A tribute to the deathcap victims.

johnboy 5 January 2012 10

Last night Tomo posted a tribute to the deathcap mushroom victims that I thought was worth a post of its own:

#10 Tomo
10:20 pm, 04 Jan 12

These are my friends. They come from another country and made the deadly assumption regarding them looking like edible ones from their home country. For this they have paid with their lives in less than 72 hours. This is a tragic accident that will affect dozens of family and friends not to mention 2 kids that are 7 and 11 years old that now don’t have a father. It happened as an innocent dinner with friends and I am bereaved to have lost 2 close friends that loved life to the full. RIP Wo men yong yuan xiang ni xiong di…

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10 Responses to A tribute to the deathcap victims.
I-filed I-filed 10:17 pm 05 Jan 12

Tomo how long will the fund be open for? I will pass the hat around at work once more colleagues are back. I was hoping someone would organise a collection. It’s much easier to give with the names known.

Will the “survivors” stay in Australia, particularly the children? Or were the deceased here on student type visas?

Shanski_0 Shanski_0 9:36 pm 05 Jan 12

News.com.au say

“Dr Summerell said people who eat the mushroom often experienced symptoms similar to food poisoning – including nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting – between six and 16 hours after ingesting them

The patients appear to recover after that event, and then a few days later they’ll go again into that nausea and vomiting syndrome, plus jaundice.”


Tomo Tomo 9:32 pm 05 Jan 12

Dear RIOTACT friends,

It is with the greatest regret that I wish to inform you in detail of the tragedy that has befallen our dear friends; Liu Jun and Tsou Hsiang.

Last week, Liu Jun (38) and Tsou Hsiang (52) made a deadly mistake and ate some mushrooms (death caps) that they mistook for Chinese straw mushrooms.

As a result of this terrible mistake they have both passed away in the last couple of days. This has been a truly shocking turn of events and is made worse by the fact of their respective families being in China.

Liu Jun is survived by a wife, an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son.

Tsou Hsiang is survived by a husband and 2 sons.

We are now arranging travel plans / funeral arrangements with some of the relatives and will keep everyone updated.

There will be substantial cost involved for the families and any donations would be most appreciated, we have set up account for any donations;
Account name;
Thomas Neil O’Dea for the Liu Jun & Tsou Hsiang Memorial Fund
Account number;

(you can leave out the Account name if too long)

All funds that will be raised are solely for the purposes of;
• Travel expenses for the family
• Funerary expenses for Liu Jun & Tsou Hsiang
• Ongoing support for Liu Jun’s 7 and 11 year old children

No donation is too big or small and every bit will help so please donate what you can.

The family and friends would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Any queries please phone Tom O’Dea 0404 830 662.

carnardly carnardly 2:17 pm 05 Jan 12

Tomo – sorry to hear about your friends.

Does anyone know what the symptoms of deathcap mushroom poisoning are? just severe gut ache within an hour or two?

EvanJames EvanJames 12:37 pm 05 Jan 12

In some of the reports, it mentioned that the people who’d picked the mushrooms had mistaken them for a similar mushroom that grows in Asia. How amazingly fast the poison did its work, it really is very sobering to contemplate.

Diggety Diggety 12:33 pm 05 Jan 12


Sorry to hear about your friends, it is very tragic and I’m hoping all the best for those kids.

janandian janandian 11:20 am 05 Jan 12

What an awful situation for eveyone concerned. There is much to be learned just from talking about this tragedy and reminding ourselves and our children of the dangers of consuming incorrectly identified wild foods.

Violet68 Violet68 11:12 am 05 Jan 12

It’s hard to know what to say, except I’m sorry for the loss and sorry for the friends and family of these people.

poetix poetix 10:39 am 05 Jan 12

So tragic that a simple and understandable mistake can have such consequences.

dpm dpm 10:30 am 05 Jan 12

What a disaster. Condolcances to those involved… 🙁

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