A tank at Summernats?

johnboy 2 January 2007 33

Chris sent in the following piccie of a tank (M1?) being hauled into EPIC, one suspects for Summernats.

Anyone know more?

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33 Responses to A tank at Summernats?
Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:24 am 05 Jan 07

Has that been a problem with the M1?

bonfire bonfire 3:06 pm 04 Jan 07

100 bucks says aussie M1’s have a drivetrain replacement program within 5 years.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:41 pm 04 Jan 07

The Aussie M1 won’t be using DU.

muck muck 1:37 pm 04 Jan 07

Thank’s for that Johnboy.

‘DU’ certainly makes a mess when it enters the turret/body of an formerly opposing AFV akin to a phosphorus round going off. Contents of the AFV instantly becoming crispy cridders. Not to mention the civilian toll with folks climbing all over them after the event. Hope our A1’s have been ‘cleaned’…..

Al Al 9:44 am 04 Jan 07

From the pic of the tank in CT today, the Army has some explaining to do about its contribution to air pollution. Surely some engine tuning and exhaust work wouldn’t dent the 5 gallons to the mile performance too much??

johnboy johnboy 6:34 am 04 Jan 07

Sadly DU doesn’t make things glow, due to the Depleted nature of the Uranium in DU.

It is, however, staggeringly poisonous.

As for the rubber tank round? It’s big enough to get clever with, reduce the charge to 1/100th (1/1000th? we can experiment) and have it deploy a beachball or somesuch?

Any time you knock people off their feet the chance of death starts getting up though, probably better to fit it with a high pressure water hose.

I hear in Chile they mix the water in the tanks of the riot control vehicles with raw sewage and capsicum spray, really gets people moving.

muck muck 1:23 am 04 Jan 07

Nah pile them into whatever corporate sponsored car that wins best street machine and hit it with a ‘DU’ round… then have the remain bogans collect the pieces that are glowing in the dark

Aeek Aeek 12:22 am 04 Jan 07

Regular rubber bullets can kill. Rubber M1 rounds would remove whatever body part they hit?

Danman Danman 5:25 pm 03 Jan 07

Just arming the guns with rubber bullets would be amusing.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:16 pm 03 Jan 07

How about a game of tank jelly-wrestling? 30 bogans armed with jelly vs an M1A1 Abrams loaded with frag.

Danman Danman 3:03 pm 03 Jan 07

The tank *is* Chic Henrys head !

They said he was ugly – but im surprised lol

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:55 pm 03 Jan 07

The tank could shoot Chic Henry in the head, and it still wouldn’t do any damage!

vg vg 2:15 pm 03 Jan 07

“hy take it to the nats if you don’t want anyone to take any interest in it?”

Because you are a wanker.

This thread should be entitled “What is the tank doing, or what should it be doing?”. I have some ideas

threeze threeze 12:55 pm 03 Jan 07

i remember going to the nats one year with my friend and his brother-in-law and nephew. the kid took a fancy to a glossy cortina with an exhaust the size of a storm water drain and as he was walking behind it to have a look, the owner ran over, jumped in, gunned the engine (causing the kid to scream in fright) and then lit the tyres up reversing it (and almost over the kid).

really made me feel welcome be around all that. oh, and don’t get me started on the loser with the chevy eight in his volvo who wouldn’t talk to anyone about it. why take it to the nats if you don’t want anyone to take any interest in it?

vg vg 12:15 pm 03 Jan 07

Especially those climbing the corporate ladder in the ‘show us your t*ts’ industry

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:47 am 03 Jan 07

And let’s face it, Summernats has done wonders for empowering women and destroying the glass ceiling of corporate life.

Danman Danman 11:33 am 03 Jan 07

Its a hypothetical bogan day out.

*This is my official Mrs Danman disclaimer*

Any similarity my characters portrayed in the above fictitious post to persons both living or dead is purely coincidental.

snahon snahon 10:42 am 03 Jan 07

“I would definetly take my fat bulky sweaty ugly wife there…”

If that isn’t affection I dunno what is 🙂

vg vg 10:17 am 03 Jan 07

Never thought of it that way Danman, maybe you’re right

Danman Danman 9:45 am 03 Jan 07

VG Its a family event, no Im serious.

I would definetly take my fat bulky sweaty ugly wife there and flash her tits on her behalf – hay at least the kids will be having fun in their grubby black airbrushed shirts while holding daddys beer with a grubby little hand while daddy shows the world mummys (lack of) talents

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