments concerning this topic can all be supported within the utalitarian framework.

With a global view of the wellbeing of all species of plants and animals (including humans) I would say that shooting the ‘roos, and consuming the meat locally in a way that reduces our dependence on factory farming, long distance transporting of food products, and all the other inputs and consequences related to the production of nutrition for humans and their pets.

This option would have the greatest benefit in the long term world view for all species.

That seems pretty ethical to me.

papadoc papadoc 11:42 am 20 Mar 08

Wow. Didn’t think my issue with poxy signs would go this far. Here’s my opinion, good luck changing it.

1: They’re f@cking Kangaroo’s! Seriously, they’re pests and if 500 were killed tomorrow, would anybody even notice?

2: My mate goes roo hunting on his property all the time. I assure you that if any John Butler listening, hemp pants wearing, nimbin visiting, Prius driving, haircut missing, Inconvenient Truth loving hippie decided to put up a bedsheet on his fence with a protest slogan on it, they would probably get shot too.

3: Sure animals have feelings, but I bet you still eat fish right? Wear leather shoes? Like the piano? Don’t discriminate for the cute animals because in the grand scheme of things, life will go on with or without these roo’s.

4: Skippy was a shit show.

5: So what if people are rednecks? You say it like it’s a bad thing. Kinda like a hippy or a Liberal voter.

6: They’re gonna starve to death anyway, so who cares if they cop a bullet to the head?

Thumper Thumper 11:24 am 20 Mar 08

Sadly, the ultra left cannot, and will not, entertain any other view except their own.

And anyone who dares to even question this idealogy is generally made the target of personal abuse.

Personally I think the kangaroos should be moved elsewhere but it seems now that the ACT government will not allow this, for whatever reasons. Given this, the roos need to be put down as quickly and hunanely as possible so that they don’t suffer.

And everyone on this site has indicated that this is their view.

To simply launch into a tirade of personal abuse because someoen else’s views do not align to yours shows an incredible degree of immaturity and a lack of respect.

As i stated, no-one on this site has advocated cruelty in any way.

And if they did, we’d be on them like a ton of bricks.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 11:04 am 20 Mar 08

Ubermensch – You pompous jumped up little butt-monkey. I’m sorry but it’s a fact that your dumb-ass undergraduate attempts to laud what you view as your intellectual superiority over others simple marks you as class-A tool. You claim that those who aren’t retarded enough to follow your ideology are ethically corrupt or intellectually unable to grasp what are essentially quite simple concepts simply marks you out as just another sad vegan ar$ewipe.

There’s a reason the books you read have dust on them when you pull them from the library shelf – Singer, Mill and Bentham are irrelevant to everyone other that the oxygen bandit art students studying ethics 101 – which we can conclude – you’re so happy about having been accepted into you’ve decided to go on line and pontificate about what is essentially a simple land management issue.

The fact that there are other, genuinely endangered species on the same land and the fact that the over-grazing of the land by the macropods is placing real pressure on the viability of these populations seems to be irrelevant to you – it’s just an inconvenient intrusion on your vegan wet dream.

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